Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carry On

I have often wondered about my own demise. If I talk about it out loud my loved ones tell me to not speak of it yet I know the day will come. I have been lucky in my life. I have lived longer than many others with little strife in my life. I have lived my life happy. I have learned things others will never know, I have seen the world through eyes no one else will ever know. I have enjoyed my ride on the little speck of dust.
I wonder sometimes if I will find the glory of god on my deathbed, I can say this now...I don't think so. Of course I may be wrong but being of sound mind now I know god does not care about me. The fact does not make me angry it is just another fact of life. Much like a flat tire on my car is not god's work my death is equal to that. I am okay with that, it is a fact if living. My birth was not a earth shattering event and my death will not be either. The speck of dust will continue to roll around the sun, people will keep on hating, dying, laughing, learning, and crying...but not about me. This is a good thing. I have enjoyed me time on the speck of dust...I have left children to pass things along, and I do not have to wonder if the world will carry on.

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