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Step Right Up


Step Right Up

  Adam Lee @daylightatheism on twitter is the latest A+ idiot to accuse me of being a misogynist.Want to know why? Because I called Stephanie Zvan a bitch. Yes I did and I will continue to do so until she either stops being a bitch or I start to forget to do so.
 Adam Lee seems to think he can tell me how to express myself, to the point where he will decide what words I will use.  I have a very disappointing fact to share with Adam Lee.  That's not gonna happen in a million fucking years. There is nothing Adam can do that will stop me from saying whatever I choose in any way I choose as often as I choose wherever the fuck I choose.
 I already went through this crap with that moronic PZ Myers over Stephanie Zvan now this twit suddenly figures he has nothing better to do than create a personality for me that gives him an enemy to fight. It also provides him with a counter argument to Al Stefanelli while debating the feminism issue. The only reason I make for a good example is because Adam made up the specifics to suit his needs. After reading Adam's facebook  page it looks like to me he wants to become famous. His about me is a collection of things he thinks make him look important or cool. It has always been my belief such a display is a result of low self esteem. Here is some of the exchange I had with Adam. Keep in mind originally he had a problem with my use of the word "bitch" then moved on to accuse me of approving of sex tapes made about women I don't like......

And then we have Adam and Al Stefanelli on twitter. Adam is clearly being an idiot. He sounds like a small child telling his mother about something a sibling has done wrong in order to get some attention.

Porn? Only To Adam Lee

The "sex tape" Adam is referring to is a gif of a dog trying to have sex with a cow as you can see here. I don't consider this porn and I never actually thought that cow was Stephanie Zvan or the dog Greg Laden. Obviously Adam Lee does think Stephanie Zvan is a cow. He is convinced I have proved myself a misogynist because I think it is funny to joke about making sex tapes of women I don't like. For the record I would joke about a man or a woman making sex tapes whether I liked them or not. I'm fair that way. But this isn't a sex tape it's a gif file of a dog attempting to gratify itself on a disinterested cow. I don't want to know what Adam Lee's collection of porn in his home looks like if this is an example of a sex tape to him.  
  Since Adam seemed so intent on dictating what terms I am allowed to use I figured I would take a look at his website and see exactly where this guy was coming from. The second post I read says this-
 Anyone who knows me, either in real life or through e-mail correspondence, should be well aware that I am a steadfast defender of freedom of speech. I consider it to be the most important right any democratic society can have; it is, in a sense, the right upon which all other rights depend. That is why I support only the minimum necessary restrictions on it, such as laws which ban harassment or incitation to criminal activity, and oppose all other restrictions on speech, however well-intentioned.
Really Adam? After reading that I can only assume Adam is full of shit any way you look at it. His whole displeasure of me calling Stephanie Zvan a bitch is just an attempt to win an argument and to get some needed attention drawn to himself. It's the only explanation that makes sense considering the weakness of his position. Adam go back to high school. You could learn a thing or two about maturity from those kids and while you are at it join the debating team you could use some instruction in that skill also. You are pathetic and inept.

Stephanie- The Queen Bitch Dick

Since there has been so much outcry among the FTB and A+ idiots about my calling Stephanie Zvan a bitch I am going to recant that statement. From this point on I will refer to Stephanie Zvan as a dick. Not dick as in penis, dick as in a huge jerk, a person who is unintelligent and annoying and treats other in a manner which is rude and/or condescending. In order to support my opinion I will offer the following statements from Stephanie Zvan..I mean dick

"Let’s put an end to this right now. It’s nice and all that you personally might think I’m handling this harassment well. Don’t ever fucking use me as your “proof” that someone else is doing it wrong."

"You are using me to make other harassed people feel and look worse. I did not ask for this. I will not stand for it. I would much rather adopt “bad” behavior myself than allow you to get away with that. I would rather stand in solidarity with them than judgment with you. Don’t make me do that.
Knock that shit off now."

