Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tonya Hacker makes fun of disabled children on radio show

Some of you may know about my problems with a lady from Oklahoma. Tonya Hacker is her name, feeding her ego is just one of her games. Tonya is one of a group which calls itself "The Ghost Divas". Yes, I know the name of the group alone is a HUGE red flag. I've met Tonya, been to her house, helped her produce her radio show, and exchanged countless emails with her and her fellow divas.
When I stopped helping her produce the radio she was part of. She got pissed and started telling her friends, sending out emails, and posting on facebook the following lies about me-
1) I beat women
2) I give my daughter drugs
3) I had been to prison
4) I was stalking her (FYI- I live in CA)
5) I was an internet bully (this claim was made when I responded to 1-4 by telling her to STFU)

Tonya Hacker's behavior made me well aware of the fact she was a mental case and a complete bitch. I made my feelings about her quite clear in several ways and then went on to better things. Tonya Hacker has a long history of doing the same type of thing she did to me, to others.
The following blog describes how she took a swipe at some disabled kids on her radio show because she doesn't like their father.

Tonya Hacker “Ghost Divas” verbally attacks innocent children on radio.
Take a few minutes to read the comments.

After reading the blog on SciFake it should be clear that Tonya Hacker has lost what little sanity she may have had. Attacking a guy's disabled kids just because she doesn't like him?? Not only does she talk shit about Ron Tebo's kids, she defends her actions. If anyone else had done what she did (and they were not friends of hers) she would have been all over their shit. If your name is Tonya Hacker I guess you can do/say anything you want.
The only reasons I am even writing about this demented idiotic woman is because she has done this type of thing to people so many times, and so that there will be one more piece of information about her true character available to people. If it helps even one person to avoid dealing with this irresponsible dim-wit then my time is well spent.
To say Tonya Hacker has no class does not even come close to describing her. Her type can not be described using mere words. She is a woman who's lack of compassion, consideration, empathy, and intellect is so completely disgusting it makes a person physically ill when considering it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Idiots Unchecked

There are some things which should be addressed. These days a single person can reach hundreds, thousands, millions or more with one single click of a mouse. Even people who are stupid beyond belief can spread that stupidity around the world in moments from the comfort of their computer chair. The internet has become a great way to spread knowledge, share differing opinions, and meet new people. There is another side of it. A lot of bullshit and crap finds it's way to us through the net too.
My last couple of blogs were the result of a habit I have, pointing out idiots and the reasons why I believe they are idiots.
I received several comments on my last couple blogs about shockofgod and his foolishness. Some people think it is silly to give any attention to crazy people. "Just ignore them, they will go away" "Don't feed the trolls" "I don't waste my time on such people" These are just a few ways people express a lack of interest in speaking back to what they don't agree with.
I guess it's ok if some people don't want to come back at trolls like shockofgod. He is an idiot and a liar, among other things. I can see how some people could consider it a waste of time to counter his bullshit.
I don't consider it a waste of my time. It seems like someone should speak out against lies and stupidity. It would be different if I thought shockofgod was going to fade away due to lack of attention. Even if all his enemies were to stop speaking out against him, I think he would go on. When someone of his ilk has 13,000 followers there should be an army of voices working to present the truth. He should be overwhelmed by messages informing him that his lies need to stop.
There are examples of this over the place. When people keep to themselves about things they see going on which are wrong, then those things are likely to continue. The 'ignore it and it will go away' or 'it doesn't effect me' mentality that so many people have these days is sad, ignorant, and dangerous.
The reason gays can't get married here in the state of CA is not because most people oppose it. The reason gays can't marry is because most of the people who don't oppose it don't say so. You can sure as hell bet if everyone who thought it was unfair to deny gays equal rights would do something to correct it then the issue would be resolved. But, most people in CA are not gay so it doesn't directly effect their lives.
It is a troublesome thing the way the people in this country sit mum about things that don't directly apply to them. Unless something will have a direct negative impact on someone, a shrug of the shoulders is all the outrage they can muster up.
This is the reason we see ourselves with a little less 'freedom' each time we have elections, or each time the city council has a meeting and 3 people attend.
In San Francisco the city council just made it illegal for fast food restaurants to give out toys with kids meals unless the meal meets certain nutritional standards. I won't go into this specific issue except to say I think it is an example of government with it priorities seriously out of order. The city of San Francisco certainly has more pressing issues to attend to.
Watch what happens when this law goes into effect. The people who couldn't find the time to speak out against it will be wondering how such a law came to be.
Our freedoms are not taken away all at once but little bits at a time. Until we wake up one day asking ourselves what the hell happened.
Stupidity in any and all forms should be addressed. Even if it is one comment, email, phone call, everyone should take the time to speak out and say " I don't like this because..." If you don't then it shouldn't be a surprise when no one comes to help as unchecked idiots force their beliefs on you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shockofgod- Propaganda

noun \ˌprä-pə-ˈgan-də, ˌprō-\
: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect

