Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tonya Hacker aka 'mouth'

Tonya Hacker from The Ghost Divas told me today I was "a time bomb"....I suppose to some simple-minded people such as her it may be true.
The way her comment came about is I informed her she talks to much. It was just my opinion. I have listened to The Ghost Divas show a while now, shit I used to help produce it. Tonya talks too much, she over talks even the guests. When The Divas had Micheal Shermer on she was blabbing for so long Shermer bailed out (listen to the podcast) When the Divas came on Warning radio my friend Baxter told me 'worst interview ever' because Tonya wouldn't shut the hell up and allow conversation on the show, she just talks. She seems to enjoy the sound of her own voice a lot.
All this drama comes from Tonya Hacker getting all pissy about her good friend Lucille Emmert coming up on us and getting slammed by rational thinking.
We asked Tonya who the hell Lucille was the same way she would have asked us if one of our friends was rolling up on her.
It seemed to be a legitimate question, especially because we considered Tonya a friend.
the response we got was "how do you know this is a real person?"
I knew because I had talked to Bob and Beth had talked to Amanda, Bob and Amanda are both Divas too.
Next came the "Reap, you are a time bomb" Rhetoric to say the least, assumptions to call it as it was.
I really do like The Ghost Divas as a whole and consider a couple of them to be my close friends, Tonya is no longer on that list.
Now we have come to find out Tonya Hacker has been talking smack to Lucille about me. I have met Tonya but she knows shit about my personal life. For a while people have warned me about "the big mouthed diva" who can't keep her big god damn mouth shut to save her own life and who loves any attention she can get.I will admit I was wrong about her. I thought she was a strong independent woman turns out she is a weak-minded gossip......That is too bad

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