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PZ "boo-hoo" Myers and the failed experiment

Science works once again

Science works once again

PZ Myers, the bad boy of atheism. The guy who bans any critics who don’t bow to the will of his commenters (the horde-see below) with a gleeful laugh.  The fella who pissed off Catholics by using a cracker as his prop. The dude who has been screaming misogynist at anyone who opposes his brand of feminism. The dick who publicly posted that I was a racist, sexist, ranting asshole with no credibility and no right to criticize any of his ‘horde’. The list goes on. he has posted a blog that indicates he lives in a bubble (see here) Not only does he live in a bubble but he has something stuffed in his ears and a blindfold on too I guess.


PZ says-

I have a blog that ridicules creationism by dismantling their idiotic arguments, and that isn’t even obsessive about that…and definitely isn’t focused exclusively on just a few individuals.


Yea, he hits and runs. He doesn’t need to focus on any one person for long cause he bans them.  He does his damage and moves on.  PZ has made any exchange with him difficult if not impossible. You find him talking shit on his blog and twitter, never allowing anyone to answer his bullshit in the same forum as it was originally posted.  “You are free not to read” he says. Yea but everyone else reads it.  Does PZ think people know when he is incorrect?  Does PZ Myers ever admit he is wrong when he makes claims about a person’s character?  Does PZ think no one believes a word he says? I would assume people who read PZ will usually (unless they know better) take his word as accurate and credible.  He may know something about biology, after all he went to school to learn it. He has studied it for years. he can not say the same about the people he has called stupid assholes or idiots. He can not claim the same knowledge about all the members of the slymepit who he has described as misogynists, and evil. No one from the forum is even allowed to comment on PZ’s blog on any level without being banned.

Another way PZ defends his being a dick to people on his blog is by telling people “You are free to create you own blog on blogger or create a youtube channel”. People can then answer to all the ways PZ has been wrong or a jerk. Problem there is that the audience that needs to hear it most probably never will. I am lucky because I have an audience for my blog and my podcast has a decent listener base but not everyone has that. I doubt you would hear PZ say I had anyone reading or listening to me. My show is shit according to him. Just like when he said Justin Vacula was no leader in the atheist movement. So PZ claims Justin is a nobody in the movement and then trashes him? How is that fair? Unless PZ is retarded he is well aware that some of the people he trashes could never respond in a way that could reach the same audience.  That is called being a bully, harassing someone who can’t defend themselves in a manner equal to your attack  There is one thing about the internet, once you put something on it, it never goes away completely.  That means you should be responsible when posting anything that could tarnish a person’s reputation or do them harm.  PZ has an ego problem, he thinks he is infallible, he is tragically mistaken.

Pz Myers says

It wasn’t until I annoyed a subset of atheists that the real harassment began. Serious harassment. People who have no lives and think the most important thing to do every day is to pour out their hatred for me, or Rebecca Watson, or Ophelia Benson, or anyone on the Atheism+ forum. I’m not talking principled disagreement or even stupid disagreement: I mean commitment to do any dumbass thing they can to lash out, and being driven by hatred for a few people.


I’ve made this point before a long time ago. PZ Myers started fucking with the wrong group of people when he started being a dick to atheists/skeptics.  He is  too dumb to understand the difference between being a dick to people who believe in something that is easy to prove false and being a dick to people because they have a different opinion on social issues. The people he has been talking shit about aren’t wrong just because they don’t agree with him. Most of the people who are critical are critical of his methods not his goals anyways. Why PZ is too stupid to figure this out after all this time I don’t know but it indicates he may be too damn lazy to listen to anyone’s side of things but his. He has a habit of not listening to the opposing view and that results in stupidity, duh PZ.


