Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am sitting and having a beer, well a pitcher actually. It is a quiet day and people are coming into pick up their food or to order their lunch. Suddenly a voice booms "Ask them which account they were talking about" Startled I look to my right a short lady with so much makeup she should be wearing a shirt that says "avalanche warning" is shouting into her bluetooth. While she is talking I can see her looking around as to tally who is impressed by her conversation. As I am writing she is walking into the restroom blabbing away about things only two people are interested in. I am not one of them.

For those of you who see nothing wrong with the walking, talking woman I am speaking about let me give you some insight. Most of us do not care about your conversation, leave us out of it. If you cannot consider the other people in the world and at least keep your conversation to a personal volume level, or keep it outside. Your need to annoy others or try to impress them by showing you are to inept at whatever you are doing to find time to eat or piss without being on your phone is not something to show off.


My daughter turned 17 a couple days ago. If I think past the fact her age makes me feel like an old man then I will have to be nothing less than very proud. I went to court to gain custody of my daughter when she was 5 years old because despite the thinking of most a child is not always better of with their mother.

I won in court because I made my case and since then I have done my best to raise my daughter. I know now I have not always been good at being a father but I also know I have done the best I could at the time. My daughter, as I look at her now 17 years old and about to take on the entire world, will do just fine, so I must have done more good than bad.

My daughter does not deal with B.S. she speaks up and out as needed. She is not one to look the other way, or to allow others to control her. She is bright and very social despite the fact I know these are more genetic traits than my attempts at upbringing it still makes me proud.

Living in this world as an adult is never an easy thing and her being a woman, will more likely than not make it even more of a challenge at times. For her whole life I have tried to make sure she understands the only limitations she faces are those she puts on herself.

My daughter is 17, she is getting ready to face the world and despite my tendency to feel old because of the math, I am still young enough to watch her success and grow even more proud.

Monday, April 26, 2010

i am me

I am a jerk, some would say I am an asshole. Well at times I am, so what? Let me give you a warning now. The rest of this blog will contain language which may offend you.

To those who think I am a jerk, asshole, shit disturber, idiot, moron, twit, Satan lover, dumb shit, dick, hater, egotistical prick, ignorant slut, or any of the many names I have been called let me give you my response.....FUCK YOU! I don't give a shit about any ones opinion of me except mine. I am open minded and I am my own worst critic. This is a simple fact. I don't care about being famous. I don't give a fuck how many people think I am a dick. What I care about is being me. I can look myself in the God damn mirror and know I have done what I think is right.

Have I made mistakes? Fuck yes I have! Have I been wrong? Who the hell hasn't? I don't hide, I don't walk on eggshells, I don't pretend, and I don't say I like you if I do not. I also like to know why people dislike me. I had a bit of an argument this past weekend where a person called ma an asshole. I asked why they had this opinion. She said it would be rude to say why. Well to call me an asshole and then tell me to back up the point would be rude seems nothing less than stupid. I mean at least have the balls to back up your opinion of me.


Blogging is an easy thing.

It enables us all to express ourselves in our own way. I like to use my blog to present my thought process and to bring attention to things I find interesting or piss me off. I will sometimes use it to bring to light behavior which I think is wrong. I have been both criticized and praised for some of the blogs I have presented.

I take both as compliments because the result of my blog has to make people think. People don't think enough about things these days in my opinion. People click their way through the world wide web. Click, read a sentence, click, look at a picture, click. the power of the mouse has enabled people to glance and click moving on to the next blog or youtube video in the blink of an eye.

I figure if I can hook anyone to read rather than click away before they get the point. That is a good thing. I like to keep my blogs short, to the point and honest. If I am proven wrong I admit it and if I believe in it, I stand by it. Blogging is my attempt to change the world, I realize it may not work but by stirring things up it may help to at least make people think instead of click.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Speak

There are many ways to express yourself. These days the possibilities are endless. Some like to take the serious route, just posting what they believe to be facts and/or truths and leaving it at that. Some like to go on the attack, demanding others think like them and looking to crush those who oppose their own point of view. There are some who seem to have no stance on a subject and tend to contradict themselves or do nothing more then confuse the people they reach leaving them to scratch their head and say "huh?"

