Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tonya Hacker...... aka 'liar' and or 'bitch'

So tonya hacker wants to call me to live up to her label I will share with you some more insight on her.
First let me say this...if tonya would have shut the huge hole under hoer big ass nose this blog would not have been written.
We all know about tonya overtalking anyone who comes near her, if you do not believe me then try listening to some of The Ghost Divas podcasts
Listen in awe as as tonya rambles through most shows while her co-hosts are ready to wrap it up or have already gone to bed, sick of waiting to voice their own opinions. As a producer of The Ghost Divas show I myself was was caught thinking...'will this bitch ever shut the fuck up???!!"
Like I have said before I love most of the Divas...the problem is...tonya is a big mouth lying bitch and here are some emails to make my point..

Beth Polly Hedrick April 5 at 8:50pm
Who the hell is Lucille Emmert? She is a wacko!
Tonya Hacker April 6 at 2:21pm Report
Why is she wacko?
Beth Polly Hedrick April 6 at 2:23pm
You should see her emails to me.
Tonya Hacker April 6 at 2:30pm Report
Send them to me.

From: Tonya Hacker
To: Beth Hedrick
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 2:37:32 PM
Subject: Lucille

So, I have a question. Has it ever crossed your mind that people "fuck" with you because they know that you will take days and days obsessing over it to see how far you will go?

just a question :)


From: Tonya Hacker
To: Beth Hedrick
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 2:52:21 PM
Subject: Re: Lucille

How do you know she's a real person and what she is saying she is?

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 4:55 PM, Beth Hedrick wrote:

Bob said she is part of your group.
From: Tonya Hacker
To: Beth Hedrick
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 3:00:51 PM
Subject: Re: Lucille

Bob who?

Wow... i'm waiting for you and Reap to start "attacking" me... will it happen? I say it will... hahahah because that's what Danny does. He needs another hobby Beth.

From: Tonya Hacker
To: Beth Hedrick
Sent: Tue, April 6, 2010 8:01:17 PM
Subject: Re: Lucille

Well here are my thoughts. I am getting contradicting stories. From you, Amanda & lucille.
The bottom line is. Reap has a history of crossing the line with people. If you do not want to believe that, than that is your big problem. You can put him on a pedestal (not that you said you have) or you can face reality. He has been rude and fucked up to way too many GOOD people...including dear friends of mine. (real friends) I didn't get involved. YOU contacted ME on Facebook asking about Lucille. I wasn't involved with the "situation" until you emailed me... then Reap emailed me.

Lucille had asked me who Reap was. I told her my opinion of him. Then the next thing I know, I am caught in the middle of more Reap drama. I really do hope you two find something better to do with your time than this shit. Not only was it a waste of MY TIME to be involved, you wasted your time and Lucille wasted her time as well. On a personal note. I do wish you the best of luck establishing your life as an independent woman that will never put up with anything than what you desire in life.
Like I told Reap and everyone else. I'm DONE. I'm done with REAP, and have been for a while now (for personal reasons) and I personally do not care to have any affiliation with the radio show and the messages that are preached by Danny. I do not endorse hate and never will.

I know before all this if someone would have done this to tonya or any other Diva what lucille did to me I would have been right there to speak up and address it. It is really sad the way some people show their true colors and tonya's color is much like something I would see in a public restroom when someone forgot to flush......

Tonya knew good and damn well who lucille was and she asked Beth who is Bob?? Well Bob is a Diva too and she knew who Beth was talking about. We talked to both Bob And Amanda they knew who lucille was...... she was a member of one of tonya's little ghost hunting groups. What more do you need to see tonya is a liar.....I have said this too...many people have warned me about her. tonya thinks she is all that and thinks she can talk shit about me on her radio show unchecked, well little lady let me share this with ya....I have a radio show too and I know how to talk, the difference is when I talk I say somethin'


  1. Tonya's a fucking BITCH. Simple.

  2. posted by a meth head. i feel bad for ppl that have to deal with these people like this chick.