Monday, April 5, 2010

The Haters

Over the years I have had tons of people roll up on me for whatever reason it all rolls off me. I just don't care. I'm not sure if it was my upbringing because my mother really taught me nothing about self esteem and my father was a soft hearted drinker (that's not bad by the way) where I got the cocky attitude and the ability not to care what some people think is a mystery to me. The fact is despite the mystery, I really don't give a shit, what some people say. There are some who will question or criticize my actions and I will take a moment of consideration of their remarks. I will step back and either concur or dismiss, but I will listen. As I have said many times before I give respect until it is no longer shown and it will not be given in its absence.

A lot of people assume that I go along in my opinion unchecked, that is often true. There are many times when this is not the case. Whether it be my father playing the Devils advocate or some moron with some rant which could have been written by a third grade child, I answer them all. At times this is very tough, How do you answer an idiot? I have found lowering myself to their level and then rising above before their eyes, it will usually do the trick. My father seems to be of the mindset I am a bully and contradict myself, to be honest I often feel the same way, I often argue to myself and the winner is not always correct. My father also a great writer. He really had no readers to appreciate his talent. In this era of social networks I have been lucky to have many readers..... I don't know why people read but the fact remains.....When you have the thoughts of so many people coming at you whether is be in Kudos, comments, or emails, it really does give you a sense of responsibility and causes you to second guess your own opinions. Like I said so many times before, I will keep posting my thoughts and arguments I have in my mind publicity. They will not always be correct but they always will be my current thoughts. As I go along on the ride of life you are welcome to come along, but please keep your arms, legs, and assumptions inside your own damn car at all times, or you are liable to lose them.

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