Sunday, June 27, 2010


I wonder if the world has lost it's mind at times....
We watch as religion continues to equal the killing of others. We watch as science is discarded unless it is the only way to save our own lives. We watch as politicians lie to us or shoot each other down over issues that have nothing to do with the people who will be effected by the winner. We watch as big business kills a portion of our planet, all because of the bottom line, then they lie in our faces about the effects. We watch as our social programs fall flat yet a guy who hits a ball, or can throw one into a hole gain money and waste it on houses they will never call home. We watch as actors gain an ego boost and cash value far past what they could ever need yet still they complain because they are not making enough.
We watch as those same famous people say things that will have grave consequences on others when they have no idea what the hell they are talking about. We allow the rich to buy our media outlets and dictate what we will see. We morn the icons as they pass away yet we allow the young and old to die with no mention, or action on our part to stop it at all. We sit in front of our fucking television sets on nice soft chairs and shake our heads while our lips stay closed and our hands are clasped on a remote control rather then doing something to help. We complain about the way our leader can't do enough fast enough while we are too busy to vote or even
write a letter so he can know how we feel.
We have become a nation of spoiled brats.
We watch as gays are beaten by others and we do nothing but watch...We watch as the rights of others are stripped away thinking 'those actions have nothing to do with me', when the same is done to us we wonder why no one else cares.
We have become a nation who lives in a bubble of ignorance.
We have allowed an invisible force to stifle our progression on science and social issues, that same force has also given us a reason to kill those who disagree with us.
We are too busy working to live our own lives. We are too caught up to even pay attention
whether our kids are being taught well,or who their friends are.
We are a nation lost in ourselves with no active interest in our world.
We spend more time worried about how others view us than thinking about how we see ourselves.
The only way this is going to change is if we spend more time looking in the mirror instead of judging the reflections of others as we complain about the glass being dirty.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My side of Tonya

Guest Blog...From Polly...another opinion of a certain Diva
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural
A blog from my another person who knows a certain diva quite well. She considered her a good friend (as did I) To be honest we were stabbed in the back and Amanda you should feel like shit over your inability to be honest. When you look in the mirror I hope your reflection spits in your face. You are too weak for your own good.

I haven't really said to much lately concerning the latest "drama" and now, I feel like it's time I do. I've sat back and let Reap do the talking, and followed with my comments. We have been dealing with bullshit from a Ghost Diva, named Tonya H. She has done nothing but bad mouth us, and try and play the pity card with whatever damn followers she has. Here is my statement, straight from my mouth.

Contrary to what Tonya, may want you to think, I am writing this of my own free will. Reap doesn't even know I'm writing it. I will admit, I am more passive then Reap at times, I'm not him, and he is not me. We both have different ways of dealing with things. Doesn't mean we both don't see bullshit in our yard, we just get rid of it in different styles.

When this crap with Tonya started I bit my tongue, because I cared deeply for another diva. She was a friend that I trusted. Well, now I am going to speak my mind, and if others don't like it there's not a damn reason for me to care.

Tonya, has put many lies out there, and it's about time I step up to the plate and say what the fuck is up. First and foremost, Tonya implied Reap beats me. Does he? Nope! He has never struck me period. I watched my mother growing up get hit, and that is one thing I would never allow a man to do to me. I find it highly insulting as a woman, that Tonya feels that is the only card she has to hold against me. Strength as a woman, is a hell of a lot more then being a single parent, and having a big fucking mouth. Strength as a woman to me means, I love my family, I support them, and when I walk out my front door I have a clear conscience. Reap knows the love I have for him, and he also knows I am my own person.
I am no ones puppet.

The lies she has spread from there get more slanderous. Reap being in prison, never happened. Reap buys his daughter drugs, nope again. That he threatened her kids is the one that really is a kick in the ass. If Reap targets someone, it is for a reason. His threats are never of physical harm, or directed towards anyone other then the screwed up person that caught his attention. He will ride your ass, and expose you for whatever you are doing wrong. Nothing more, and nothing less. He hasn't come to the point he's at for lying. Is he ruthless? Yes, he is when it's called for. If he accuses you of something, he can back it up, you can bet your life on that.