Some like to do nothing but shock you to the point where the point is lost. Then there are some in to take a humorous route trying to make you laugh along the way.

Blogging, comments, social sharing, podcasting, and going out into the real world to work for what we believe in seem to be the most popular ways people choose to get their thoughts out. None of them are wrong or bad. The important thing to me is that people express what they thing.

Over the years the one thing that saddens me is not the hate mongers so much as the hand sitters. The ones who just sit on their hands, never speaking up, never telling the world what they think. There really is no bad way to express yourself. It has taken me a while to realize this.

I have done and still do several radio. I used to be a bit weary of sharing some of these shows with others. I was worried about offending people, I was worried that they would think less of me because I tend to present things in a way which would not be considered "normal". I don't' care about that anymore. What I care about is speaking my mind.

I know not everyone will enjoy my way of doing things, but that does not make it any less valid or honest. I simply do what I do and it is good not to sit on my hands.... I have tried it and it doesn't please me....Should it?


Skeptoid. Don't let the name fool you or turn you away.
Skeptic is a word which is given a bad definition by many in the paranormal community. I would like to see that change. With some help from a man named Brian Dunning along with some help from people who are truly 'open minded' I think that can happen.
Brian Dunning doe a podcast called Skeptoid. easy now,we are keeping an open mind, remember that.....
We are all skeptical about some things, that is a fact we should all be able to agree on. If you disagree then I would suggest you look up the true definition of the word....
What Brian does is to offer some insight and information into some of the things everyone may be skeptical about.
Covering everything from urban myths,homeopathy,paranormal, general scams, and just plain scientific phenomena, the podcast really has something for everyone who isn't a gullible fool.
I like to think most people are not fools and Brian does too.
The podcasts are short, averaging about 15 minutes each .The host uses his wit and research to share with you what he has learned about the topic at hand.
Even if you do not agree with everything Brian says, I can assure you that you will come away with new things to think about and/or consider.
Skeptoid does not attack any point of view, it considers things, and gives you a chance to do the same for yourself.
Is Skeptoid always correct? No. The host himself has admitted to being wrong on occasion. This, to me, shows what a skeptical podcast should be about, realizing no one is correct all the time, admitting it, and working to find the correct information so we can move on.
If you really have an open mind then you will give Skeptoid a me.
Believers and skeptics alike can get something from Brian Dunning and his Skeptoid podcasts. For that reason it earns my highest rating of 4 skulls. I can honestly assure you after you listen, skeptic will not seem like such a bad word after all.......
Find the Skeptoid podcast here.....

Monday, April 19, 2010


To be honest I have smoked a lot of weed, I have done a lots of lines of meth, I have done my fair share of cocaine and god (or whoever) knows I have drank my fair share of beer and vodka.
My trouble has often been when my habits cause me trouble...I quit them.
I know this will probably cause many people to get a bit pissed but I know if someone wants to stop doing the things that are causing them issues then it is possible. Maybe not for everyone because nothing applies to everyone but I have done it.
Maybe it is in my genes because my father has also managed to stop drinking after years of indulging.
I just have a problem with people who claim to be victims of anything, even their own vices. i know some people need help but for me, it has always been a matter of nothing else but plain choice. I don't blame my youth, I don't blame my bad luck, I don't blame inanimate objects or substances...if I fail and ruin my own life I blame myself....

