Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I remember when I was a kid. My dad made popcorn almost every night, it was almost a religious ritual. We always had our own small bowls and we would watch and laugh as my dad teased the dog throwing popcorn and making the dog sit up on hind legs for a piece. After my dad finished his popcorn he would drift off to sleep. As he did one of his crossed feet would move back and forth growing slower as he drifted off. Once the back and forth movement stopped then my little sister and I could get to work.
Sometimes we would sneak up and steal a house shoe or maybe a sneak around to his side table and quickly grab a lighter trying not to giggle to loudly at our grand heist. Very often my dad had us fooled and would suddenly grab us, pulling us up onto his recliner and tickling us until we begged for mercy, apologizing profusely and promising never to make him our intended victim again.
My sister and I were trouble X2 there is no disputing that. My father was tolerance X10. There were very few times he actually grew angry at us, and I remember several times he would warn us, with his eyes closed about the tickling punishment that was to come. I remember my dad walking into the room and asking if we wanted to play "tree" and we said "oh OK!" he would say "chop, chop, chop" standing completely still with a slight grin on his face and then "falling" on us to give the well known tickle torture, or tapping his index finger on my chest until I begged for the tree to fall on my little sister instead of me giggling all the time.
As we grew older our thoughts were not so innocent. We tested my fathers patience and a for that I am truly sorry because it was wrong. If my father reads this he may find it funny, I am in his shoes now.
My daughter and I have played the "tree" game and had many laughs doing it but as she has grown older the game has changed and it is more of a challenge. Don't get me wrong I know she is a great kid and will be loud and mouthy, just like I am when is is needed. She also has showed she will speak out when she sees someone doing harm to another (that is another story I will tell you later) but she also pushes the limits of my patience at times on purpose. My problem is I cannot fault her because it seems to run in the family.
Don't worry Dad, I am paying for my actions! What goes around does come around.......and still I giggle.

I am going to Hell

I was told I was damned to hell today by a member of my family. I am not that worried about going to hell what worries me more is the reasons given for my trip to the devils door. Does God really need me to go to church every Sunday? Should I take a book of 2000 year old stories and use it to live my life by? Should I take those lessons literally? Should I follow another persons thinking on how those lessons apply to modern times, or should I apply my own translations to fit my life?

Should I follow a creator who demands I worship him even though the mind and body he/it/her gave me does not feel that is what it should do? I wont do any of those things. I will continue to do the best I can to be fair, it wont always work and I will make some mistakes but I will try to learn from them. I will have compassion for others and I will speak out against actions which I think are wrong. I will keep an open mind to the thoughts/feelings of others. I will be thankful for the time I have on earth and I will not live my life based on reasoning which has its roots in the phrase "just because"

If that results in my going to hell than so be it at least I will be in good company.

Monday, March 29, 2010

God's Plan

The Jehovah Witnesses come by my house once in a while. To be honest I don't mind it. They were a couple of older ladies who were a bit taken aback by my tattoos and bald head at first but after a friendly welcome from me (which they probably are not used to) the conversation started.

The best thing about these two ladies was the way they were not afraid to say "I don't know" when I asked them the tough questions. Such as, why is beer okay but weed is not? They tried to tell me drinking beer was natural because the ingredients it was made from were created by God which I of course countered making the point marijuana was also created by God and didn't even have to be "made" by people so it was even more pure than beer, if we were to use their reasoning. After that point they told me they had not considered it that way before and assured me it was something they would ask their pastor about.

Don't get me wrong, the conversation was respectful and these two ladies both had a wonderful sense of humor. We laughed as we realized that the "other side" was not so bad after all. As we progressed they did start to quote scripture which has always annoyed me a bit, because I know the facts about the translation of the bible which I wont go into here other than to suggest you google "King James" and learn how than't whole deal works.

After a couple of scriptures I brought up one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to belief in God. The suffering of innocent people needlessly. I have heard it explained as "Gods plan". I wonder what kind of "plan" God could possibly have to cause people to suffer the way they often do. Another argument I often hear on this is you can't not have happiness without sadness or good without evil.

Even if that was true why would God need to cause the suffering of innocent children? Isn't there enough sadness and evil without putting it upon babies and children? After making this point I had left my new friends at a point to which they had very little to say in answer. I actually felt kind of bad for them. I felt like a pair of headlights which had come up a pair of deer.

Realizing this I gave them a smile and a bit of a laugh and told them how much I had enjoyed our conversation. They snapped out of the daze and thanked me back. I informed them they were more than welcome to come back anytime to chat some more and wished them a wonderful day.

