Monday, February 20, 2012

Mark Martin- The Judge Who Couldn't (keep his mouth shut)

         I had previously posted a blog about a guy who was attacked while marching dressed as a zombie Mohammed in a PA Halloween parade titled A Judge, A Muslim And An Atheist At that time there was no interest in releasing the audio because there was hope it would be resolved by the parties involved, that did not happen. Instead the victim of the crime is now being threatened with jail time by  Mark Martin, the judge who gave him permission to record in the first place.  Judge Martin refuses to admit that his words may have, at the least, been out of bounds and inappropriate for the situation. His actions in this case were not up to par with the wisdom you would expect to see displayed by a man responsible for making sure equal justice is served for every person who stands in front of him. This is the unedited recording of his decision. After you listen please share your thoughts on his wording. I'm not interested in debate whether or not it's okay to wear a certain type of Halloween costume, I've made my opinion on that clear previously.