I have continued listening/watching as shockofgod, using his rhetoric spewing head, tells the world "Atheists suck".
One video that I watched today was interesting to me and provided more insight into why shockofgod feels compelled to spread made up evidence, skewed logic, and propaganda around the land.
The video is filmed from some kind of helmet-camera shockofgod wears while riding his motorcycle. I don't know why he chooses to make videos of himself riding around on a motorcycle, maybe he thinks simple/boring things impress other people the same way as they do him.
The narration is also done as he rides the motorcycle. As you watch shockofgod ride around the extremely exciting streets of his city (yawn) he tells the story of how he became an Atheist.
The story begins with shockofgod being a young child Atheist. After years of being a non-believer(through high school) one day he picked up the bible and started reading. From what I can tell, the bible so confounded shockofgod that he went to some christians to find out more about this jesus christ guy.
Let me pause here to make what I consider a valid point.....
Shockofgod claims he was once an Atheist, which may be technically accurate. If the story he tells is true, then he was not a very informed one. He had never even read the bible. How could he be a true Atheist if he never even knew anything about what it was he didn't believe in? Isn't that a bit like saying 'I hate the taste of chicken' when you have never tasted it? Sure you can hate the taste of chicken if you choose to but you are forming an opinion based on ignorance. He even says "no one had ever talked to me about jesus christ" This is yet another indication shockofgod has never been very good at thinking things through before embracing them.
Anyway.... shockofgod starts reading the bible and hangin' around christians. He also "starts researching jesus christ".
He finds a story that talks about thousands of eye-witnesses who saw jesus resurrected. As soon as he starts talking about these eyewitnesses being evidence to him of jesus being a real historical figure a few images pop into my mind. You have heard of the Loch Ness monster, right? Yea that was proven to be a hoax, a lot of people claimed to have seen a monster out on the lake though. What about Big Foot? Tons of people have claimed to have seen Big Foot....the sad part is....It does not matter how many people claim to have seen these things, that does not mean they exist. There is something else that must be considered also. IF jesus, the son of god, really did walk the earth in the past as shockofgod believes, it does not provide proof that god is real. How many times have we read about people who believe they are 'chosen' by some type of higher power? How many preachers have claimed to speak directly to god, chosen by the almighty to relay god's will to the puny humans of earth? Who is to say jesus was not just delusional and hearing voices?
True to his form, shockofgod begins his parrot-like repetition of the phrase 'proof and evidence'.
He talks about the 'beyond a doubt proof' he has found by reading the bible. A 2000 year old story. Yep, a 2000 year old story that says god sent jesus to earth by performing what equates to a perverted magic trick. Shockofgod reads about how jesus loves him and that does it, he is hooked on jesus. He is no longer an Atheist.
He believes jesus is the son of god, the bible is god's word, and it is his duty to spread god's word.
In case you didn't notice, this pretty much nails (pun...sorry...) shockofgod down as far as trying to figure out what caused a short in his reason circuit.
He needed love. Shockofgod talks about something missing from his life while he was an 'Atheist' (note: His being Atheist was not because he made an informed decision, it was a result of either very little education, a learning disability, or plain stupidity.)
It is very possible poor ol' shock didn't get enough hugs as a child. The first person who ever really loved him was jesus. This may be the reason why shock makes up such crazy shit to support his christian (or missionary) position. It is also why he has picked a question he already knows the answer to as his 'challenge' to Atheists. He did so to protect his own beliefs. Shockofgod is trying to convince people that Atheist( by admitting there is no proof or evidence that proves Atheism is accurate and correct) are somehow showing the logic they follow is negatively flawed. From an Atheist perspective the correct answer to shockofgod's question would be "There is no absolute proof or evidence that proves Atheism is accurate and correct" This answer does not prove that Atheism is wrong, it proves it is honest and realistic.
Shockofgod uses his question and the answer as religious propaganda. This use serves him in two ways.
1) Makes it easier (if that is possible) to fool the types of people who follow shockofgod into thinking christian beliefs are superior to any others.
2) It allows shockofgod to continue to blindly follow jesus/christianity without question, after all if his beliefs were wrong then how could shockofgod win the challenge against any and every Atheist?
At this point let me pause and take a minute to be happy I was not born so damn screwed up in the head as shockofgod.....
Ok, one more observation- Shockofgod god asks another question during this video. "Are you willing to compare the proof and evidence that jesus christ is the son of god against the proof and evidence that Atheism is accurate and correct?"
I laughed a little when I heard him ask. I am willing to compare the two against each other. If you were to believe that jesus is the son of god (This would also mean accepting the bible as the word of god and all that) then you would also have accept god as the type of being he is portrayed as in the bible. In case you didn't know it, in the bible, god is a dick. Do not take my word for it, research it for yourself.
Atheism does not claim to possess all the answers to the questions we have about the universe we live in. It does not explain the mysteries of the world by saying "it was magic" , "just because", or "it's a secret plan" It admits it's own ignorance. That acknowledgment of ignorance is what indicates intelligence. Of course I could be wrong.....
Here is a link to the shockofgod video in case you feel like wasting some of the precious time you have left to live.