PZ can’t say I didn’t warn him. I told him the push-back grows each day.  The blog posts that are telling the truth about his actions are growing in numbers. The youtube videos are piling up, head high. The number of people  who have been treated like shit by “the horde” (also known as the mighty morons) grows too. People who contribute nothing like Caine and Brownian (Anthony K) are just another aspect of the problem PZ can’t quite grasp. There are people who are killing any productive discussion and they are regulars in his comment section.  He strokes them like they are his pets and they purrrrrrr things like “fuck off you stupid fuck, go die slowly”



I warned him about this fallout but he dismissed my comment, disemvoweled it, then piled some more insults on top.  That’s fine, he can do that and I can address everything he does that is unfair, rude, unproductive, and harmful to the truth, which is what I have been doing.  Some people want to call me obsessed but I’m obsessed with addressing dishonesty, not PZ. It doesn’t matter who it is really. I just consider PZ  Myers to be a priority because he is harmful from the inside and that has the potential to do the most damage to what most atheists and skeptics have been working towards. He has already undermined anything he has contributed. He has made it clear it is his way or no way, that is a stupid and dangerous road to take. He no longer deserves to have a hand on  the wheel and we should all be removing his fingers from it one by one.

Every single person who refuses to discuss differences in opinions is avoiding that conversation for a reason. If people like Stephanie Zvan thought she could win an argument in a public forum she would do it in a minute. She would be stupid not to, why wouldn’t she want to provide evidence that she was correct?  Does she believe in social change or not?  Adam Lee wants to be a household name you would think he would rush to the front of the line but after getting his ass kicked so thoroughly by Al Stefanelli I guess we can give him a pass.  The Lousy Canuck  should be jumping at the chance to shut down any silly opposition to his blog posts or positions.  Instead when invited to do so we hear crickets or childish demands that must be met before any conversation will take place. NEWS FLASH- There is a reason for that. can you guess what it is? Shhhhh. no we don’t want to talk about that either. Let’s listen to the crickets they speak volumes.

PZ "boo-hoo" Myers and the failed experiment

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Minnesota Farmers: Blogger PZ Myers Puts Livestock at Risk With Straw Use

The following is a guest blog and has been posted with the full permission of the author.

February 22, 2013
Staff reports


Blogger PZ Myers visits a Minnesota farm to select straw for use in his arguments

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — A spokesman for the Minnesota Farmers Union is concerned about a shortage of straw and
hay available for agricultural purposes around the state—and he is blaming PZ
Myers for the problem.

Myers, a prolific blogger and professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, Morris, has been accused of hoarding hay and straw for use in constructing his straw man arguments and logical fallacies. While some of the larger organizations such as the Minnesota Farm Network have been reluctant to criticize Myers out of fear of being targeted on his often-vitriolic blog, others are speaking out.

“Every time he writes something outside of his field [of biology], Myers uses all of the available straw for miles around” to craft his arguments, said Farmer’s Union representative Mike Helms. “I’m not saying he doesn’t have a right to buy straw and hay—it’s a free country and all that. But the fact is our farmers and horses need it. He can’t use that much straw [an estimated 3,000 bales per month last year] and not expect it to affect our local ecology and economy. We use straw for feeding our livestock and horses, bedding, and fuel. He’s just using it to make faulty arguments. Where’s the justice in that?”

Helms added that other quasi-famous pundits have been drawn to the area in search of straw for their own arguments (conservative writer Ann Coulter and creationist William Dembksi are
frequent customers), but that Myers is by far the most active.

Hardest hit are the farming communities southwest of Minneapolis and those north of St. Cloud. The regional shortage has caused the price of hay to triple, and additional straw is being brought in from as far away as Nebraska. One area man said he was making $500 per week hauling hay from Omaha and reselling it. But many farming families can’t afford to pay a premium for straw, and grouse that Myers is unfairly cornering the market for his personal projects while their horses and cows go hungry.

Myers, once known for his work as a biologist, has in recent years become most prominent for his strident criticism of religion, skepticism, and almost anything else he disagrees with. In a famous incident in 2009, Myers overheard a young woman mention that she was a staunch vegetarian, to which he immediately responded: “You know, Hitler was a vegetarian… What other Nazi policies do you agree with?” Myers’s blatant logical fallacies have been cataloged by dozens of people including scientist-and-best-selling authors Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins—and most recently by a bored fifth-grader in Duluth who happened to be skimming Myers’s “Pharyngula” blog for a school project.

