Monday, April 19, 2010


To be honest I have smoked a lot of weed, I have done a lots of lines of meth, I have done my fair share of cocaine and god (or whoever) knows I have drank my fair share of beer and vodka.
My trouble has often been when my habits cause me trouble...I quit them.
I know this will probably cause many people to get a bit pissed but I know if someone wants to stop doing the things that are causing them issues then it is possible. Maybe not for everyone because nothing applies to everyone but I have done it.
Maybe it is in my genes because my father has also managed to stop drinking after years of indulging.
I just have a problem with people who claim to be victims of anything, even their own vices. i know some people need help but for me, it has always been a matter of nothing else but plain choice. I don't blame my youth, I don't blame my bad luck, I don't blame inanimate objects or substances...if I fail and ruin my own life I blame myself....

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