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I did a radio show tonight....The guest was a gentleman who claims to have made a 'free-energy' device.
I have done literally hundreds of podcasts. Every so often I still get a bit worried. I don't want to make people look foolish. I don't want to bait them and blind side them on a radio show, it just isn't my way. I will make the occasional call to someone who I feel deserves it but still I will be polite and limit my self to an off-color comment about masturbation. (right chris moon?... heh heh)
It just doesn't interest me to make people look stupid by tricking them, it an act a stupid person would resort to because they don't know how to have a conversation.
My co-host, Ed Craft booked the guest (thank you Donn Shy) and I told my other co-host, Polly "I really don't want to do this show"
I did the show, calling Ed and the guests. I could tell the guests were a bit uncomfortable after all, who will trust a guy named 'Reap' right out of the gate? One of the guests was an older gentleman from the U.K. He was nothing less than wonderful to speak to, he had great stories and a wonderful sense of humor. While I didn't totally believe in everything he said he was obviously more intelligent than me and he gave me some things to think about and investigate further.
At the end of the show I was happy I did go on with it.
To be honest I don't really know what my point is I guess maybe I want people to think about how you can have an open mind and enjoy a conversation even if you know it's going to go all wrong....I was wrong.

An Apology

Some of you may know Robbie Thomas recently said some things which referred to my son in a way which bothered myself and others a bit. Like I have said before, the comments didn't have any direct effect on my son they did however piss me off a bit...I couldn't help it, I am a Dad.
Some people think that all I do is try to spread hate, that is not true, I pass along my version of events being as honest as possible.
The events of today include Robbie apologizing for his words about my son, an apology I accepted and thanked him for.
It in no way changes my opinion of Robbie's abilities or other associated actions, I still believe he is at least misguided in his behavior.
He also told me he cares about children....I can only wish he cared about everyone the way he proclaims to care about kids.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carry On

I have often wondered about my own demise. If I talk about it out loud my loved ones tell me to not speak of it yet I know the day will come. I have been lucky in my life. I have lived longer than many others with little strife in my life. I have lived my life happy. I have learned things others will never know, I have seen the world through eyes no one else will ever know. I have enjoyed my ride on the little speck of dust.
I wonder sometimes if I will find the glory of god on my deathbed, I can say this now...I don't think so. Of course I may be wrong but being of sound mind now I know god does not care about me. The fact does not make me angry it is just another fact of life. Much like a flat tire on my car is not god's work my death is equal to that. I am okay with that, it is a fact if living. My birth was not a earth shattering event and my death will not be either. The speck of dust will continue to roll around the sun, people will keep on hating, dying, laughing, learning, and crying...but not about me. This is a good thing. I have enjoyed me time on the speck of dust...I have left children to pass things along, and I do not have to wonder if the world will carry on.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Fraud Base

As I have gone along and spent my time listening to many of the frauds involved in life, I think about those involved in the paranormal today. (don't worry I will cover the rest in the future)
The reason I start with the frauds involved in the paranormal first is because they are small time, I will work my way up the ladder as far as how much the subject matter effects people in general.
First of all there is ZERO proof of paranormal occurrence and/or paranormal activity.
All of you who heard, seen or felt something paranormal need to realize something which is very important.....THAT IS NOT PROOF.
There is no argument, no if ands or butts about it. It can be proof to you if you wish but to me the only thing it proves is.....your brain got mixed up.
Easy now, it's not your fault, not directly anyways. The problem NO ONE in the paranormal seems to want to face listen close......You can not trust your own brain...
I may catch some slack for this, but the fact remains. Still don't believe me? Do this before you run around in dark creepy houses at night or wonder around in a graveyard while the moon peeks out behind some gloomy gray clouds....
Read about the organ which sits inside your pretty little head, read about the disorders which afflict many people, even the 'sane' ones. Read about how that thing you think is perfect and will never let you down can sometimes behave in ways not so true to your own perception.
Sorry, did I lose my point?
The frauds....fake psychics like Chip Coffee, who's goal in life seems to be to act like an idiot on TV and harm kids with disorders.
people like Chris Moon who claims to be able to talk to the dead on a device Thomas Edison invented.
For the record, Chris can not talk to dead people on his broken radio for a few reasons. I will share with you the top two.
1) It is impossible to talk to the dead on a broken radio, no matter who made it.
2) Chris Moon is full of shit on so many levels even the dead would tell him to get a life if it was possible to talk to them.
If you have a couple hundred bucks, Chris Moon will be happy to share his delusion with you though.
Next up? The rabid dog psychic, Robbie Thomas. Don't know Robbie? Let me share with you some some background....Robbie likes to use dead children to help him 'sell stadiums' filled with his adoring fans. Robbie likes to take quotes from people like his bartender and use them to make himself look amazing.
When Robbie's bartender says "thanks for the tip" Robbie puts it on his website to help him gain credibility.
I know some of you agree with me about the fact these people are idiots. All they do is make stupid claims which are not even worth considering if you are an intelligent individual.
There is however a flaw in that logic, some people buy into this and they do not deserve to be victims of flawed thinking. Some don't know any better yet. Some people are so saddened by their loss they will fall victim to these insane egomaniacs. Do they deserve what they get? I do not think so. Some of the blind may, but not those who can not make clear choices due to loss of loved ones or ignorance, not those who have not had the chance to know any better.
It is up to those who do know better to speak up against the frauds and bullshit artists. It is up to us to at least try to help those who need it so they may have a chance to understand the real world. We all ride in the same boat and there are some people who need to be thrown the hell can quote me on that.....
To be continued....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Faith in Atheists