Seems the latest attack is Reap being a drunkard, and drug addict. Um okay whatever. He drinks beer, and like most things can drop it on a dime. Just cause someone likes beer doesn't make you and alcoholic don't you think Tonya? As I recall you drink as well. The next is he's a drug addict......Listen to our show stupid shit, we addressed that one as well. We talk openly about our past. We have done drugs in the past but are both clean now. In fact, I was asked to be a speaker at a N.A. meeting, so judge us, then you judge Faye as well. Go ahead, knock her down for her recovery. Oh wait, that's different or is it? Not in my book.

Now last, if you want to send people to defend you please pick someone smarter then Lucille. She's a moron. Where is all your other "back up buds" to fight for you? Sure, some of the weaker minded people dropped us, but they sure in the hell aren't speaking up. No one is speaking up for you other then Laurel Lee and Lucille.

Boy Tonya great job! You know you kinda remind me of the Paranormal Police. How's that you ask? Well they too were to chicken shit to stray from their page, and their followers to handle the real truth. Something you know nothing about.

In closing....Tonya Fuck Off!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Diva Factor

I have been addressing the lies of Ghost Diva Tonya H...sorry I can not use her last name because I have been informed by Myspace my account will be deleted if I keep posting about her using her full name.
The reason for this?? Tonya and her little group of followers are pissed at me...wonder why? It is because I have stood up to her and the rest of The Ghost Divas, and I have told the truth.
No worries on one hand because I have copies of emails that will present these 'ladies' as they really are. They are a group of bullies who should be ashamed of what they have done to the paranormal community, and just people in general.
I know some readers may not like the things I say and that is okay...I have talked some serious shit about some people, but I have always been honest or made the point that my point is just my opinion. Even Chris Moon and those who associate with him have not been so low-handed as the Divas, I will give them credit for that.
I have been honest and admitted when I have been wrong. I have not attacked people for no good reason, I have not told lies or made up stories about people. I have gone out of my way to make sure people who were doing wrong were at least given a chance to give their side.
I was a part of The Ghost Divas at one time, I know how they work, and I am ashamed to say I was a part of them as I look back. Now as I think about the the way they work and have become a victim of the poison they try to makes me sad and I am sorry I ever had a part in their evil and egotistical ways.
The root of all this?? In my opinion it is Tonya H....she is a lunatic. She cares not what she has to say to keep her ego growing, she will continue to lie in order to make herself look smart or she will play the victim to make people pity her. She is the lowest common denominator.
Tammy of the Divas? Tonya's buddy for ten years and told me in an email that Tonya 'has not lied in the ten years she has known her'.....does anyone else see the fault in a statement like that?
Sure the Divas want you to think they are a united front but I have been inside the little click and I can tell you this is not the case.
Amanda W? well the Divas talked shit behind her back as she was welcomed into the group.It is the way they work.
The Divas want to try and make me look like shit? I have a hundred stories to tell and I will tell each one day by day.
I tell the fucking truth and I ask the paranormal community...would you rather have the truth or a group of bullies telling lies and starting shit to make innocent people look bad? It is your call.......The time for being afraid of The Ghost Divas is over it is time to stand up if you don't then you get what you deserve. I have no stake in this I have moved on doing my own thing and it is working out quite well, but I will continue to address this my spare time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Chill Out

It has come to my attention someone may be threatening Ghost Diva Tonya's kids. I will ask whoever has been doing this, if it is true, to please stop.
I have been receiving emails, texts from unknown people on my phone, and comments on my blogs all telling me that they too are tired of Tonya's big mouth. She has pissed many, many people off.
That does not excuse any threats towards her or her family.
Violence is the first resort of the stupid and the last resort of the intelligent. If anyone wishes to address any problems they have with Tonya I would suggest the do it in a way so that she gets the point without being threatened.
I don't know if her claims are true because she has told so many lies up to now, but I figure it would be better for me to ask for it to stop just in case.
I will also take the time to ask Tonya-- What she thinks is going to happen when she just keeps spouting off? Does she really think no one is ever going to call her on her lies and need for attention. It is one thing to stand up for what you believe is right, it is quite another when you create a huge mess built on lies and smart-ass comments and then start painting yourself a a poor 'victim' when someone calls you on it. You are a victim of your own big mouth. You have been building clouds for a long time and now that a storm hits, you complain it is raining too hard.
I have 3-4 times tried to get this shit to end but Tonya can not leave it alone. That is fine I will not be trying to end it again. I will keep standing up to lies told about myself and others. I will keep talking, writing, and doing parody until I feel like things have been addressed as they need to be. I will not nor have I ever threatened a person's children...I have children myself. I have had people tell me they are going to rape my daughter, murder my family, or bomb my house. The difference here is those people were upset because when I build a storm I use the truth as an umbrella and I don't care how hard it rains.........

