Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Apology

Some of you may know Robbie Thomas recently said some things which referred to my son in a way which bothered myself and others a bit. Like I have said before, the comments didn't have any direct effect on my son they did however piss me off a bit...I couldn't help it, I am a Dad.
Some people think that all I do is try to spread hate, that is not true, I pass along my version of events being as honest as possible.
The events of today include Robbie apologizing for his words about my son, an apology I accepted and thanked him for.
It in no way changes my opinion of Robbie's abilities or other associated actions, I still believe he is at least misguided in his behavior.
He also told me he cares about children....I can only wish he cared about everyone the way he proclaims to care about kids.

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