I have added about 300 new friends on my social network page this week. the best thing about this bit of news is ....they are almost all Atheists.
Allow me to explain this just a bit.
The friends I have added are not just a good thing to me because we are all on a crusade to kill god (although a few may be)
my new friends do not make me happy because they want to crush religion (even though a few would be happy to do so)
The reason I am happy to have these new contacts is because-They think-They consider-They question.
I have a lot of friends involved in the paranormal and I enjoy them too but as I have learned from reading, listening, and real life, I have grown into a strong skeptic.
I keep an open mind when I need to,but there are so many claims and beliefs regarding the paranormal that are easily explained by science........
It makes me sad that so many people who claim to be looking for proof of an afterlife also claim be based in science when their findings could be explained be reading a high school textbook.
Now to the religion part, without getting too deeply into a subject which causes me endless questions and debate.
Atheist need facts.
One thing that has always caused me grief in all aspects of life is the phrase "just because". The words "just because" equal the same to me as someone saying "have faith"
My Atheists friends do not play the 'have faith' game.
If any of my new friends read this I am happy to have you. Keep sharing your thoughts and what makes you laugh. I have faith in you, just because you have not let me down yet....

Radio Background

I'll take a few minutes to talk about my radio show if you don't mind....
Polly and I started doing a radio show in October of 2007. When My friend Ed Craft asked me to do a radio show. I was flattered, but kinda nervous. I asked Polly if she would like to be my co-host and she agreed. The show was originally put together to shut down a yahoo group called "The Paranormal Police". Between the radio show, my blogs and some help from friends the group was shut down.
Let me pause here to say almost every, if not everyone, of the people involved in the paranormal police group are now what I would consider friends (except David Rountree, but he is just to pompous) I remember telling Polly that we would do 3 shows or so and that should be enough to make our point.
Our first show sucked, there is no doubt in my mind about that. As we went along the chemistry Polly and I have always had in real life, seemed to come across quite well over the microphone. The most amazing thing was people were listening. Our listeners were a small but devoted group and since we were having a great time the show continued on.
We had many guests from small paranormal groups they were all good people and since I was pretty new to the paranormal subject I found what they said a interesting subject matter to consider. As we learned the paranormal subject started to get kinda boring, to us.
Polly and I had a small falling out and I continued to do the show on my own. I would pick a random topic and just roll with it for two hours. Let me tell you, talking on your own and keeping it entertaining was a challenge for me. I am not sure if I succeeded but it was still fun to do and people still listened, so the show went on. I think not having Polly on the show was a blessing in disguise. I missed her input but it gave me the confidence and opportunity to learn I could do a show on my own.
Polly came back (Yay!) and the chemistry came back with her. I had still been writing blogs this whole time, and I was looking for a way to get both the show and my blogs away from the paranormal subject. Then came the radio friends.
Knocker Lee from Pulse Radio became a friend of mine. I started doing side projects and working as a DJ on his radio network. The radio thing really was a fun hobby, and it seemed I had a knack for it. Along the way I had bought my own Internet stream and named it Reapradio. More friends joined me. Warning Radio which had begun broadcasting shortly before we did, joined with Reap Radio and I was glad to have them. They are still very good friends, and on my Internet stream today.
Reapsowradio was controversial from the very beginning, between my harsh language and outspoken opinion it had gained both a loyal following and some who were very critical of its content, still we went on. The show addressed those were taking advantage of others claiming to have magical abilities and slowly moved into social issues, current events, and the occasional religious topic.... We had evolved.