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Watch, See, and Learn

I'm going to tell you about something I have been dealing with lately. I think many of you may have been through this before in some aspect of your life.
I don't go around bad-mouthing people for no good reason. I do not just pick a target and attack them for the hell of it. If I have an issue with someone or their actions I will contact them about things first. I will simply inquire about the problems I have and ask them for their side or opinions. I do this to be fair. Most times this works out quite well and results in my understanding the other side of things and the other party understanding mine as well. Now, the exception.....some people respond with lies and want to play games because they have issues with the truth, this does not go over well with me.
I will then usually start talking publicly about the experience. In this case my doing so resulted in bold-face lies being told about me...That does not go over well with me either.
Some people believe in just ignoring these types of people. There are times when that is the best way to go but there are other times when the lies are so off-base and the person telling them so insane that addressing those lies is a needed and earned thing. I don't really care if people call me a jerk or an asshole, or any other names, I have heard them all. When people make up lies about the way I treat my family or raise my kids then I will have something to say about that.
That is the case here.
One aspect of this current topic is the amount of people who can not or will not see both sides. I have lost some 'friends' over this person's lies. It was nice to see them go because I have no use for people who choose who they like according to another person's bullshit and anger. The people who choose not to have anything to do with me because I stand up for myself are, in my opinion, weak-minded and uninformed, by their own choice.
I don't make up bullshit lies about people, when a person does so, they have already lost. The loss is not only about the argument but about their own credibility, dignity, and self-worth.
There is nothing wrong with a little drama in our lives but when that drama results from hate and is not healthy.
Some people seem to have a need for drama, it effects them like a drug, they can't control their own need to continue to use, even as it drags them, and the people around them down.
People like this are very sad indeed.....I am just glad I can look at my face in the mirror and know I don't need or want to make up lies just to make myself look good.
I suppose people who do make up stories and portray themselves as victims when it bites them on the ass may very well be in need of mental help. I hope they get it but it will not keep me from pointing out those lies and answering to them.
I have always stood up for myself and done it with a sense of humor along with the truth, that will never stop being the case and anyone who doesn't like it or thinks I am a liar can watch, see, and learn..then they can go to hell.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Pucket Ghost Mess

This is a guest blog from Bryan Bonner of Rocky Mountain Paranormal and Warning Radio

The Ghouli Investigation (from their site)

5-2006- To date, with internet advances and easy access to video casts across the globe, the Pucketts Video continues to this day to get media attention. I continue to get emails about this footage and the questions are still lingering. To date: the footage has been put to the test on National TV, making appearances on shows such as "Fact or Fiction"... a team of special effects artist were able to provide a very nice example while attempting to re-create the image. But keep in mind, it took them several months to even come close to debunking it. What do you think?


Puckett's Auto Body Shop was investigated by GHOULI after being contacted by the owners who captured the now infamous video tape of what appeared to be a full blown apparition on their security cameras.

This footage is known across the world as the Salvage Yard Apparition, Junk Yard Ghost, Junk Yard Apparition and so on.. it is nationwide.

Tonya Hacker, of GHOULI, was one of the first people on the scene as the story broke and has been in contact with the owners throughout all the supposed recreations of the video by skeptics who have tried to debunk the validity of the video. She has also been witness to other teams of investigators who have conducted their own investigations of the property.


GHOULI has been tracking this video & the reports since it was introduced to the world on September 2002. As of this time we are unable report a "haunting" of any kind at Pucketts Auto Body. Our team and a few other teams we have worked with stand by our findings and decision. Without more substantial evidence of a continuous haunting, we have decided not to base our findings on "ghosts" at this time.

This will not be an extensive report, because we feel that everyone should make up their own mind, about this infamous video. Some of the opinions that will be posted are those shared by the GHOULI team, and are not to be taken as slander or any sort of bashing to anyone within the paranormal community. These are our findings, and we have worked really hard not to be influenced by any other team or what they have reported.

GHOULI was contacted in September 2002 to view a surveillance video of a possible "ghost" caught on film.

Tonya went to take a look at the video, and was introduced to the media world very quickly, along with the owners and staff of Pucketts Auto body.

GHOULI conducted & assisted a few investigations at this location, no evidence of a haunting was present at any of the many investigations we conducted or assisted in.