"Don’t like the “personal” posts, the arguments between atheists? Go read something inspirational instead.
Consider yourself warned.
Justin, it’s time to knock this shit the fuck off.

I don’t care what you think about your opponent in an argument.
I don’t care what you think of Greg’s behavior, toward you or anyone else. You do not call harassment “an argument”. This is not argument."

 "Seriously, stop. You don’t have to like Greg. You don’t even have to acknowledge that you were begging for his forgiveness after you received the email you later called a threat. Just stop propping up people who are doing worse than he did to you because they’re doing it to him."

Regarding Justin Vacula and the SCA. Stephanie petitioned for Justin's removal. This is what first caused me to see Stephanie as a bitch (now upgraded to dick) Stephanie doesn't even live in PA and she has never met Justin. She acted on emotion and the need to bully pure and simple.
Stephanie writes-

 1. He has engaged in extreme behavior, including harassment, in opposing feminists within the secular movement which does not befit a leader and does not promote broad participation in the movement.

 2. He has, at the same time, minimized harassment as a problem within the movement and broader community.

 We believe it is inappropriate for such a representative to have unapologetically published on the site A Voice for Men, which describes itself: "AVfM regards feminists, manginas, white knights and other agents of misandry as a social malignancy. We do not consider them well intentioned or honest agents for their purported goals and extend to them no more courtesy or consideration than we would clansmen, skinheads, neo Nazis or other purveyors of hate." We further consider it inappropriate for Vacula to have used this site, monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, as a platform for attacking a fellow, feminist secularist.

 Not only has Vacula dismissed the harassment as unimportant, he has participated in it himself. He has participated very actively in the #FTBullies and #atheismplus campaigns, where anti-harassment and inclusion efforts are characterized as censorship, totalitarianism, dogmatism, group-think, and bullying (among the more polite terms). He has written blog posts on these topics that he promoted using those campaigns.

 He has been a regular commenter at what is now known as The Slyme Pit, a group dedicated to hatred of Rebecca Watson and anyone who is or is perceived to ally with her on matters of "radical" feminism. This group has produced threats requiring the attention of organizers of two different conferences and has been home to the cyberstalking Vacula defended as perfectly fine for "public figures". Vacula has participated in this group both before and after it was removed from National Geographic's ScienceBlogs website for violating nearly every provision of the site's code of conduct.

 In another, he reacted to the news that the #atheismplus campaign had triggered the chronic depression of Jennifer McCreight, causing her to stop her public activism. Jen is a blogger, speaker, and vice chair of the Secular Student Alliance board. Rather than noting that harassment that leads to results like this is bad for the movement he is trying to lead, he tweeted, "So, Jen’s allegedly finished blogging…and this time it’s not her boyfriend who kicked her off the internet." He did so using the #atheismplus tag, copying his contempt to the group that had been harassing McCreight.

She trashes Justin because he doesn't support feminism. One of Justin's blogs was posted on a men's rights website that isn't okay with Stephanie, I assume because she doesn't think men have rights. Stephanie also condemns Justin because he is a member of the Slymepit forum. She describes the forum as dedicated to hating Rebecca Watson which is a complete lie. She also claims the forum is responsible for threats. Stephanie couldn't prove any of this if her life depended on it. It is all bullshit. She then goes on to complain because Justin wasn't sad when Jen McCreight removed herself from blogging. News Flash- A collective sigh of relief went up when Jen said she was not going to blog anymore. Stephanie Zvan's  entire case against Justin Vacula was made up of honest mistakes by Justin, lies, emotion, and protecting her friends no matter what role they played in events. I know the mistakes made by Justin were not of malicious intent because I know Justin and I told him he needed to be more careful to not allow those things to happen again. Justin agreed and said those were not mistakes he would make in the future. Justin Vacula is an activist on line and in real life he is articulate and able to have a reasonable discussion without name calling and personal attacks. Many people see any criticism as a personal attack. Stephanie Zvan is one of those people. She is so stuck up she can't even see her own bias. She was just being vindictive towards Justin and that make her a bitch. Period.(at that time) In my opinion Stephanie is a bitch (now a dick) Anyone who wants to try and tell me I can't say so can suck it. This includes...