Despite his dismissive tone and having yet to publish a single book, PZ Myers has attracted legions of fans. In an article in the September 2008 print issue of Movieline magazine, screenwriter Ed Naha acknowledged Myers as an important inspiration for his film Troll and its later sequels. “The special effects may have been kind of cheesy, but the script was so strong because it came from real life,” Naha said. “I’d read PZ’s stuff, and the script wrote itself, it was pure gold. He was one of the biggest trolls, even back then.” Indeed, Myers earned the distinction of being named the “shepherd of Internet trolls” by Sam Harris earlier this year.

Republican political strategists—themselves well versed in straw man fallacies—have long expressed admiration for Myers’s uncanny ability to fabricate controversy from thin air and grossly mischaracterize his opponents. Wilson Moot, a protégé of Karl Rove and the chief writer of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign ads, is a particular fan. One of Moot’s best-known ads took President Obama’s statement “You didn’t build that” out of context (he was clearly referring to national infrastructure including roads and bridges) and claimed that it was instead
an attack on small business owners. “Myers’s ability to twist and spin the facts and misinterpret otherwise clear arguments by others is unparalleled,” Moot said in a recent Washington Weekly interview. “I’m good, but let’s be honest: Myers is in his own class. Up is down, black is white, night is day—if he says it is. If we’d had him on our campaign I really think we could have nailed Obama on that Muslim thing and won the White House.”

Myers could not be reached for comment; a spokesman said he was in Chicago, negotiating the purchase of industrial cranes to assist with assembling even larger straw man arguments later this year. “His goal,” the spokesman said, “is to make a straw man so big and glorious that it blots out the sun.”

Artists rendering of what would occur if PZ Myers ever makes it to the "big city"

Artists rendering of what would occur if PZ Myers ever makes it to the “big city”

Minnesota Farmers: Blogger PZ Myers Puts Livestock at Risk With Straw Use

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Freethought Censorship


So I was listening to PZ Myers talk about people who disagree with him and allowing comments on his internet posts. PZ made the point that it was in no way censorship, anyone was free to say whatever they wanted on their own blog/website. The obvious flaw in that logic is Joe Normal has no where near the following PZ has. If PZ says something that is untrue maybe(just an example) 5000 people read it. If that untruth is an accusation against your character it’s possible 5000 people have just been convinced you hate feminism and women. Or maybe just half, 2500 read the Pharngula blog post and believe what it says about you being a racist. Does anyone else see the problem with this? Most bloggers would have a tough time reaching the number of people PZ does much less the same people who read the blog. You may never see/meet any of those people but since the people reading are the types of people you associate with online, at conventions, and at local meetup gatherings, there is a stronger likelihood you will. I’m not interested in defending myself from bullshit the inept PZ Myers thinks is true simply because somebody (like rebecca watson) told him so. So we see the same kind of behavior demonstrated by Rush Limbaugh when he called Sandra Fluke a slut. You have a prominent blogger who is attacking a lessor known person who doesn’t have the ability to defend themselves. How many people has PZ or his legion of loons attacked in this manner?
Now, getting back to my original point….PZ tells people to create their own pages, they can then say whatever they want about him cause he doesn’t care.
I posted the video you see below to youtube this week. It was up one day before it was flagged for removal by viewers. I suppose I should mention PZ also blogged to complain about the video and make it sound as if I had some sort of mental illness or obsession. The video is simply my choice of style to disagree with PZ. You may not care for it, that’s fine. You may think it is mean but I don’t agree. It is a parody. The amount of ridicule it projects is appropriate IMO. PZ Myers isn’t interested in correcting his comments about my character, in fact he has continued to pile on more falsehoods. PZ Myers has made it clear he has no interest in discussing anything with slymeballs like me. He should not be surprised when he is mocked then because there is nothing to lose and it’s not as if he has shown an ounce of respect to any of his critics.
While I can’t say it was PZ himself who flagged the video it was surly his supporters. This gives an example of the type of thinking PZ Myers promotes. If you can’t ban ‘em, scare ‘em, or bully them then censor them whatever way you can.

