Monday, April 5, 2010

The News 5

Jacked-up seems to be the best way to describe the traffic fines here in california. I understand the need to deter people from breaking the law but $211 for blocking a bike lane? $447 for failing to make a complete stop when making a right hand turn?
The city of San Francisco has had to open another court room just to deal with all the outraged drivers who are looking to fight these unreasonable fines. The state is the government agency that is the main cause for the fine hikes.Just another example of our "action hero" Governor acting like a twit by allowing these "add on" and "fees" to rape drivers. The new motto for the state of California? "If you can't tax em, fine em."

An earthquake on the California/Mexico border registered a magnitude 7.2. Two people were killed. One by a car as he tried to run away. For the record you cannot outrun an earthquake no matter what the movies show you. Tens of million felt the quake which caused several people in Arizona to find new hope in having beach front property soon. Since I did go through the Loma Prieta in '89 (6.2) along with several other smaller quakes, I find it comforting that the California building codes have allowed us to dodge the type of bullet Haiti took. I am also reminded of the fact I live directly on top of the Hayward fault and the phrase "it's not if, but when."

Got to love technology. Intel plans to introduce the 'light peak' system" to connect home computer equipment. This technology would transfer data 20x faster than USB, that's 10 gigabytes per second, or fast enough to transfer a blu-ray DVD movie in 30 seconds. Eventually Intel hopes to develop the Light Peak System to the point of that same task taking 3 seconds. I don't know what pleases me more, our ability to progress or the fact I wont ever have to wait longer than 3 seconds to watch porn.

Spring is taking its time to take hold here and the rain still comes, my corn is loving it but my onions have all bitten the dust already, victims of Mother Nature's fickle nature, that bitch!

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