I have not seen them again in sometime, I figure is is probably just part of "Gods plan".

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Atheism Attacked

Some lady got pissed off because a friend was promoting "A" week too close to Easter. I had a problem with that because "A" week has nothing to do in any way with the Easter Holiday, it does not attack the holiday, it does not represent any type of hate towards Jesus.

To be blunt.....I am sick to death of people who expect me to have respect for their beliefs while mine or lack of can be pushed aside without thought or consideration. I have never been very religious. I watched the 700 club with my grandma when I was a kid. I attended church a couple of times but the whole "Jesus loves you" thing never went over well with me.

As I have lived my life reading and learning, and hearing about the suffering of the innocent my doubts in the beliefs of organized religion have grown stronger. It has been what feels like a natural progression in my mind set, learning about science, watching friends die before their time should be through and having a son born disabled.

I have written about my son before, a handsome boy who laughs easily and can do no harm to anyone on purpose. Happy in his world yet as a father I know what could have been, it would be nice to see him run and play on his way to enjoying the world and learning about why he is here, passing the knowledge along as he goes. That will not happen and though it gives me comfort that my son is happy in his world it also gives me one more reason to think there is no divine power that cares about how these things play out.

This brings me to the fact that many are not so lucky, needless suffering goes on even as I write this. People are destroyed each second as life throws despair at them. The needless suffering of the innocent is the one most obvious indication that the "God" the bible describes does not exist. If anyone has issue with that then I would suggest you disconnect your self from me and not judge me for my view of what I have learned as I go through my life because it is not in anyone's best interest to waste time wasting time on intolerance.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The News 3

Well McCain and Palin had a rally yesterday....biggest problem McClain had was no one came to see him, in fact most of the people who support Palin don't like McClain. luckily Sara Palin is too damn dumb to figure this out which could result in her popularity decline, we can only hope.....

The local auto plant (NUMI) I talked about in my last news report, you know the one offering severance packages of $50,000+ to the workers losing their jobs?
Well now Toyota and GM are not stepping up to clean up the land for safe use after they are gone.
Decades of manufacturing autos has done some serious damage to the land. I wonder if anyone will realize now is the time to come down on both Toyota and GM rather than leave it to a non-profit environmental group. We should be looking to the governor to try being a real-life hero and address this issue now before those responsible leave town.

Driving down the freeway today, I saw a pick-up truck with a sign proclaiming our only hope, as Americans was for Obama to fail. rush Limbaugh be damned I will never understand why anyone would want the leader of the nation to fail while proclaiming their love for the country. it is just another one of the points of view i don't want to understand because to relate to that type of mindset would disturb me greatly.

Sandra Cantu, age 8 at the time of her murder is obviously still missed. on the 1 year anniversary of her disappearance and murder i am taking a minute to think about how she was kidnapped, raped, murdered, stuffed in a suitcase, and dumped in a pond by a woman who lived a couple doors down from her.
The woman was also a Catholic Sunday School teacher. i would be stupid to lay any blame on the Catholic religion for Sandra's death but it gives me one more reason to think about my own religious beliefs and feel even more secure in the way I want nothing to do with the god of organized religion.

To wrap up today's news, it has been 1 week since my birthday and I feel just fine. The sun is out today and I am sitting in the sun....Oh, and now would be a good time to hug your kids in case you didn't get the point of my last story.
Stay tuned....more news will be coming up, much to our dismay...................

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The News 2

In today's news....
A Santa Clara supervisor is looking to clamp down on the toys offered in kids meals. Seems a bit silly to me, I mean it's not like the toys are making kids obese, it's the food. A Star Wars action figure is not making Johnny or Mary fat. The choices parents are making on their kids behalf is the problem. The fast food chains have done a decent job offering somewhat healthy choices in their kids meals. The bottom line is companies will sell us what we will buy. If people want to buy chicken nuggets and double cheeseburgers for their kids, that is the issue. How hard is it to make a damn sandwich and place a banana on a plate or even cut up a piece of fruit?
Seems like another politician who wants to make it look like he is doing some good by attacking an item associated with a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

Of course the health care bill has been passed and signed. No matter which side you fall on you will have to agree, it is a change. What we were doing was not working, to say the least. Any change, in my opinion, is a move forward.
Will it work? Well no one knows yet, but one of the problems this country has is we expect perfect legislation the first time, just like we expect instant results to recover from years of bad leadership. It is like expecting a drug user to quit cold turkey, that seldom happens. It starts with knowing change must occur, then trying and modifying behaviors as you go, keeping what works and discarding what does not.
Doing this will result in healthy change if you keep working at it. I'm not going to say that the health care reform bill is perfect because it is not but I breathe a sigh of relief at it passing because what we doing with health care was just sick.
And to wrap up the news..My daughter is doing well in school and my son's baseball games are going just fine. There is never a losing team at his games.. More on this in the sports segment...coming up.....