It really is a dangerous and disturbing trend we used to only see in religious believers. Somehow I doubt PZ will be finding fault with the censorship of the video because it was about him. I can already hear him justifying the removal because it was against the TOS as if it is okay. The problem is if the same tactics were used against him the story would not be the same.  As a reaction to the attempt to shut me up I have resolved to post the video on several other video hosting sites and will be making a follow up.  Let it be known that I am not going to be censored , intimidated, or libeled into being quiet.


Notice of TOS violation due to flagging

To whoever did flag the video- Nice job, great way to promote expression and celebrate the freedom we all hold dear. Hopefully no one ever attempts to do the same to you, if that does happen let me know and I will back you up and support your right to free expression.

Here is the video the damn thing just won’t go away…

PZ Myers wraps it up

PZ Myers wraps it up by reapsowradio

Freethought Censorship

Monday, February 11, 2013

Be Skeptical

In case you don't know it there has been some talk about 'peace talks' as a remedy to the current disagreement among skeptics and some FTB bloggers/A+/skepchicks. PZ Myers has addressed this idea and dismissed it, but for different reasons than mine. PZ thinks that anyone who disagrees with him doesn't respect women. I'm not sure when PZ came to the conclusion he was the end all/be all when it came to what people should think and how they should act. I wonder, did he have some sort of vision? While he eating his alpha-bits cereal one morning did it spell genyous and he thought it was a sign? Did a strip cage fall and hit him on the head while he was 'out with the fellas'? While that mystery may never be solved we still need to deal with the results. PZ has a well known blog. In the past he was at least on our side and focused all his immature behavior at creationists. Now he has dismissed any suggestion he use the scientific method when it comes to social issues. There is only one method for him, his way.
  Now while PZ and I agree that there are not going to be any 'peace talks' that will solve anything, he doesn't echo my reasoning in that I don't think there is any infighting between atheist/skeptics. The atheist/skeptics are doing fine, the atheists are still atheists and the skeptics are still skeptical. Then we have  this other group of poser skeptics.
PZ Myers and company are to skepticism what these guys are to Slayer
We don't need peace talks, we don't need debate. We need to keep in mind what it is that defines us. I'm going to leave atheism out of the rest of this discussion because it really is specific and no matter how many +es you add to it your idea stems from a specific belief and that limits the effectiveness of it. Whoever came up with A+ as a title for a 'next wave' was clearly not well-versed in the already existing groups involved in secularism.
 That leaves us with skeptics. Steven Novella has an excellent blog post where he discusses the role of skeptics. His original post is followed by his reply to popular 'poser skeptic' PZ Myers.

PZ says the following in his reply to calls for a cease fire-
 "They have not said what I’m supposed to stop doing or change…well, other than stop being an evil feminist or whatever, which we know isn’t going to happen. It also doesn’t matter what they want, I’m not planning to change anything."

  I think it is very important to note that PZ Myers has condemned the forum which goes by the name  Slymepit. He refuses to allow anyone who has anything to do with the slymepit to comment on his blogs. If someone from there does leave a comment it is removed and the person is subject to "instant ban" or the comment is "disemvoweled" (no I'm not talking about about a third grade kid, he really does that)
 PZ can not see how this is not a reasonable position, he thinks everything is science on his blog. That's why he is a poser skeptic. (and he is also a few rides short of a carnival)