Ed Brayton the FTB owner and King Idiot

      You may be wondering why you haven't heard Ed's name from me before. That is because Ed really hasn't had much to do with the skepchick crap, PZ and his insane antics, or any of the other moronic loons telling lies and being self-righteous jerks on his little network. He owns Freethought blogs but I never held him responsible for what others were writing. He didn't seem to be very intelligent to allow something he had created be turned into a laughingstock but that was his business.
  It turns out that loudmouth Ed Brayton has fallen into and under control of PZ Myers. Ed yesterday publicly accused me of being sexist and claimed I called Stephanie Zvan a bitch (I did ) and a cunt ( I did not) He then went on to judge Al Sefanelli based on my alleged  behavior. I don't know why people like Ed Brayton insist on making others responsible for my actions but they really need to learn how the world works. Another lesson Ed and his merry band of morons would be better off knowing is how not to be a hypocrite. Over and over Freethought bloggers and A+ idiots have been crying and complaining about behavior they disapprove of when it is painfully easy to find public displays of them doing the same fucking things if not worse. PZ calling a volunteer up on stage only to treat her like a creepy drunk old man in a strip bar. "Hey honey if you wanna have some sex with me I ain't gonna stop ya" That is the same kinda shit PZ pulled on a stage, with an unsuspecting victim he hand picked. Or  complaining about Justin Vacula putting Surly Amy's address on the net (an accident) and then excusing Greg Laden for doing the same on purpose just because he was that hard up to try and get a win against superior wit. Let's not forget Surly Amy posting the link to Justin's posting on the net only making what she thought was bad, worse.  I hate to see what would happen if someone posted naked pics of Surly Amy on the net she would be posting the link all over the place and saying " Look at these naked pics of me. Some jerk has been posting them all over the net. Make sure you share this link so people know what a jerk that guy is. He is trying to allow everyone to see me naked OMFG!"
 It's this same story over and over. Canuck, acting like he knows anything about social interaction when it's obvious he is not capable of getting his thoughts across using the spoken word. At parties he must hand out a paper introducing himself so he doesn't get it all screwed up. When he tries to be part of a conversation he has to run to the printer and get a copy of his blogged reply when asked a question. Even then you can understand what the fuck he is trying to say only about 10% of the time.
  And that dick Stephanie Zvan bragging about being called a bitch and unfairly judging people. Stephanie is so oblivious to other people's perceptions of her it almost brings a tear to my eye. She writes about how no one is a challenge to her  superior intellect while she gets hers ass handed to her in the world outside of FTB. Stephanie just doesn't step out of the golden bubble she lives in, if she did she would be as embarrassed as we have been for her all this time. If ignorance is bliss Stephanie Zvan is multi-orgasmic, lucky her.
  I will give Ed credit for one point. Like I mentioned earlier I shouldn't have called Stephanie Zvan a bitch so now I consider her a dick. As it turns out Ed Brayton is the bitch in this sad display of rampant stupidity. I had made it a point up until now to mention that not all FTB bloggers were a part of this gang of idiots and I still believe  most are not falling into the abyss of hypocrisy and denial but Ed has made it clear what the position of FTB is so those people who disagree with his libelous declarations and his defending all the behavior that has caused such a deep divide among skeptics and atheists may want to find a new home for their blogs unless they don't mind being directly associated with the owner and his opinions.  Ed has made it clear he is not neutral in this, he sides with liars and narcissists, lunatics, and whiners. 
 If Ed thinks anyone on the side of truth and reason is going to give up and allow his gang of disinformation warriors run around unchecked he has been smoking too much weed. That is not going to happen. I will however take my gloves off. If he didn't like me before he knew me then he really isn't gonna like me as he gets to know me now that he has been talking shit about me in public. Ed you don't like me? I don't give a shit