As a result of the show and my blogs, I began to get invites to be on other shows and then Haunted America Tours contacted me. I had written a few articles for them in the past and they now wanted to sponsor the show as well as post any articles I wrote including my podcast reviews. I was flattered to say the least.
Even though the show was trying to get away from paranormal topics, we had become skeptics who knew about the paranormal. In fact, Polly and I knew the subject and about the people involved in it quite well. People had begun to come to us in order to address some of the frauds involved in the paranormal. It seemed no matter how hard we tried something or some one kept pulling us back into the subject. The show went on...And our listeners grew.
Suddenly we were ranking on Podomatic in the comedy genre. Maybe I should have made the point sooner, Polly and I like to laugh, we do it a lot and we do it on the show as much as possible without losing the point. So the show hit the top 10 on Podomatic, it was good to know people from all over the world were listening and enjoying what we had to say.
By now I had started producing another show, and my old friend Ed Craft had moved close to me. The man who had given me an opportunity to have a grand time, and myself finally had a chance to meet in person. Ed, had retired his own show, but once we met we realized we could do something together. DREAD radio was born. DREAD is a balance of skeptic, and believer and recommended listening in my opinion.
Reapsowradio from its beginning, like my blog has really had one goal- to make you think and laugh while doing it, not to think like we do but to at least consider another perspective. We have make many new friends along our road. We have also lost a few, and for that I am sorry. We have always just been ourselves, and it saddens me some cannot accept us for that.
And that brings my long winded story towards its end.
We broadcast Reapsowradio 2x a week now, it has finally broke away from the paranormal and addresses some of the real issues and topics which effect our lives in the here and now. We will always address people who try to take advantage of others. Reapsowradio has done close to 200 shows now with no end in sight. Jackalope105FM has been kind enough to allow us to broadcast on FM in the bible belt, bless them for that.
Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us for the ride, pass us along we will only grow.... There are more things to come from us, please stay tuned. For the record this is only a brief glimpse of our road......I didn't want to bore you.

ReapSowRadio Podcast

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tonya Hacker...... aka 'liar' and or 'bitch'

So tonya hacker wants to call me to live up to her label I will share with you some more insight on her.
First let me say this...if tonya would have shut the huge hole under hoer big ass nose this blog would not have been written.
We all know about tonya overtalking anyone who comes near her, if you do not believe me then try listening to some of The Ghost Divas podcasts
Listen in awe as as tonya rambles through most shows while her co-hosts are ready to wrap it up or have already gone to bed, sick of waiting to voice their own opinions. As a producer of The Ghost Divas show I myself was was caught thinking...'will this bitch ever shut the fuck up???!!"
Like I have said before I love most of the Divas...the problem is...tonya is a big mouth lying bitch and here are some emails to make my point..

Beth Polly Hedrick April 5 at 8:50pm
Who the hell is Lucille Emmert? She is a wacko!
Tonya Hacker April 6 at 2:21pm Report
Why is she wacko?
Beth Polly Hedrick April 6 at 2:23pm
You should see her emails to me.
Tonya Hacker April 6 at 2:30pm Report
Send them to me.

From: Tonya Hacker
To: Beth Hedrick
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 2:37:32 PM
Subject: Lucille

So, I have a question. Has it ever crossed your mind that people "fuck" with you because they know that you will take days and days obsessing over it to see how far you will go?

just a question :)


From: Tonya Hacker
To: Beth Hedrick
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 2:52:21 PM
Subject: Re: Lucille

How do you know she's a real person and what she is saying she is?

