Saturday, April 10, 2010

Faith in Atheists

I have added about 300 new friends on my social network page this week. the best thing about this bit of news is ....they are almost all Atheists.
Allow me to explain this just a bit.
The friends I have added are not just a good thing to me because we are all on a crusade to kill god (although a few may be)
my new friends do not make me happy because they want to crush religion (even though a few would be happy to do so)
The reason I am happy to have these new contacts is because-They think-They consider-They question.
I have a lot of friends involved in the paranormal and I enjoy them too but as I have learned from reading, listening, and real life, I have grown into a strong skeptic.
I keep an open mind when I need to,but there are so many claims and beliefs regarding the paranormal that are easily explained by science........
It makes me sad that so many people who claim to be looking for proof of an afterlife also claim be based in science when their findings could be explained be reading a high school textbook.
Now to the religion part, without getting too deeply into a subject which causes me endless questions and debate.
Atheist need facts.
One thing that has always caused me grief in all aspects of life is the phrase "just because". The words "just because" equal the same to me as someone saying "have faith"
My Atheists friends do not play the 'have faith' game.
If any of my new friends read this I am happy to have you. Keep sharing your thoughts and what makes you laugh. I have faith in you, just because you have not let me down yet....

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  1. It has been fun meeting so many new people, with like minds.