Monday, December 24, 2012

Greg Laden- Acting Out In Public-x2 updated


    Some of you may  have heard me talk about Greg Laden on ReapSowRadio.
     Greg was invited to come on the show because it is pretty well known that Greg was being a dick on several levels. Al Stefanelli had the impression Greg might be an okay guy. I thought maybe I had jumped to my conclusions about Greg too quickly and proceeded to invite Greg to come on ReapSowRadio and clear the air with anyone who misunderstood his actions or to address any way in which he may have been misrepresented by others. After about 3-4 twitter exchanges Greg said to me " I don't know what we would talk about" and blocked me on twitter. In my experiance there are only a few reasons Greg would refuse to discuss the issues he has been involved in. One reason could be that Greg can't and doesn't want to try and explain what he has been up to because the end result would leave him looking foolish. Another reason could be that Greg Laden is actually a 13 year old girl who has been acting like a 50+ year old jerk-face online as part of a school project called "A Guy Named Greg Laden- What a jerk"

 Greg recently made public some personal information about someone he didn't like on the internet. Greg was consistantly losing any battle he had with this individual especially if it involved wit.
  This is not the first instance of  Greg attempting to effect someone's real-life by dragging an internet exchange into the public view with the intention of quieting the opposition or extracting revenge on those who beat him down with wit and facts.
 Greg has also been known to make physical threats towards other he has disagreed with showing that violence is the first option for idiots and usually the last for the intelligent. Greg has managed to back up his threats by saying-

Greg Laden- Fights off threats with head
     "It is just that I am a very large, muscular man with martial arts training who never goes anywhere without my pit bull, and I always carry a gun. I am also famous for kicking ass, generally. Nobody will attack me. Also, even though men are in fact raped now and then (I myself was sexually assaulted a couple times as a teenager, by women)"


    Greg may or may not be serious about the martial arts, pitbull, and gun.  The teenage assault?  Wet dreams. The shit Greg does bothers me. As some of you may know this is the exact type of behavior that compelled me to start getting involved online doing something besides reading and clicking. It's the reason I started blogging and doing the radio show. I have seen what posting private information with home address, workplace, relatives can do. It can spiral out of control quite quickly. Lives can be ruined over something that otherwise would have faded away and never done any harm to anyone, or for what was an innocent act misinterpeted and twisted until it was as ugly as could be imagined. Greg Laden is a couple of things that I dislike. He is constantly fucking something up. Whether it be posting someone's old address from 10 years ago instead of their current,  or by writing a blog about science and the most often used phrase is  "hard to say". Greg still thinks he is smart despite the fact he isn't  or he is hiding it very well. Greg is also a bully, maybe he is bitter about the sinister way male pattern baldness took away the edge he had with women (like when he was a teen) or maybe he has always been the type to spend summer smashing as many bugs as possible with his finger, whatever the reason he seems to enjoy trying to boss people around and be a dick.
  So instead of allowing Greg to go on unchecked I figured I would send him a message. The chickenshit has me blocked on twitter cause I guess honest questions  are a threat to his online security. I hit him up on google+ instead. Here is the result-

To Greg Laden @Greg Laden
On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 7:38 PM, Reap Paden wrote:

> You think its smart/cool to post private info on people? This is the second

> time I've heard about you doing this. I think it would be ironic if someone

> started to effect your real life as a result of your online antics. You are

> like a guy who wears a chicken suit over a clown costume. No wonder you

> don't want to come on my show, you are an idiot you wouldn't last 2 fucking

> minutes. Might wanna block me here too for all the good it will do ya.

From Greg Laden
Yesterday 6:28 PM - Public

Public response to an unsolicited and rather distasteful email I received:

Dear +Reap Paden ,

I don't know who you are but I'm guessing you are the Angry Atheist. Is that the case?