During the investigation GHOULI used various techniques to collect evidence to help them in make a final decision on this location. GHOULI used video recording equipment, photography, EMF meters, audio equipment and temperature meters to help them paint a larger picture of what is going on at Puckett's Auto & Body Shop


Photographs - We did capture a few orbs while at this location, but they were dismissed because of natural elements, such as dust, moisture, reflective objects within the yard, and did we say dust?

Video - We did obtain a few video images of orbs & other light anomalies, but these images were also ruled out because of outside contaminants & the many reflective objects within the yard. Images were easily re-created.

Audio - No EVP were captured at this location. Although numerous attempts were conducted.

Other - EMF readings were taken at this location, but there is not data to back up any EMF readings that were taken. Temperature readings are not valid, because this location is outdoors.


PLEASE NOTE: You must obtain written permission to show this video on your website. This video is copywritten by © Pucketts Auto Body & Salvage CPuckett. Publishing this video without written consent from C. Puckett is illegal, and violators will be pursued. Feel free to analyze this version, but sharing files is prohibited.


GHOULI is not making public the details of this story. The family members choose to believe that the image captured is the image of their loved one who died in a fatal car accident. The victim is believed to have "returned to her vehicle after she had passed away, and her image was caught on tape, while she searched for her truck or personal belongings". PLEASE NOTE: The resemblance of this woman is uncanny, and enough to make you think twice!


The video has been sent many reputable sources within the community. As to date none of these sources have been able to explain the video, much less recreate it.

Is it a doll or mannequin? - GHOULI assisted well known investigator & author Richard Senate in a recreation experiment of the video. The rumor was that there was a doll like object dangled in front of the camera to create the image of the floating woman. To be honest, using the rumored method and actually witnessing this attempt, is rather amusing. There were no similarities between the actual image & the experiments that took place. GHOULI can report that the fishing line and "doll" theory is not a valid lead.

Was it created with computers? - Other people tried to recreate the video with video imaging / editing or special effects. This was attempted by many, and digitally recreating the image, without spending thousands of dollars has not been done. Attempts have not shared any similarities so until someone is willing to spend the mounds of money to recreate this effect, the implanted or digitally mastered theory still stands open. Where's Hollywood special effect pro's when you need them?

Was it a hoax by Puckett's Auto and Body Shop? - GHOULI feels that Puckett's had no reason to create this image, they are a established local and thriving business , the need for extra publicity is not desired. To create publicity for business has been ruled out by GHOULI, during the media whirlwind the owners stated "we are just ready to get back to normal, and get some work done".

What do video experts say about it? - The video has been sent off to many video editing groups across the nation. None of which can recreate or explain the video on a technical level, as of date the video still stand as "unexplainable". Video Surveillance specialists have been contacted, and were not able to explain the video. If you can offer an explanation of this video or a valid claim in recreating the video, please contact GHOULI ASAP

Is Pucketts Haunted?- NO not by this particular image

As to the "haunting" of Puckett's, We found no evidence of continuous haunting at this location. We feel that the image was a once in a lifetime glimpse of the possibility of ghostly phenomena. The video has raised a few eyebrows in the paranormal community, and within the general public.

We have obtained & witnessed many "psychic" reports that the woman in the video still resides at the salvage yard along with other "ghosts", we found no substantial evidence to back up this claim. There are no reports of any other paranormal activity from Pucketts staff in the past or the present, and the image has yet to return on the surveillance cameras, and the folks who monitor this equipment, are watching a little more carefully these days.

The video as of date, is one of the most compelling pieces of "ghost" activity that we have witnessed. Until the video is explained, we can only believe that the video is authentic, and truly unexplainable in this community.

GHOULI has developed a friendship with the owner of Pucketts, and we are updated as the video thrives to be explained. In closing, there have been many teams that have investigated this location, and there have been reports that the "lady in the video" is still there. Because the video was nationally publicized, and the personal story involved, any "psychic" impressions taken are difficult to accept as valid information to this case.

From the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Site:

We have worked to determine the credibility of the now famous "Ghost Video" Taken in the Puckett Auto storage lot.

The story is that on an evening in September 2002 the persons on duty at the Auto & Body Shop noticed a "ghost" on the surveillance camera in one of their lots. That evening (around 2:00a.m.) there were 2 people working and one went to check on the lot after seeing the image on the monitor and they did not see anyone in the area of the lot that they saw the image.