Next up- Shockofgod does radio...kinda

Monday, November 1, 2010

Shockofgod- An explanation of idiocy

I'm listening to an idiot who goes by the name Shockofgod, don't worry, the label I have given to his name is earned. Shockofgod is on a crusade. He is rolling up on Atheists and asking them to provide proof or evidence that Atheism is accurate/correct. Shockofgod is a complete fool.

One of the tactics he uses is over-talking when having a conversation. He not only over-talks others, he is also rude in other ways.His lack of manners is also displayed in the form of idiotic mocking.
As I try to figure out why he resorts to this child-like behavior I begin to see a kind of evil-below average IQ mentality in Shockofgod. I do however get the impression he knows the 'lack of accuracy/proof' approach used is very weak. Shockofgod must present a facade of his superior religious intellect shutting down any Atheist position to the types of simple-minded people who follow him in order to fool them. The only way to do this is to never allow the other side of the debate to make any points at all. If somehow the opposing side gets a point through in-between breaths then Shockofgod will make some type of childish joke about that point and immediately go back to repeatedly demanding proof/evidence.
Shockofgod is a classic example of an individual who is so stupid they can not even begin to grasp the depths of the moronic abyss in which they reside.
After listening to several of Shockofgod's videos, (which are always oozing with a form of conceit that causes me to imagine how it would feel to punch him in the face several times) I get several pieces of the puzzle put together.
Shockofgod has a desperate need to be popular/known. This is why he 'calls out' Atheists who are better known and more respected than himself. If he was really doing work to further his cause because he believed in it then he would go head to head with any/every one who questioned his claims of providing absolute proof that god is real and that Atheists can not provide any proof whatsoever.
What Shockofgod does is block anyone who may be able to counteract the poison he spreads or who is not known well enough to help him feed his need to have people know who he is.
I am going to keep watching this idiot's videos. (even though I can feel myself growing 'dumbed-down' as the words come to my ears and my eyes are exposed to the images) I will keep building my 'profile' of this talking intellectual equivalent of a tree stump.
What I know so far about Shockofgod is as follows...
-Has typical need to be popular which is often seen in socially stunted people. An example of this would be a person who, when among a group of friends, is constantly making comments which demonstrate the person's inability to understand how others perceive them. Such behavior will consist of constantly annoying people by claiming they are more intelligent, and telling jokes that no one finds funny, then laughing at them. This type will also try to put themselves in a leadership role even though anyone with even basic common sense will ignore the attempt, because they consider the person inept.
--Makes up facts. Shockofgod has demonstrated he is very comfortable pulling information,stats,quotes out of thin air and presenting them as absolutely true beyond a doubt. This is most likely because he is not bright enough to figure out how to acquire any real information and apply it so that it will validate his position. It could also be a result of him being just plain lazy.
--Tries to give the impression of having an extreme amount of self-confidence. It is easy to see this is an act if you observe his behavior. People who truly possess self confidence do not go out of their way to tell you how self assured they are, they do not need to. In almost all cases where an individual constantly squawks about how superior they are to another it is because they feel they are mentally impotent (may also be a result of being physically impotent)
So as you can see, a very clear picture of Shockofgod is coming together after watching just a few of his videos. It should not be long before we begin to understand fully why a man like Shockofgod continues to act as a religious troll despite the fact anyone who actually applies reason to the world around them perceives him as a complete and utter dimwit.
More insight into Shockofgod will follow.
See what I am talking about for yourself, resist the urge to spit on your computer screen.