You probably can't see my facebook page because I am selective about who I keep as "friends" in that context, but I explained something there that might answer your questions. Despite tweets by your lovely friends to the contrary, nothing I posted was not in general circulation on the internet, and nothing I posted was something looked up. Rather, a mutual friend of Mykeru sent all that stuff to me (and much more) and sent the same info to several other people at the same time. I simply found it convenient at this time to poke the hornets nest because I wanted to test a Twitter filtering system real time. Abbie's children were happy to oblige.

I am writing (in my spare moments so this may take a bit of time) a blog post describing and documenting the exact circumstances and events related to Abbie Smith .. regarding National Geographic's Scienceblogs and her academic department. I am growing tired of you and your friends falsely accusing me, for your own amusement, of "stalking a woman in real life." If that accusation continues, I'll post the details of that series of events you mislabel as stalking. Abbie will not be happy with that. She acted in an unbelievably unprofessional manner which truly brought into question her fitness as a member of the academic community. I have not posted those details because I know they will hurt her. But, I also know that you and your buddies take your marching orders from her. If you really are her friends and defenders, you might check with her to see if she wants that to happen. Then, as per usual, follow her orders.

Thanks for admitting that the reason you wanted me on your show was to see if I would last two minutes. I knew you were lying. Also, I appreciate you putting these threats down on paper.

And my reply to Greg's public reply-

Oh Greggy you are butt-hurt? I'm sorry but some people don't just sit on their hands while idiots attempt to rule. I attempted to get your side of things thinking maybe all the bad shit I had heard was just gossip overblown as is often the case. Even offered for you to come on my radio show and in public explain any misunderstanding or maybe just to stand up for your actions and tell everyone why you have acted in a certain way. As for Abbie I have no knowledge of that exchange so any assumptions you have made about my behavior stemming from that are incorrect.

What I do have a problem with is this- All of the information you can access publicly on the web is in "general circulation on the internet" the problem being when you associate that general information with a specific person, place, or thing it is no longer general. The information is then specific about that person, place or thing, you have made the private relationship between the two public when it is irresponsible(at least) to do so. From my dealings with you so far I will assume you are too dense to understand this concept without it being explained to you, probably more than once.

Your pathetic attempt to release yourself from any accusation of wrong doing doesn't fly.

I'm not sure what your point is in posting a public reply, seems kinda dramatic and needy but if that's the way you like to play it so be it. It is ironic that you would attempt to call me on threats when you have made threats of physical violence to specific people in the past. Since you obviously don't know me allow me to explain something to you Greg. I don't take orders from anyone except me. I act on my own accord and I speak/act on behalf of no one except me. Any issues we have are between us, no one else. I don't give a fuck about your need for high school drama or attention and I don't give a fuck if you post public replies to me everyday all day long. If you continue to behave in ways that are irresponsible and/or could cause harm to others or to make the private relationships between people and "generally known" information public then there will be a problem with that.

You seem to think you are somehow a bit above others. Why you would think this is a mystery. There is certainly no evidence of you displaying even a basic level of intellect in most instances where I have witnessed you posting on the net. In one case I saw you threaten to censor someone on a third parties wall. You can't even seem to figure out how facebook works. Despite these shortcomings I will assume you can understand the points I've made here and act accordingly and I will respond in kind. For the record you are still invited to discuss anything you wish or inform me about anything I may have incorrect. Keep in mind if you insist on acting like a fool you will only last two minutes (as I explained to you in my original message. Sorry you couldn't grasp my point. Next time I'll include a diagram for reference) as long as you can interact like a reasonable person then I am happy to listen whether we agree or not. There is no need for you to be frightened.

There, now you are all up to date  about what kind of dickhead Greg Laden is being as of the date of this blog post.  I have a feeling you will be reading about him again here real soon. He seems to be a slow learner. Time will tell.