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 4:55 PM, Beth Hedrick wrote:

Bob said she is part of your group.
From: Tonya Hacker
To: Beth Hedrick
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 3:00:51 PM
Subject: Re: Lucille

Bob who?

Wow... i'm waiting for you and Reap to start "attacking" me... will it happen? I say it will... hahahah because that's what Danny does. He needs another hobby Beth.

From: Tonya Hacker
To: Beth Hedrick
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 8:01:17 PM
Subject: Re: Lucille

Well here are my thoughts. I am getting contradicting stories. From you, Amanda & lucille.
The bottom line is. Reap has a history of crossing the line with people. If you do not want to believe that, than that is your big problem. You can put him on a pedestal (not that you said you have) or you can face reality. He has been rude and fucked up to way too many GOOD people...including dear friends of mine. (real friends) I didn't get involved. YOU contacted ME on Facebook asking about Lucille. I wasn't involved with the "situation" until you emailed me... then Reap emailed me.

Lucille had asked me who Reap was. I told her my opinion of him. Then the next thing I know, I am caught in the middle of more Reap drama. I really do hope you two find something better to do with your time than this shit. Not only was it a waste of MY TIME to be involved, you wasted your time and Lucille wasted her time as well. On a personal note. I do wish you the best of luck establishing your life as an independent woman that will never put up with anything than what you desire in life.
Like I told Reap and everyone else. I'm DONE. I'm done with REAP, and have been for a while now (for personal reasons) and I personally do not care to have any affiliation with the radio show and the messages that are preached by Danny. I do not endorse hate and never will.

I know before all this if someone would have done this to tonya or any other Diva what lucille did to me I would have been right there to speak up and address it. It is really sad the way some people show their true colors and tonya's color is much like something I would see in a public restroom when someone forgot to flush......

Tonya knew good and damn well who lucille was and she asked Beth who is Bob?? Well Bob is a Diva too and she knew who Beth was talking about. We talked to both Bob And Amanda they knew who lucille was...... she was a member of one of tonya's little ghost hunting groups. What more do you need to see tonya is a liar.....I have said this too...many people have warned me about her. tonya thinks she is all that and thinks she can talk shit about me on her radio show unchecked, well little lady let me share this with ya....I have a radio show too and I know how to talk, the difference is when I talk I say somethin'

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tonya Hacker aka 'mouth'

Tonya Hacker from The Ghost Divas told me today I was "a time bomb"....I suppose to some simple-minded people such as her it may be true.
The way her comment came about is I informed her she talks to much. It was just my opinion. I have listened to The Ghost Divas show a while now, shit I used to help produce it. Tonya talks too much, she over talks even the guests. When The Divas had Micheal Shermer on she was blabbing for so long Shermer bailed out (listen to the podcast) When the Divas came on Warning radio my friend Baxter told me 'worst interview ever' because Tonya wouldn't shut the hell up and allow conversation on the show, she just talks. She seems to enjoy the sound of her own voice a lot.
All this drama comes from Tonya Hacker getting all pissy about her good friend Lucille Emmert coming up on us and getting slammed by rational thinking.
We asked Tonya who the hell Lucille was the same way she would have asked us if one of our friends was rolling up on her.
It seemed to be a legitimate question, especially because we considered Tonya a friend.
the response we got was "how do you know this is a real person?"
I knew because I had talked to Bob and Beth had talked to Amanda, Bob and Amanda are both Divas too.
Next came the "Reap, you are a time bomb" Rhetoric to say the least, assumptions to call it as it was.
I really do like The Ghost Divas as a whole and consider a couple of them to be my close friends, Tonya is no longer on that list.
Now we have come to find out Tonya Hacker has been talking smack to Lucille about me. I have met Tonya but she knows shit about my personal life. For a while people have warned me about "the big mouthed diva" who can't keep her big god damn mouth shut to save her own life and who loves any attention she can get.I will admit I was wrong about her. I thought she was a strong independent woman turns out she is a weak-minded gossip......That is too bad

Robert Poulton (AKA Robbie Thomas) BUSTED!