A local paper carried the story:
Employees at a Metro wrecker service claim they've been visited by a spirit from beyond.
What may be even more incredible is this ghost sighting was actually caught on surveillance video. And those who have seen the eerie image, say they know why their ghost has made an appearance. This story has a lot of folks talking. It certainly does. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, what was caught on tape in this wrecker yard certainly has people questioning whether spirits exist. Cathy, couldn't believe her eyes. What was that image she just saw? She sent one of her employees out to investigate, he found nothing, the image had vanished. But a video surveillance camera caught the mysterious object on tape.
Chris Puckett runs the family business, part of which stores vehicles involved in deadly traffic accidents. Others at Puckett’s theorize this image is that of a woman involved in a horrible wreck that took her life several weeks ago. Her insurance company moved the wreckage of her truck just hours before the image was caught on tape.
Folks here have tried to come up with explanations of what the image is. So far, nothing explains what Cathy saw and what was caught on tape.

KFOR, a local TV channel reported that a family came forward about the video claiming that it was their daughter:
OKLAHOMA CITY - Employees at a local wrecker service claim they've been visited by a ghost. Oklahoma’s News Channel Four first showed you the surveillance videotape on Wednesday.
Those who work at Puckett's in southwest Oklahoma City believe the image is that of a woman involved in a fatal accident.
Now, family members of that woman have come forward, convinced the sighting is their lost loved one sending them a message.
Tracy Martin died from her injuries June 30th. But, her family believes she came back 18 days later to let them know she's okay. They say that is exactly how Tracy did things, in grand style.
Tracy Martin's father, brother and husband are convinced the videotaped image is that of the 33-year-old mother of twins.
Tracy's truck was moved from Puckett's wrecker yard July 17 from the area the surveillance camera records. Overnight dispatcher Kathy Henley saw the image live on her monitors.
A family portrait shows Tracy in her favored overalls. Tracy's husband, Brent, now has the awesome task of rearing their twins alone.
A police investigation into Tracy Martin's car wreck revealed she was not wearing a seat belt. Had she been buckled in, in the investigating officer's opinion, her injuries would not have been fatal.

The original group investigating was G.H.O.U.L.I. who determined that the video might be a "Once in a lifetime glimpse of the possibility of ghostly phenomena" but that the video could not be created without a large budget and digital F/X.

Many Paranormal researchers including Richard Senate have viewed the recording and many are convinced that the tape is an authentic ghost video.

We contacted Pucketts to see if we could get a copy of the recording.
We received the video and started the investigative work.
It was determined that the video camera that recorded the image was a low resolution camera and was located outside of the lot on a light pole.
The video itself lasts for 29 seconds and when the image appears in the frame it seems to drop down into the image and the again move off camera rather than just disappear.
While viewing the video we noticed that in one frame, what appears to be a support line is visible holding up the ghost.
While trying to determine what the support line could be, we came up with the idea of the image being created by an old stage illusion called Peppers Ghost

Definition: Peppers Ghost
Peppers Ghost was created in the 1862 by John Pepper. The illusion is caused by reflecting a brightly light object into a piece of glass that is placed at a 45 degrees to the plane of the viewer. This can be a stage audience or a camera. The reflection of the object will appear as a transparent object.

The most famous use of the Peppers Ghost effect is in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion Ballroom set. The viewers of this illusion are able to see an entire ballroom that has animated transparent ghostly figures.

We recreated the Junkyard video by using the Peppers Ghost effect. We used a Radio Shack low light camera with roughly the same resolution, a G.I. Joe 5 inch action figure, some black string, a flashlight to recreate the light at the top of the pole and a 2x3 piece of Plexiglas. The result was almost an exact match, the only noticeable difference was the shape of the character.
After looking at our recreation we decided that the illusion would have been just as easy to create by just dangling a figure in front of the camera. This would cause the same effect because of the figure being out of focus because of its proximity to the camera as well.

Our latest comments:
She does not mention that the Pen and Teller's television show Bullshit (season one DVD extras) was the team that they work with Richard Senate on and the conclusion from that show was that it was a fake and that Richard Senate was a complete freak show. He claims to have the "most sensitive E.M.F. meter ever made" and he made it. His Psychic that accompanied him was an absolute comic, she was crying and claiming that the ghost was too strong and she could not continue with the communication. A quote from Mr. Senate... "I think we have a ghost here".

