Monday, April 26, 2010

i am me

I am a jerk, some would say I am an asshole. Well at times I am, so what? Let me give you a warning now. The rest of this blog will contain language which may offend you.

To those who think I am a jerk, asshole, shit disturber, idiot, moron, twit, Satan lover, dumb shit, dick, hater, egotistical prick, ignorant slut, or any of the many names I have been called let me give you my response.....FUCK YOU! I don't give a shit about any ones opinion of me except mine. I am open minded and I am my own worst critic. This is a simple fact. I don't care about being famous. I don't give a fuck how many people think I am a dick. What I care about is being me. I can look myself in the God damn mirror and know I have done what I think is right.

Have I made mistakes? Fuck yes I have! Have I been wrong? Who the hell hasn't? I don't hide, I don't walk on eggshells, I don't pretend, and I don't say I like you if I do not. I also like to know why people dislike me. I had a bit of an argument this past weekend where a person called ma an asshole. I asked why they had this opinion. She said it would be rude to say why. Well to call me an asshole and then tell me to back up the point would be rude seems nothing less than stupid. I mean at least have the balls to back up your opinion of me.

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