PZ also says "My silence on issues I care about will not be a bargaining chip." There may be someone  who has a problem with PZ trying to gain equal rights for women but I don't know who it is . If anyone does know who PZ has been getting this idea from then please let me know cause I would like to tell that person to pass a message to PZ.- QUIT ENGAGING IN CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, QUIT SPREADING GOSSIP/DISINFORMATION, AND QUIT LYING ABOUT THE WAY YOU DEAL WITH OPPOSING OPINIONS
This person that he seems to be drawing his conclusions from could possibly be the only person on earth PZ Myers actually listens to. He doesn't listen to any of the people who disagree with him about his behavior. In fact, if you read his post it will leave you in awe. If ignorance is bliss PZ Myers is multi-orgasmic when it comes to his behavior. The degree of retarded social development he would have to possess in order to take his position on this subject is incredible. He makes Charles Manson look like Dick Clark. when you compare skills at social interaction......poser skeptic.
  The slymepit forum is not against women's rights. A short visit to the forum will prove that. Some of the humor is a bit juvenile or raunchy for some and the language is not the type you blurt out in the library but no one is trying to censor thoughts and no one is wishing any harm on others. Now as a contrast to the slymepit  lets take a look at the interaction in the Pharyngula comment section on this post . A guy named scooterskutre posted  a link that was related to the subject of the blog. He is attacked by the band of merry morons. Even after he posts a link to a very friendly  podcast he did with PZ and Rebecca Watson and tells the morons he considers PZ a friend. Well, the guy gets overwhelmed by stupidity and is never even given a sliver of mercy by the head moron running the blog.

  Now I think that we have established that the current main mouthpiece against skepticism is PZ Myers. I have given you some reasons/examples why his position is not one that indicates much if any level of skeptical ability.
  If there is anyone reading this who disagrees then I would love to hear you explain to me how PZ can know none of the people in the slymepit forum is worthy of respect. How can a person take such a position and still be considered a skeptic? Poser skeptic
 The good news in all this is there really is no divide or rift in the skeptical community. Just as there really is no debate over evolution being true. Sure there are some who don't believe in evolution but their arguments cant stand up. They just look silly and it is quite easy to prove evolution is a sound scientific theory. There may be some holes or gaps in it still but there is no gap large enough to cause the entire idea to collapse. Even a poser skeptic could win the argument between creationism vs evolution.(example: PZ Myers)
  Same thing when it comes to skepticism. There are real skeptics(evolution), and there are poser skeptics(creationists). People who realize they can not judge a person or an entire group of people without knowledge, real knowledge, or tested results are skeptics. Those who think an internet post or the actions of one person define everyone they associate with are not skeptics, they are posers. People who call for the shunning of others simply because they won't unite in a certain mindset are posers. Skeptics do not need to lie, or ban/block large amounts of people. Skeptics take the best evidence they have and form an opinion based on only what they know is true or they hold off until they have enough evidence. Poser skeptics make assumptions based on what they want to be true or what supports the things they have claimed to be true without facts in the past. Skeptics realize there are reasons words have solid definitions and those definitions do not change at a flick of a switch.
    I have come out against the 'peace talks' because there really is no divide between two like -minded groups and because some of the problems I had with people pretending to be skeptics were not up for debate. There is no debate whether Adam lee is going to tell me what words I can use or the context I intended when using certain words.There is no debate on whether I am a racist like PZ Myers has said. There is no debate over whether I am able to have a respectful conversation with another person. That I can do so has been proven hundreds of times. Still the poser skeptics refuse to acknowledge any of the proof. That would take the wind from their sails. If they were to do so then they would be admitting to being posers. Rather than do that they will keep piling more and more sand on their already well buried heads. All that sand is enough to fill quite a wide divide.
  The fact that many of the poser skeptics are atheists really means nothing, they may as well all like the color blue. The fact they come to conclusions without any solid proof to support those conclusions makes them posers. The way they fill in any gaps with disinformation and don't realize the problem with that makes them posers. The expectation they have for others to blindly follow them makes them dumb, but least they are not posers in that respect I guess that is something.
  There is no divide because Skeptics are skeptical. This is all anyone expects and all they demand. Be skeptical, just that. Until this happens some people will only be posers there is no disagreement about that among real skeptics

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Debate With No Sides

What actual debate may look like

   So I am over at the A-News post where Lee Moore is attempting to put together a debate in order to stop the fighting between some of the FTB blogger/skepchick and A+ supporters on  one side and the other side comprised of all the people who aren't overly concerned about the things the FTB blogger/skepchick and A+ supporters are ranting about, and a forum which goes by  the name Slymepit. In case you don't know it I am maybe a bit biased towards the slymepit . I am not however, an unfair man. I take pride in being straightforward, honest, and blunt as a rule. This has caused many people to dislike me but it is their own issue, I can do little about it.

