Monday, April 26, 2010


Blogging is an easy thing.

It enables us all to express ourselves in our own way. I like to use my blog to present my thought process and to bring attention to things I find interesting or piss me off. I will sometimes use it to bring to light behavior which I think is wrong. I have been both criticized and praised for some of the blogs I have presented.

I take both as compliments because the result of my blog has to make people think. People don't think enough about things these days in my opinion. People click their way through the world wide web. Click, read a sentence, click, look at a picture, click. the power of the mouse has enabled people to glance and click moving on to the next blog or youtube video in the blink of an eye.

I figure if I can hook anyone to read rather than click away before they get the point. That is a good thing. I like to keep my blogs short, to the point and honest. If I am proven wrong I admit it and if I believe in it, I stand by it. Blogging is my attempt to change the world, I realize it may not work but by stirring things up it may help to at least make people think instead of click.

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