Well it hasn't even been a full day since the original post was published and  it has come to light that Greg Laden has been acting like a bigger dick than I had originally stated. My apologies for the mistake.
 I present..... Exhibit A

  So here you see Greg telling Al Stefanelli to screw off. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post Al had Greg's back on ReapSowRadio #35.
Despite that, Greg no longer wants to associate with Al. I would like to take this time to publicly apologize to my close friend and co-host Al Stefanelli for the bullshit he has thrown at him simply because he is my friend. First PZ Myers discounts all the work Al contributed to Freethoughtblogs and instead, as a farewell post, PZ makes it a point to accuse me of being a racist.  No big surprise really considering PZ has less social skills than a bag of pretzels.  Then Ophelia jumps on in a cat food fueled ramble claiming that Al should be judged by who he is associated with. It should be noted that at the same time Ophelia was also saying that each blogger at Freethoughtblogs was independent and could not be judged by the other bloggers actions.
  Now we have Greg "huh? what? duh" Laden doing that same thing. Greg imitates his role models. Just like the child of some dysfunctional parents or a teenaged Justin Bieber fan in his dressing room after the show doing what was told. It's sad to watch but can anyone really be that surprised. Look at the lack of taste they had in the first place. 
  Al Stefanelli has posted a video addressing Greg and some of the other madness that has griped some of the more simple-minded public figures from Freethoughtblogs, Skepchick, and A+. It has also spread to the nodding heads you can find in the comment sections of their blogs/forums.
I think if you consider the points made here you will find yourself with yet another example of the mental illness that has infected a section of the atheist/skeptical population.
 If Greg still doesn't get it then I will be sure to let you know, we gotta keep an eye on these people, they might hurt themselves and then who would we laugh at?
  All you sane skeptics/atheist who have a sense of humor feel free to read, learn, laugh, and sometimes cry at the Slymepit forum. It's the answer to all the made up drama, rhetoric, and incorrect information provided by PZ Myers, Lousy Canuck, Stephanie Zvan, Ophelia Benson and the other socially stunted dictator types that need to learn to play with others.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

PZ and his Dungeon

 PZ Myers added me to his 'dungeon' today. I knew it was bound to happen because I won't sit around and watch as him and his pitchfork brigade run rampant. I think it's bullshit and very pathetic on PZ's part the way he has been treating people who could have been his allies. He is passing judgement on people that he doesn't even know, won't listen to, can't understand, or just can't be bothered with.
  I realize it's his blog and he can do what he wishes with it but what he does with it and how he deals with comments still speaks as to his motives and/or ability to be reasonable and mature.

 One guy who goes by the name brownian (Ian Brown) is a regular on PZ's blog. Ian has said that he is known as an 'internet smartass'. I  don't know who told him he had anything to do with the word smart but Ian does not bring the word to mind in any form. Ian's contribution to skeptical thinking  is, as far as I can tell, making lame negative comments on comments other people have made on PZ's blog and generally being a moron. Ian isn't the usual moron he is one of those morons who thinks he is intelligent. It's not clear why Ian thinks this maybe his mother told him so because the kids at school made fun at him for eating paste or maybe it's just what happens when someone is too stupid to realize they are a dummy.