PLEASE NOTE- Not official slymepit logo

 Please note I am only speaking from my perspective. This comment was originally in reply to Matt Dillahunty claiming Renne Hendricks and John Welch were misrepresenting claims which they were not doing IMO.(here) I doubt Matt will reconsider his position at this point  so I figured it may be better to offer a public reply that others may consider, or not.
Matt Dillahunty says:
They’re not telling you where you may roam. They’ve been asked to participate and they’re defining who they’re willing to negotiate with. It’s not only acceptable, it’s the norm – and it’s a good idea.
If you’re going to debate or negotiate, you want people who are willing to make decisions based on reason and who are willing to denounce slimy attacks.
When people, like you and John, misrepresent the claims from the other side, you exacerbate the problem an inhibit progress.

  There is a reason the slymepit was created and has grown. Each individual has their own story. PZ Myers has dismissed the entire forum as evil and hateful, unworthy of consideration. Over 500 people all declared no better than creationists (or even worse) by one of the more influential (arguably) atheist bloggers on the internet. Also a man who is a regular speaker at  conferences. Why? Because people want to listen to him. That is an important fact to remember as you read this or if you wonder why I am writing about the subject.Well, he is, in some cases, a liar. He also has demonstrated a lack of reason and responsibility by condemning the slymepit.There is a clear issue with PZ Myers, he is the catalyst in this. His readership and influence have enabled him to keep this entire thing going by accusing many skeptics/atheists of being potential rapists, racist, misogynist, and sexist. Not to mention the usual name calling you expect from a college professor like asshole or dumbass and then banning people who take issue with being treated that way. What does anyone expect to result from such behavior? Along with A+ which was an outright declaration of Us vs Them to many people. This was then supported by Richard Carrier in his blog posts. Throw in some Adam Lee, Lousy Canuck, Ophelia Benson and other random players, you get what we see today. It would have been nice to see some reason and logic pop up among the popular figures but they were all too busy staying out of it. Now we have a mess that isn't going to be resolved easily. I got involved because of the attack on Justin Vacula, it was just wrong. I refused to sit and watch as a young, active, energetic, and sometimes overeager adult was attacked and his character assassinated because he pissed off the wrong group of immature skeptics. When I stood up for him then I was a target. I'm not going to be anyone's target. I am going to answer back in my own style. That is what I am guilty of. I am guilty of informing people who want to tell me what it is I mean, to screw off. I am guilty of telling people who claim I am a racist or misogynist, despite overwhelming evidence showing that is not the case, to shut the hell up. As far as I am concerned there is no debate over the things I have a problem with. I am not going to debate whether it is okay to accuse me of being a racist or anything else because I didn't allow someone to do as they pleased while I sat silent and watched. There is one side that carries the brunt of this and it is those who are casting judgement on others when they can not possibly know what they say is true. It is a catastrophic failure in skepticism because it harms people on a personal level. That is the misrepresentation you should be paying attention to.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Freethought Without Thought

Freethought holds that individuals should not accept ideas proposed as truth without recourse to knowledge and reason. Thus, freethinkers strive to build their opinions on the basis of facts, scientific inquiry, and logical principles, independent of any logical fallacies or the intellectually limiting effects of authority, confirmation bias, cognitive bias, conventional wisdom, popular culture, prejudice, sectarianism, tradition, urban legend, and all other dogmas. Regarding religion, freethinkers hold that there is insufficient evidence to support the existence of supernatural phenomena.
From: Pedro Timóteo <>
Subject: Re: Blog submission
To: "Reap" <>


I've removed Reap's Truth from Planet Atheism. Your feud with PZ Myers, which all your recent blog posts seem to be about, are not acceptable content there, and I've had several user complaints already.I think it's best that your blog and the aggregator part ways.

