Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am sitting and having a beer, well a pitcher actually. It is a quiet day and people are coming into pick up their food or to order their lunch. Suddenly a voice booms "Ask them which account they were talking about" Startled I look to my right a short lady with so much makeup she should be wearing a shirt that says "avalanche warning" is shouting into her bluetooth. While she is talking I can see her looking around as to tally who is impressed by her conversation. As I am writing she is walking into the restroom blabbing away about things only two people are interested in. I am not one of them.

For those of you who see nothing wrong with the walking, talking woman I am speaking about let me give you some insight. Most of us do not care about your conversation, leave us out of it. If you cannot consider the other people in the world and at least keep your conversation to a personal volume level, or keep it outside. Your need to annoy others or try to impress them by showing you are to inept at whatever you are doing to find time to eat or piss without being on your phone is not something to show off.

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