 Ian had claimed that there are no jobs a woman could be better suited for than a man and vice versa.  He had not done so in a mature, polite or reasonable way. He did not support his position, he just blurted it out while calling another commenter an idiot. The woman who made the original comment was not an idiot. Ian was just exercising his ability to lower a person's IQ simply by allowing them to read the result of his keystrokes.
  I had dealt with Ian before on the blog of my good friend and supporter Ophelia Benson. He was spouting off about me being an idiot because I was astonished he had actually said something smart. (it was a fluke)
 I had also listened to Ian in a google hangout with Rebecca Watson and PZ Myers along with some other people who were all telling the public how great atheism plus was. ( as it turns's not great)
 In the google hangout you can see Ian can't manage to comb his hair much less contribute anything useful unless the story of a blog groupie is what you consider interesting.What is interesting is that Ian Brown has actually given some thought as to the value of his input on PZ's blog ( that would be equal to 0) Ian also shares the heartwarming story of how A+ saved him from leaving atheism/skepticism (lucky us...)
 Ian has his head shoved up PZ Myer's ass so far you can see the top of his head whenever PZ opens his mouth. When I informed Ian he had the same amount of wit found in a dead tree stump that was the part PZ means when he says "complaining about the commenters". Yes I was complaining brownian was being a stupid dick and his dickness was stemming from an incorrect claim.
  One interesting thing about the Pharyngula blog is the way its owner has taken a stand and often refuses to consider any opposing opinion. The other thing which I have mentioned before is the way PZ uses his blog to trash the reputations of others when he doesn't know the facts. He has done this on numerous occasions and he appears to simply not give a shit about what damage he could be doing to that person. Even if it has a minimal negative effect it is wrong because PZ has no right whatsoever to tarnish anyone's reputation because he believes gossip is truth.
 PZ Myers thinks he is above showing any consideration for people he doesn't like. It sounds like an ego thing. PZ also says he is an atheist, since that is true then why does he describe the control of his blog in these terms...
"There is only one guy in charge. I, PZ Myers, am the absolute despot in charge of the comments section. I can shut you out, I can delete your comments, I can disemvowel them if I please. Get it out of your head that I am a benevolent dictator; the only thing saving your ass is that I’m an incredibly lazy dictator. Your best strategy for continuing your posting privileges is to avoid rousing my attention.

Do not cross me on matters of site management. Do not argue with me. Do not tell me who to ban or who not to ban. I am cruel and pitiless. I will laugh at your feeble protestations. If you have a concern that I have abused my power, send me a personal email for consideration of your complaint. I will think about it.

 Does anyone else see the way PZ portrays himself as a sort of 'god of the bible' type? Speaking of god, someone posted a link to a blog by a Christian about PZ. It turns out that people on all sides are taking notice of his antics. It's a toss up who is being more of a jackass, commenters like brownian or PZ himself.
 PZ Myers is no longer someone atheists/skeptics can look towards as someone who can be respected, he has become an embarrassment. He is a public figure who truly makes atheists and skeptics look like idiots who can't apply reason anymore than fundamentalists. Usually when someone tries to compare outspoken atheists to fundamental preachers I will make this point- One side is dealing with reality. In the case of PZ Myers and the idiotic loons who are following his unreasonable lead, they are peddling fantastic beliefs that are rarely accurate. Not only that they are making it look like a large number of atheists/skeptics are potential rapists, sexist, racist, misogynists, or gender-traitors.
  I encourage people to go to PZ Myers blog and voice your concerns over his behavior. Let's fill the dungeon with reasonable people and protest improper behavior. If you think I am telling lies because I am simply pissed off about being put in the dungeon then read some of the other accounts being posted about the same things I am talking about here. We need to do something about this behavior it has gone on long enough. The damage PZ and his horde of inept locus have done can't be undone easily if ever but we can work to stop it from going any further. It's almost as if we have been set up by PZ. He is one of the people who can do major damage to progress that has been achieved, he has done damage already.
 Brownian if you read this-Quit behaving in ways that will make you ashamed later should you ever come to your senses. You are a sad man who contributes nothing and knows it. You have already convinced many people you are socially retarded even if you don't realize it. Go start your own blog instead and let us all know how well it goes I'd love to see it. If you ever muster up the courage I'd be happy to have a person to person discussion with you about any of the subjects we have disagreed on it would be my pleasure.

Here are links to posts by others supporting what you have read here I encourage you to look into this yourself don't take my word for it, after all, I'm just a rambling asshole.Right PZ?


 Rebecca Watson Lies Again & PZ Swallows It Whole

 Atheist Opposition to PZ Myers

 Rebecca Watson (The Skepchick): a liar?

 A+ part 2: Pontiff Myers and the Chalice of Poisonous Drivel

 Justin Vacula's Blog 

  If you need more just google "pz myers is a dick" you don't just get crying and whining you get real accounts of PZ Myers being a prick and acting like a schoolyard bully. His actions are dangerous and harmful. PZ if you read this please- Shut the fuck up already.You've undermined everything you ever achieved as it is.