  And so here is where this leaves us.... After all of the ghost hunters, demonologists, psychics, people who think they can talk to the dead through a radio, rival radio personalities, critics of the podcast, evangelist preachers, apologetics, catholics, christians, dummies like Michelle Bachman, creationists, frauds like Kevin Trudeau..... after all the disputes and misunderstandings there is one group of people who have managed to censor or limit my speech and/or the accessibility of my words more than any other. That group is The FTB bloggers who are calling for 'social justice' and those involved in A+. There is no question about it. Even if Adam Lee disputes whether he is trying to censor me, he is attempting to do so in some ways

    Here is another interesting  fact. Pharyngula is still being posted at Planet Atheism.  No one can argue that PZ Myers is an open minded advocate of atheism, skepticism or and other type of ism. Time after time PZ has engaged in personal attacks and libel. The proof is there for all to see. It can be found laying around his blog posts and in his comment section. He has spread disinformation on a regular basis about numerous  people and subjects and then limited any peer review of his claims. He was claiming creationists as his victims, now he doesn't seem to care who he lies about. The general attitude of his blog comment section is a reflection of the venomous babbling PZ does when someone disagrees with him. When confronted he takes a passive aggressive tone or gives extreme examples in order to excuse his behavior.
   The fact that Planet Atheism chooses to remove my blog really isn't the end of the world. I already have a couple of offers to have my blog hosted at other sites which will result in more traffic than I saw from Planet Atheism. So a big "thank you" to the people who complained is in order because otherwise I never would have found these new venues.
  One thing I would like to point out is how wonderful it is to have PZ Myers fighting on the side of skepticism, atheism, feminism, and social justice. We need people to help us get away from the lies and injustice of religion so we can replace it with the lies and injustices of PZ Myers. We needed someone who is so egotistical he would force his beliefs on an entire group of people and call for the condemnation of anyone who does not follow him. Imagine for a minute if PZ Myers had a leadership role in our government.What would the result be? I find the thought nothing less than terrifying. Does anyone think having such a person as a mouthpiece is maybe not in our own best interests? Now don't get me wrong, I am not calling for censoring PZ but it would be nice to see people speak out against what is clearly doing harm to others and his approach is unfair and harmful in some cases. Be critical of me if you wish but I'm not telling lies about anyone and I have made it clear my opinions are just that, my opinion. I always invite people to listen to the other side and form their own opinions. You don't see that from PZ Myers, he would rather tell you how it is, and let there be no question, that is final.  The definition of freethought isn't whatever Freethought Blogs agrees with. They can try and 'take back' words if they want to waste time and energy. You can't take back what never belonged to you or anyone else in the first place.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PZ Myers-Destined to Failure

Scene 1

enter PZ Myers:
"It's hard to think of something to say when faced with so much bullshit"

  That is how PZ opens in a conversation  with TheSkepticalHeretic, C0nc0rdance & TheTruePooka which can be found here.
Hello??? HELLO!!?? Has anyone seen Stephanie Zvan?! She needs to get on this right away! It's clear all PZ can do is say the word "bullshit" when people try to have a conversation with him. Stephanie, get on that right away and please tell us all the made up reasons why it's okay for PZ to do that kind of thing but not anyone else. You know the context, or the alignment of the planets being different, or it was a joke.....right? 
People are depending on you Stephanie. You are the best qualified to make up excuses and pretend like there are legit reasons for people like PZ doing the EXACT same thing you have been criticizing others for . No one else has your kind of experience at it. In fact the way you deny reality and act like you are royalty while barking orders at the peasants (readers) is legendary (in your own mind). The way you actually think no one sees through your rhetoric is laughable (in everyone else's mind). Keep that in mind when you can't be consistent Stephanie, people are laughing at you, especially when you get angry. No one is frightened and no one is really listening. The people in your comment section would agree with anything you say. Is that the kind of writer you want to be Stephanie? No amount of denial can change the facts, you are only fooling yourself. Latest example  When Damion Reinhardt talks about the word "renounce" he never claims a different definition than you use, he just says it reminds him of another instance he considers similar.
On a more serious note-  Be honest, do you have a wheel next to your desk that gets a spin whenever this kinda shit happens? Ok , maybe that's going too far. It's a dartboard then? 

