Saturday, April 10, 2010

Radio Background

I'll take a few minutes to talk about my radio show if you don't mind....
Polly and I started doing a radio show in October of 2007. When My friend Ed Craft asked me to do a radio show. I was flattered, but kinda nervous. I asked Polly if she would like to be my co-host and she agreed. The show was originally put together to shut down a yahoo group called "The Paranormal Police". Between the radio show, my blogs and some help from friends the group was shut down.
Let me pause here to say almost every, if not everyone, of the people involved in the paranormal police group are now what I would consider friends (except David Rountree, but he is just to pompous) I remember telling Polly that we would do 3 shows or so and that should be enough to make our point.
Our first show sucked, there is no doubt in my mind about that. As we went along the chemistry Polly and I have always had in real life, seemed to come across quite well over the microphone. The most amazing thing was people were listening. Our listeners were a small but devoted group and since we were having a great time the show continued on.
We had many guests from small paranormal groups they were all good people and since I was pretty new to the paranormal subject I found what they said a interesting subject matter to consider. As we learned the paranormal subject started to get kinda boring, to us.
Polly and I had a small falling out and I continued to do the show on my own. I would pick a random topic and just roll with it for two hours. Let me tell you, talking on your own and keeping it entertaining was a challenge for me. I am not sure if I succeeded but it was still fun to do and people still listened, so the show went on. I think not having Polly on the show was a blessing in disguise. I missed her input but it gave me the confidence and opportunity to learn I could do a show on my own.
Polly came back (Yay!) and the chemistry came back with her. I had still been writing blogs this whole time, and I was looking for a way to get both the show and my blogs away from the paranormal subject. Then came the radio friends.
Knocker Lee from Pulse Radio became a friend of mine. I started doing side projects and working as a DJ on his radio network. The radio thing really was a fun hobby, and it seemed I had a knack for it. Along the way I had bought my own Internet stream and named it Reapradio. More friends joined me. Warning Radio which had begun broadcasting shortly before we did, joined with Reap Radio and I was glad to have them. They are still very good friends, and on my Internet stream today.
Reapsowradio was controversial from the very beginning, between my harsh language and outspoken opinion it had gained both a loyal following and some who were very critical of its content, still we went on. The show addressed those were taking advantage of others claiming to have magical abilities and slowly moved into social issues, current events, and the occasional religious topic.... We had evolved.
As a result of the show and my blogs, I began to get invites to be on other shows and then Haunted America Tours contacted me. I had written a few articles for them in the past and they now wanted to sponsor the show as well as post any articles I wrote including my podcast reviews. I was flattered to say the least.
Even though the show was trying to get away from paranormal topics, we had become skeptics who knew about the paranormal. In fact, Polly and I knew the subject and about the people involved in it quite well. People had begun to come to us in order to address some of the frauds involved in the paranormal. It seemed no matter how hard we tried something or some one kept pulling us back into the subject. The show went on...And our listeners grew.
Suddenly we were ranking on Podomatic in the comedy genre. Maybe I should have made the point sooner, Polly and I like to laugh, we do it a lot and we do it on the show as much as possible without losing the point. So the show hit the top 10 on Podomatic, it was good to know people from all over the world were listening and enjoying what we had to say.
By now I had started producing another show, and my old friend Ed Craft had moved close to me. The man who had given me an opportunity to have a grand time, and myself finally had a chance to meet in person. Ed, had retired his own show, but once we met we realized we could do something together. DREAD radio was born. DREAD is a balance of skeptic, and believer and recommended listening in my opinion.
Reapsowradio from its beginning, like my blog has really had one goal- to make you think and laugh while doing it, not to think like we do but to at least consider another perspective. We have make many new friends along our road. We have also lost a few, and for that I am sorry. We have always just been ourselves, and it saddens me some cannot accept us for that.
And that brings my long winded story towards its end.
We broadcast Reapsowradio 2x a week now, it has finally broke away from the paranormal and addresses some of the real issues and topics which effect our lives in the here and now. We will always address people who try to take advantage of others. Reapsowradio has done close to 200 shows now with no end in sight. Jackalope105FM has been kind enough to allow us to broadcast on FM in the bible belt, bless them for that.
Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us for the ride, pass us along we will only grow.... There are more things to come from us, please stay tuned. For the record this is only a brief glimpse of our road......I didn't want to bore you.

ReapSowRadio Podcast

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