John Rames speaks out about his dealings with Robbie Thomas. I really feel bad for John, he is another victim in a line of em. And Mr Poulton, if you read this...WHO IS AN IDIOT NOW???

The original statement can be found here-

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Haters

Over the years I have had tons of people roll up on me for whatever reason it all rolls off me. I just don't care. I'm not sure if it was my upbringing because my mother really taught me nothing about self esteem and my father was a soft hearted drinker (that's not bad by the way) where I got the cocky attitude and the ability not to care what some people think is a mystery to me. The fact is despite the mystery, I really don't give a shit, what some people say. There are some who will question or criticize my actions and I will take a moment of consideration of their remarks. I will step back and either concur or dismiss, but I will listen. As I have said many times before I give respect until it is no longer shown and it will not be given in its absence.

A lot of people assume that I go along in my opinion unchecked, that is often true. There are many times when this is not the case. Whether it be my father playing the Devils advocate or some moron with some rant which could have been written by a third grade child, I answer them all. At times this is very tough, How do you answer an idiot? I have found lowering myself to their level and then rising above before their eyes, it will usually do the trick. My father seems to be of the mindset I am a bully and contradict myself, to be honest I often feel the same way, I often argue to myself and the winner is not always correct. My father also a great writer. He really had no readers to appreciate his talent. In this era of social networks I have been lucky to have many readers..... I don't know why people read but the fact remains.....When you have the thoughts of so many people coming at you whether is be in Kudos, comments, or emails, it really does give you a sense of responsibility and causes you to second guess your own opinions. Like I said so many times before, I will keep posting my thoughts and arguments I have in my mind publicity. They will not always be correct but they always will be my current thoughts. As I go along on the ride of life you are welcome to come along, but please keep your arms, legs, and assumptions inside your own damn car at all times, or you are liable to lose them.

The News 5

Jacked-up seems to be the best way to describe the traffic fines here in california. I understand the need to deter people from breaking the law but $211 for blocking a bike lane? $447 for failing to make a complete stop when making a right hand turn?
The city of San Francisco has had to open another court room just to deal with all the outraged drivers who are looking to fight these unreasonable fines. The state is the government agency that is the main cause for the fine hikes.Just another example of our "action hero" Governor acting like a twit by allowing these "add on" and "fees" to rape drivers. The new motto for the state of California? "If you can't tax em, fine em."

An earthquake on the California/Mexico border registered a magnitude 7.2. Two people were killed. One by a car as he tried to run away. For the record you cannot outrun an earthquake no matter what the movies show you. Tens of million felt the quake which caused several people in Arizona to find new hope in having beach front property soon. Since I did go through the Loma Prieta in '89 (6.2) along with several other smaller quakes, I find it comforting that the California building codes have allowed us to dodge the type of bullet Haiti took. I am also reminded of the fact I live directly on top of the Hayward fault and the phrase "it's not if, but when."

Got to love technology. Intel plans to introduce the 'light peak' system" to connect home computer equipment. This technology would transfer data 20x faster than USB, that's 10 gigabytes per second, or fast enough to transfer a blu-ray DVD movie in 30 seconds. Eventually Intel hopes to develop the Light Peak System to the point of that same task taking 3 seconds. I don't know what pleases me more, our ability to progress or the fact I wont ever have to wait longer than 3 seconds to watch porn.

