Thursday, April 22, 2010


Skeptoid. Don't let the name fool you or turn you away.
Skeptic is a word which is given a bad definition by many in the paranormal community. I would like to see that change. With some help from a man named Brian Dunning along with some help from people who are truly 'open minded' I think that can happen.
Brian Dunning doe a podcast called Skeptoid. easy now,we are keeping an open mind, remember that.....
We are all skeptical about some things, that is a fact we should all be able to agree on. If you disagree then I would suggest you look up the true definition of the word....
What Brian does is to offer some insight and information into some of the things everyone may be skeptical about.
Covering everything from urban myths,homeopathy,paranormal, general scams, and just plain scientific phenomena, the podcast really has something for everyone who isn't a gullible fool.
I like to think most people are not fools and Brian does too.
The podcasts are short, averaging about 15 minutes each .The host uses his wit and research to share with you what he has learned about the topic at hand.
Even if you do not agree with everything Brian says, I can assure you that you will come away with new things to think about and/or consider.
Skeptoid does not attack any point of view, it considers things, and gives you a chance to do the same for yourself.
Is Skeptoid always correct? No. The host himself has admitted to being wrong on occasion. This, to me, shows what a skeptical podcast should be about, realizing no one is correct all the time, admitting it, and working to find the correct information so we can move on.
If you really have an open mind then you will give Skeptoid a me.
Believers and skeptics alike can get something from Brian Dunning and his Skeptoid podcasts. For that reason it earns my highest rating of 4 skulls. I can honestly assure you after you listen, skeptic will not seem like such a bad word after all.......
Find the Skeptoid podcast here.....

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  1. Skeptics (health skeptics) although may be right on a lot of scientific things, they cannot distinguish between fake colon cleansing from genuine. The really real snake oil from the mistaken snake oil. Tehy cannot distinguish!

    Are atheists skeptics too?

    Nice paranormal blog - if you're on Twitter, I wld like to add you to my people with paranormal interests too. Will visit again! :)