In the report they keep mentioning "orbs" but then state that they were dismissed because of natural elements. why mention orbs in the first place? does that mean that they think that some orbs are paranormal?

They claim that the "resemblance of this woman is uncanny, and enough to make you think twice".... This statement is about a family who came forward and claimed that their daughter who had been killed in a car accident who's car was in the lot at the time of the video. This is sad because of two things. The family who came forward was featured on the local news and instead of getting their grieving process started because of the need for the media to pursue this ridiculous claim.
If you look at the video you can not make out any details of the "ghost" other than it is a human like shape.

They state that "The video has been sent to many reputable sources within the community. As to date none of these sources have been able to explain the video, much less recreate it." This is an outright lie. Penn and Teller showed how it was done and so did we.

There statement that the doll video that Mr. Senate attempted was amusing is accurate, but the video itself was proof itself in the way that the video was made.

They state that "many psychic reports that the woman in the video still resides at the salvage yard along with the other ghosts, we found no substantial evidence to back up the claim" Does that mean that they have been able to back up the claims of "psychics" on other cases?

We were give a copy of the original tape by the owner of the Junkyard and after analyzing it we produced a DVD that showed that it was not a ghost and was in fact a fake. We also told them that we were not saying that it was faked by them but it was a fake.
The owner of the Junkyard contacted us and said that we were wrong and that he was going to get the truth, so he forwarded our DVD to National Geographic. They looked at our analysis and decided that it completely explained the video, so they flew us to Washington to the National Geographic studios and we spent a day recreating it for them. This show aired on the National Geographic Channels show "Is it real".
A link to a copy of our segment of the show:

We had Tonya H on WARNING: Radio at the end of last year and she claimed that just after the first of the year they had "breaking news" about what the video really was.
We then asked what she had thought about our explanation of the video and the NatGeo show, and she said that she had never heard our analysis or seen the show. We explained it to her and she said that we were not right in our analysis.

We are now six months later we have still not heard anything about the "real facts" behind the video.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Ghost Divas

I have an issue with Tonya Hacker....she has told lies about me. She has talkled shit behind my back, she has gone onto the Ghost Divas facebook and told more lies, she ranted about me on her radio show. Did I call her and tell her to fuck off?? You are damn right I did, not because I was bored but because the things she has said about me were a load of shit..The biggest issue I have with this is not so much Tonya Hackers big mouth...she is an idiot and I will deal with her in my own way. The one thing that bothers me the most is the fact the rest of the Divas want to 'stay out of it' That would be all well and good if there were a difference of opinion between Tonya Hacker and myself, that is not the case here. This is a plain and easy to understand case of Tonya Hacker making up stories because she is a mental case. I have told the damn truth and have not ONE TIME made up lies about Tonya Hacker. Yea I could have made up some grand stories about her but I do not work that way. I have stood up for some of The Ghost Diva clan on many occasions. People saying things like one was a child molester...I stood up and did my part to stop what I thought was wrong. When Ron Tebo was talking shit over the whole 'Donna' issue I came up on him and did my part to get him to STFU. When the Melon head was rolling up I told that bitch to shut her yap too.When someone made a page called 'The Ghost Pigs' I got it removed....there are a dozen other stories like this to be told. I produced The Ghost Diva's show because I liked them, I thought they were my friends. Now when Tonya tells outright lies about me being in prison, giving my daughter drugs, me abusing my girlfriend....none of the divas want to say a word...they all just look the other way??? That is fine, at least I know how the Divas work now....the claims they make about truth are all a load of bullshit. All the shit people said about them turns out to be true...that is some sad shit. I will keep trusting people despite it biting me on the ass in this case.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I think about my death sometimes...usually when I have had too much to drink. Who hasn't?
When I was young the thought of leaving this world caused me to be afraid, now, as I have grown older it only makes me sad. I will miss the life I have here even if I don't carry on my last thoughts will be about how I will miss the people I have never met and about the things I never got to say as well as the things I never found the time or means to do. As for the people I have met there will be no sorrow for them I just hope my memory carries on in their minds until it is their time to go.
I want my death to be a celebration of my time on earth, I want people to smile and rejoice in my time on earth and the memories they have of me. i have been able to live in a grand time, I have been lucky to have met some wonderful people, I have had an awesome time wondering through this world. To be so 'blessed' and able to reach out and touch so many lives is a very rare thing.My death will not be the end of anything, it will be the beginning of memories