Monday, April 12, 2010

The Fraud Base

As I have gone along and spent my time listening to many of the frauds involved in life, I think about those involved in the paranormal today. (don't worry I will cover the rest in the future)
The reason I start with the frauds involved in the paranormal first is because they are small time, I will work my way up the ladder as far as how much the subject matter effects people in general.
First of all there is ZERO proof of paranormal occurrence and/or paranormal activity.
All of you who heard, seen or felt something paranormal need to realize something which is very important.....THAT IS NOT PROOF.
There is no argument, no if ands or butts about it. It can be proof to you if you wish but to me the only thing it proves is.....your brain got mixed up.
Easy now, it's not your fault, not directly anyways. The problem NO ONE in the paranormal seems to want to face listen close......You can not trust your own brain...
I may catch some slack for this, but the fact remains. Still don't believe me? Do this before you run around in dark creepy houses at night or wonder around in a graveyard while the moon peeks out behind some gloomy gray clouds....
Read about the organ which sits inside your pretty little head, read about the disorders which afflict many people, even the 'sane' ones. Read about how that thing you think is perfect and will never let you down can sometimes behave in ways not so true to your own perception.
Sorry, did I lose my point?
The frauds....fake psychics like Chip Coffee, who's goal in life seems to be to act like an idiot on TV and harm kids with disorders.
people like Chris Moon who claims to be able to talk to the dead on a device Thomas Edison invented.
For the record, Chris can not talk to dead people on his broken radio for a few reasons. I will share with you the top two.
1) It is impossible to talk to the dead on a broken radio, no matter who made it.
2) Chris Moon is full of shit on so many levels even the dead would tell him to get a life if it was possible to talk to them.
If you have a couple hundred bucks, Chris Moon will be happy to share his delusion with you though.
Next up? The rabid dog psychic, Robbie Thomas. Don't know Robbie? Let me share with you some some background....Robbie likes to use dead children to help him 'sell stadiums' filled with his adoring fans. Robbie likes to take quotes from people like his bartender and use them to make himself look amazing.
When Robbie's bartender says "thanks for the tip" Robbie puts it on his website to help him gain credibility.
I know some of you agree with me about the fact these people are idiots. All they do is make stupid claims which are not even worth considering if you are an intelligent individual.
There is however a flaw in that logic, some people buy into this and they do not deserve to be victims of flawed thinking. Some don't know any better yet. Some people are so saddened by their loss they will fall victim to these insane egomaniacs. Do they deserve what they get? I do not think so. Some of the blind may, but not those who can not make clear choices due to loss of loved ones or ignorance, not those who have not had the chance to know any better.
It is up to those who do know better to speak up against the frauds and bullshit artists. It is up to us to at least try to help those who need it so they may have a chance to understand the real world. We all ride in the same boat and there are some people who need to be thrown the hell can quote me on that.....
To be continued....

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