Spring is taking its time to take hold here and the rain still comes, my corn is loving it but my onions have all bitten the dust already, victims of Mother Nature's fickle nature, that bitch!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Nice House

I know a 18 year boy who was raised in a small town. It isn't a bad town to visit, I've been there. The people were kind to me, and what I am bout to write in no way portrays every person in this town. For the record, I am middle aged and white and my religious beliefs are not apparent just by looking at me, with my shirt on anyways.
I had several conversations in emails with this young man this week as has my girlfriend.
He has informed me that I am sure to got to hell due to my lack in accepting jesus christ. he has informed me that he has a mansion waiting for him in heaven ( I didn't ask about what kind of car he has waiting for him but I am sure it must be very nice, with power everything and a great sound-system)
I tried to give him some links about science which were met with a reply of "science is all lies, especially evolution" I tried to explain to him some of the problems with the teachings of the bible. He would not even consider or counter my points, he only said jesus christ will save him.
He said that America was founded on christian values. My self and several others tried to show him that was incorrect, quoting some of the forefathers and the things they had to say on the was met with....well it was all ignored.
I remember being 18 and thinking I knew it all. I did however (on occasion) listen to people. When someone countered my point I would find out if they were correct before I argued with em. Because I don't like being wrong and because I want to understand the truth of things as closely as I can from my perspective, while not dismissing the perspectives of others out of hand.
This evening the same young man shared with my girlfriend his dislike for gays. He was informed one of our closest and smartest friends is gay. Our friend is a wonderful man and some of the intolerance he has had to deal with is just disgusting. He has a partner who is also very intelligent and we have great conversations with them. Their lifestyle doesn't effect our opinion of them one single bit, there is no reason it should in my opinion.
The young mans reply? "I am sure I wouldn't like him"
I am hopeful that this young man will learn as time goes on but what he has been taught in his first 18 years shows we have a long way to go. He isn't a bad kid and I suppose I can not place the blame for the backwards way he thinks all on him. If he doesn't learn to consider that people are different and that does not make them bad or damned to burn forever then I hope he at least gets a nice house out of it...

The News 4

The News 4

Well the Chinese have screwed us over again. Homeowners from California to Florida are being told to rip out the drywall from their homes, the problem? Well nothing major just that the drywall emits hydrogen sulfide at a rate 100x greater than normal samples. "what is the big deal?" you ask...Well the drywall also causes people to have nosebleeds, sinus infections and severe throat irritation, oh and it causes copper wire to turn black. I would hope to hear a collective "Holy Shit?" after your read this. Maybe it's time we start keeping an eye out for defective Chinese imports no offense to the Chinese but we really don't like lead poisoning and nosebleeds..... please try to understand.

Tiger Woods is back and in case you were wondering if he ever left, well sales of his branded merchandise rose by 8% from October to March showing we all relate to sex addiction. Although he has lost several sponsors many have stuck with Tiger through his tough times, banging his way through several women, besides his wife. Even the companies who dropped him from current ads will not say he is banished forever, they seem happy to keep one foot in the orgy waiting to see how the "comeback" plays out. I t goes to show there is no such thing as bad publicity and you gotta give kudos to a guy who can make people interested in a sport that when watching it equals the same excitement as watching paint dry.

Bunny rabbits and baby chicks will be given in mass this Easter season. The trouble is...They grow up to be adult rabbits and chickens. I really have no trouble with rabbits. I admire their attitude on the sex act, but Chickens....In my opinion are equal to fish, chickens are stupid and annoying. I would suggest if you are giving a child a baby chicken for Easter you include the phrase "Next year we can eat this!" Sparing the little one any sorrow when you kill the damn thing because all it does is shit on your porch and try to figure out which way is up a year from now....Just my opinion.

Happy Easter to all and remember eggs are good and you don't have to wait a year to eat em...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mad at God?

Am I mad at God? My Dad asked me not long ago to figure out if I was mad at God or religion. I have thought about that statement. I don't think that I am mad at God or religion.
First I'll address the God part. Things simply are things, and things simply don't come from nothing, they come from something else. How the universe came to be is not known. We are trying to figure it out but so far we are still just ignorant pieces of dust floating on a larger piece of dust. I can't really be mad at God because he isn't there to be mad at.
Now religion. It is tough to be mad at religion itself, it is not one thing. Religion takes many forms for me to be mad at it would be silly.I actually like the thoughts certain religions prescribe to.
So, to say "I hate religion" would not be accurate. What I hate is the way it is used by people to hate, to demonstrate intolerance, to kill, to somehow present themselves as better than others.
I think what I really hate, is hate itself.