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am sitting around relaxing at one of my favorite places to.........well, hang out! It is my birthday so I suppose a few moments of reflection on things and a look forward are required. Like I have said before this birthday does not bother me much. So many friends have wished me happy birthday it forces me to look at what I have done and the friends I have made along my road in life. It is good to know you effect things and even though it does not show my humble side I have managed to effect change. I think the best part of all my blabbing on my radio shows and pecking at this damn keyboard is the ability to make people consider things they otherwise would not.

I live with myself all the time and what I think seems obvious to me which sometimes keeps me from talking or writing about it. After all who wants the obvious to be pointed out to them? I have learned over time that some of what I think is obvious is not to others. One of the greatest compliments I think a writer can get is when someone says "I never thought of it that way, very interesting!" Yet, I still struggle with the thought that what my thoughts are will be the thought of others, I guess we all do.

On another note, all of my closest family has wished me a happy birthday today which has not happened in quite some time. Getting to watch my son play baseball and running the bases with him (not to mention the awesome underdog shirt, thanks Christopher!) was great of course. My Dad emailed me, my daughter called me and so did my Mom (miracles do happen). I am now hanging (like I said) with my best friend as we pass the time waiting for ourselves to decide where to have dinner.

Now for the future part......This is a bit trickier. I'll keep working my real life job (yes, I have one). I will keep doing my radio show, and I will keep writing about what may be obvious to me. In other words I will keep on chugging along like we all do, making new friends along the way.......was that obvious?

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Speck

It is my birthday. This year bothers me much less then the last for some reason. Maybe it is because I have gone past that big bad number 40 which has been taboo since I was a kid.
As I sit and smoke a cig I can look to the distance and see the sun slowly setting on the horizon. In the same view i can watch as the cars go by and the people walk by. It really is a strange life we lead, so caught up in ourselves and our little self-made worlds that we never realize how small we really are. We just go along thinking we are the be all end all of existence when we are not even a speck upon the universe. I think I will spend this birthday thanking god, or whoever for making me able to realize how small I am and knowing enough to appreciate who I am nonetheless.....


I am sitting outside with my girl and my beer at my side. I have got to love where I live. The people are diverse and the attitudes, for the most part, are tolerant. It never snows and there are plenty of people to watch.
As I sit here I overhear a couple as the overweight male gets a regular soda the female with him asks "Why does the girl always get the diet soda?" as they switch drinks...ha ha.
Hold on as I get another beer please....
Ok back.
People watching has always been one of my favorite things to do.
Whether I am sitting at a sidewalk cafe or at work in San Jose the watching of people is a grand thing.
Sometimes I will watch as people don't, too involved in their own conversation to ever stop and see how others act and interact with the world we share.
I think the watching of people has helped me to understand how people think, and although I will never understand them all at least I am please.....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The News

And now for the news....
the Catholics are blaming their latest troubles they are having on the devil. While they won't go so far as to say the religious leaders who have been caught up in the pedophile charges have been possessed by demons, they do blame the sickening behavior on "the temptations of Satan" As silly as this seems it is also an indication of just how hard up the church is to lay the blame elsewhere rather than where it belongs. It belongs on the shoulders of the people guilty of such actions and on the heads of the Catholic church who have done nothing to solve the problem except den, hide, and conjure up demons to protect their own....

a local automaker is closing it's doors soon here where I live. It is called NUMI and it is a product of Toyota and GM joining together. The current economic climate has brought the closing of this plant.
The workers of the plant are, of course, not happy about the closing, can't blame them really.
In the news today there is an announcement of the severance package offered by Toyota and GM.... The average amount each worker will receive is $54,000. The workers are still not happy.
I can understand the anger over losing your job but people across the country have been losing their jobs too and they sure as hell are not getting a severance package, unless you count a pink slip which is not worth much.
like I said the fact the jobs are being lost is really bad but at least they are getting a cushion, it's more than what most get. There is unemployment to consider too.
It could always be worse.....
And as my last news report....I have planted my garden. The corn and onions are coming up quite nicely...more at 11....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Robbie Thomas--The Liar

Well robbie is at it again, and again.
First a press release from robbie claims a hate group tried to pull an anthrax scare at his appearance in Sarnia. here is a blog written by sarniaskeptic about that farce.

