Friday, April 2, 2010

Mad at God?

Am I mad at God? My Dad asked me not long ago to figure out if I was mad at God or religion. I have thought about that statement. I don't think that I am mad at God or religion.
First I'll address the God part. Things simply are things, and things simply don't come from nothing, they come from something else. How the universe came to be is not known. We are trying to figure it out but so far we are still just ignorant pieces of dust floating on a larger piece of dust. I can't really be mad at God because he isn't there to be mad at.
Now religion. It is tough to be mad at religion itself, it is not one thing. Religion takes many forms for me to be mad at it would be silly.I actually like the thoughts certain religions prescribe to.
So, to say "I hate religion" would not be accurate. What I hate is the way it is used by people to hate, to demonstrate intolerance, to kill, to somehow present themselves as better than others.
I think what I really hate, is hate itself.

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