   This performance by PZ is full of hypocrisy and lies that seem almost like they are tangible. In fact I  feel the need to wipe the crap PZ is spewing off me at times. At one point in the discussion PZ talks about shutting down dissent to a volume he can manage. Just as we see so often from people like Stephanie Zvan and Ophelia Benson, he makes comments about things and people that are untrue and then complains about the continuous repetitive comments from readers. He shows no ability to consider that he may be even a little responsible for creating the very problem he is complaining about, not to mention the reaction he gets from the other member of the conversation. I half expected red lights and sirens to go off followed by Greg Laden busting in with his arms flailing and yelling "DANGER PZ! DANGER!" (Greg doesn't get out much) 
   Even though PZ starts out the conversation so (dis)respectfully, the hosts of the show remain composed and voice their opinions on his opinion. Then PZ does something even more disrespectful, (the nerve!) he treats every single one of these guys as if they are idiots. PZ sits there staring into the camera and lies to every one of them. There can be no question about his deliberate deception, not by any reasonable coherent adult human."If someone disagrees with me, that doesn't get them banned" Well yes, sometimes it does PZ. I can say this from experience. I disagreed with PZ calling me a racist. When I didn't use an approved style of reply he simply banned me started giving me different labels and claimed my reaction to his lies was proof he was correct. PZ is too damn dumb to see how he started the entire conflict by claiming knowledge when he had none whatsoever.  
      What PZ describes as "yammering" by people who "have nothing to say" is often people with real points of disagreement, valid arguments against what PZ has said. Some are people who have been banned because they disagreed with the way PZ describes their character. PZ loves to add insult to injury I guess by basically sending the message that he knows them better than they know themselves. The  assumption is that he is always correct, just like believers who think they already know all the answers. Especially when it comes to social issues. Like I've mentioned before, anyone with basic common sense should be able to understand the complexity of social interaction. Maybe you won't understand the details but you can still realize it is complex. Unless you are PZ Myers and you think the things people type in chat rooms translate into real world actions on a consistent basis.
C0nc0rdance makes the point that people  are trying to be heard and PZ dismisses his point too. PZ denies anyone has a right to be heard on his blog except him. He uses this point to excuse his censorship of anyone who says anything he disagrees with. The way PZ rationalizes his censorship is by equating every 'troll' to creationists who claim the earth is 6000 years old. 

   It is kinda tough to even present all the things wrong with PZ's position in this video, I just don't have the time to cover it all. I would suggest you watch it yourself. While I appreciate the people who organized this conversation I really wish they would have done a better job pointing out the way PZ misrepresented his own actions.

 There is no doubt a certain number of you are going to read this and say to yourself --Big surprise, what did you expect from PZ Myers? Don't get me wrong this is exactly the kind of thing I expect of PZ. If it had gone down any differently, then I would have been surprised. More and more people are beginning to realize Pharyngula is a joke most of the time.  Just look at the comment section and the kind of crap that goes on there. It's a hub of egotistical idiocy. It's a bunch of morons who couldn't figure out how to use a stamp if you gave them directions, under the delusion they are intelligent and intimidating. Maybe one day they will come to realize what clowns they look like but I wouldn't count on it. PZ complains about his comment section getting all screwed up if he allows just any every person in the world to post on it. Well there are plenty of blogs out there with little moderation doing just fine. I wonder why PZ has such issues? Hmmm let's guess.
  Take a look at the quality of the comment section. While you are at it count how many times that dysfunctional Caine insults or belittles someone. (and they call me angry?)
 Just because I expect PZ to act like a dickhead and lie doesn't mean he gets away without me saying anything about it.  He claims he doesn't care but that is just because he is too stupid to realize the amount of truthful accounts/opinions showing him  for the dick he is, grows everyday. I'm doing my part to help. Pretty soon he is going to be known for what harm he has done rather than for anything he has done to help. It's a good thing he doesn't value what anyone thinks of him but if he doesn't care about others or the damage he has done why does he even bother in the first place? Doesn't he know the truth always wins?