Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mere Words

I am going to say a few words about my Dad. I love him, and I am glad we patched things up.
My father taught me to think for myself and to think about the world. Even though I know sometimes my ways of presenting my points are different from his, I remember what he taught me and try to make him proud. Not just to please him or make myself feel good but because I respect what he taught me. I wish the words needed to express my feelings would find a way to me but this is one of the times when words can't express my thoughts.
I love you Dad.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

60 seconds of your time............

Your attention span sucks. Nothing personal, but it's true.
The bad news? It's getting worse.
As we go further into the future and technology grows faster than we can evolve, we can not keep up. We are trying though. That brings me back to the first sentence. Our attention span sucks because of all the information we are offered. If you go to a website and it does not catch your attention right away....guess what?? CLICK! Next site please.
If a news story can't get you interested in the first 30 will move on.
This is both a blessing and a curse. It helps us weed out some of the loads of crap we find on the net. It also causes us to miss a lot of what may be good because the people providing the content just don't get it yet.
As someone who writes blogs, does radio, and makes video content for you tube, I can tell you the points I am making today are always kept in mind.
Today's blog goes out to the people trying to reach others as well as you click happy surfers out there.
Remember to get to the point and remember to give 60 seconds to a site.
We have a vast amount of knowledge available to us and we don't have time for any bullshit.
Nothing is going to change our lack of attention, face it...
The good news?? I kept this blog short.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have never seriously thought about killing myself. I have been pissed about life at times but to take my own life has never been one of the choices to deal with any issues. Having said that, I have never known any serious hardship, I have been lucky.
Some people are not as lucky as I.
The unemployment rate in this country continues to grow and the suicide rate for people without work is 2 to 3 times that of the national average. The longer the rate stays high the more likely it is that a person who has taken their own life is someone who has lost a job and can not find another.
People work to buy a home and build a family, to grasp the American dream. That dream is going away quickly for a lot of Americans. The sad part is.. they had the dream and it has been snatched away by the economy.
We have young men fighting overseas, they are looking at things worse than our nightmares. The problem is they can not wake up from it, get a drink of water and go back to sleep in a warm bed. They have to live it. And as I have said before...I don't know about these things in real life, I can only imagine....and that itself disturbs me.
The little voice in the back of my head is the reason I am writing tells me some people don't realize what is going on in our country, it tells me we are too detached from the war now... we are calloused.
We need to understand even though we have not known real hardship that does not mean others are not going through things we only dream about in our nightmares.
This country is still in bad shape. We need to make sure, as we sit on our nice couches and watch CNN, while sipping on wine and eating a nice steak, others are suffering. We need to take at least some small action to acknowledge these facts.
When people are killing themselves while we sit back and watch......we have bad tendencies

Monday, August 16, 2010

What did god mean???

The gays have been once again put off in CA because of Prop 8. Prop8, in case you don't know, is basically supposed to help keep the definition of the word marriage limited to referring to a man and a woman. This is a result of religious beliefs (christian). If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they are full of shit. I don't get the problem with the people who support Prop8 . Who cares,really? If two people love each other let them live happily ever after.
I can tell you my thoughts on what were to happen if this was a case of other things the bible tells christians. Let's start with slavery. If there were a proposition to allow slavery because the word is sacred and 'god's word', what do you think would happen today? I can give a pretty good guess......There would be cities burning, cars overturned, people killed.
Let's move on to stoning...the bible speaks of stoning people. Again a sacred word of god, which must be followed because the creator has told us in a book of his holy message.
Working on Sunday....all you christians who work on Sunday are going against the wishes of god.
Let's use the same logic applied to the word marriage and think of the word 'Sunday' in the same context. Sunday is a holy day, and no one shall work on that day. Do not dare change its meaning, to deviate from the holy bible. Anyone who works on Sunday will be put to death. Too bad for you.....
Let's stop and think about the results of that for a minute....ok, less than that because the thought is quite disturbing isn't it?
Aren't we damn lucky the gays are patient? Isn't it funny how the christians have picked THIS ONE WORD and clung to it while allowing so many others to remain because it suits them.
The little voice in my head whispers the phrase 'taken out of context' little voice always makes a good point. Are all the above examples 'taken out of context' except the marriage issue?? I don't think so. What I think is it is just a bit more proof the bible is not the word of god. The bible is the word of men who didn't know any better at the time it was written. Those days have passed and we do know better now, at least we should.................

Imagine This....

I have written about the weakness some people have with imagination. I figured it would be time to clarify things a bit...
Imagination can be a good thing, it helps us to achieve things. Imagination gives us something to aspire to. It is because of the imagination of man, and woman, we have progressed in so many ways.
This is not to say imagination is always a good thing. Like I have said before, if you believe in everything and think it to be true or possible then that is just silly.
People need to realize the imagination is both a blessing and a curse on mankind. While it helps us reach new levels of understand and grow possibilities, it also has the power to stifle us if we let it become reality before it's time.
Use your imagination to entertain you and to help mankind progress but please do not allow it to hold us back.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The 'good' Book?

I have an issue with people who follow the bible....I also have a question....WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU??!!
Ok, so I know many of you have heard it all before just hang out while I vent a bit.
The bible is supposed to be the word of god. You cant pick and choose what you want to follow. Very simple. Any damn moron could figure it out. Bible=god's word.
Then you MUST follow god's word if you believe it actually is.
That means..(among other things)
-You believe in owning slaves
- you are all good with rape
-god will cause you to burn for eternity if you screw up (note: you will have gone insane in the first 5 minutes of this process, and the rest will be pretty pointless)
-killing innocent people is ok if god signs off on it
-women have no real place except to serve males
I could go on all day long but I think you get the point. If you don't get the point then you are a bit fucked up (sometimes profanity is called for)
Let me say this real slow for's....word....
Would the creator speak with a hidden meaning? REALLY? Is he testing you?
If he is testing you it would seem a bit unfair. You never even got a book with FACTS to study with.
Just think about it...if the person/thing that created all we know were to write a book to help us find him would he have written it so that all it did was cause doubt to intelligent people??
I think not......

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Proof of god??

I hear this a lot of times from religious people..."you cant prove god does not exist, so he does"
This is usually followed by a folding of arms and a smug look. Once and a while someone will say the above phrase and give me a wink as to say "Now I got ya!"
I would like to answer this like I have a thousand times before.
If you want to believe in a god, any god because no one can prove it/he/she does not exist then you must, in fairness believe in anything anyone could imagine.
This means you must believe in any imaginary figures you see in movies or cartoons. You must believe in the delusions of people you would call crazy. You must also believe in the monster your kid thinks lives in the closet and wants to eat them whenever the lights go off. You must have faith in aliens from other planets. You must believe in a magnetic pendant that cures cancer while it is around your neck. You must believe in water having memory of medicines that are diluted so strongly, your mind can not even grasp the number of zeros involved. You must believe in ghost, demon possession, and people being given directions by god to kill their children.
If the logic you follow is 'everything is possible if you believe' that would make you good a a writer for Disney movies. That same logic would also make you and idiot when it comes to real life.....