Robbie Thomas is not a psychic and not a very good liar (Or: Anthrax Attacks & Hate Groups)
Robbie Thomas' clan is claiming that two respectable businessmen who handed out information regarding Robbie Thomas' failures and lies are part of a hate group. (Damn it, why can't I be part of a hate group? It sounds much more fun than doing good things for the sake of doing good things.)

Let me make this clear (especially if I'm part of this hate group and haven't received my membership card): I am not connected with the Caughlin family and, as far as I know, nobody else who contributes to this blog (or is actively trying to expose Robbie) is connected with them. The Caughlin family provided information to myself and others in an attempt to have Robbie stop using their family in his promotions and to help put a "face" on his disgusting acts. I support, fully, the Caughlin family in their attempts to bring a close to their unsolved case and the focus of my blog will remain on skepticism of all sorts. The fact that Robbie Thomas is a liar and a fraud is independent of (though additionally proven by) the Caughlin case.

Below is an excerpt from the Press Release that Robbie Thomas' friend/promoter/'talent manager', John Ramses, sent out: (Note: I removed the bullshit about Robbie and the Caughlin case as much as I could - the first part is left in as I countered the claim in the statement above). My comments are in blue.

Mr Thomas has been recently attacked by a local sarnia-based hate group who has connections in the Caughlin issue (Wrong.). Their web site attempts to defame and slander Mr Thomas (attempts? heck, we must try harder. Oh wait, telling the truth isn't slander - I guess we're not attempting anything of the sort.) in hope to discredit Mr Thomas in the public eye should he talk of his knowledge and participation in the Caughlin case (wrong again, we're hoping to discredit "Mr." Thomas whenever he claims to have psychic abilities. His claim to be involved in the Caughlin case, however, makes him a lying scumbag.).

The same hate-group recently disrupted a performance at the Imperial Theater in Sarnia (sorry, you are not permitted to redefine the word "disrupted", you idiot.), where Mr Thomas was performing a show, by harassing patrons (they handed out fliers to patrons, held the doors for patrons and even loaned one of the 'attendees' a lighter so she could light her cigarette - that's not harassment, that's courtesy - something that Robbie doesn't give.) and handing out white (they weren't white, I have one) sealed envelopes with orders (yeah, orders - the label says "Thank You & Enjoy The Show" and has a note to open when they get to their seats) not to open the envelopes until they were inside and seated.

Many patrons left the venue (none left, so the next part of the line is bullshit) fearing a possible anthrax attack (really? Robbie Thomas & John Ramses are such f__king scumbags that they'd suggest that people who are against psychic frauds would try to kill innocent and trusting people who happen to believe that Robbie Thomas isn't lying?). Of those who remained to see the show, only 40 made it inside (this doesn't make any sense - either they made it inside and then left the show or they didn't make it inside the show - the answer is far less crazy than John and Robbie will have you think. Robbie sold fewer than 40 tickets prior to the doors opening - that means that there would be fewer than 40 people attending the show, which, from what I'm told, was the case.) before the theater manager shut and locked the doors fearing for the safety of his crew and patrons. (I'd suggest that if the manager shut and locked the doors for any fear it was because John Ramses or Robbie Thomas LIED to the theater manager about what might happen. I doubt that I'd be the first to suggest that Robbie Thomas would go so far as to lie. I've met everyone who was involved in the 'information session' and I can, confidently, say that they posed no threat and the people working the theater had no reason for worry UNLESS they were lied to about the situation.)

Police were called to the scene but according to Mr Thomas' manager, John Ramses, who spoke to the Sarnia police of the incident, no one was arrested (because no crime was committed) and the contents of the envelope were not investigated (Somebody is lying - if a videotape shows the police officer opening the envelope and apparently reading the information inside would Robbie Thomas' crew be lying? Just curious.).

Mr Ramses, who is an Australian resident and both promoter and talent manager for Robbie Thomas, is currently seeking legal action against the Sarnia based hate group on several accounts. (Are you serious? If I couldn't verify the press release to be authentic, I'd be calling "bullshit" on this one. If this is supposed to be serious, let me apologize now for this: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Robbie and John should be a comedy duo. That's frickin' funny - I don't care who you are.)

Here it is again, without my in-line comments:
Mr Thomas has been recently attacked by a local sarnia-based hate group who has connections in the Caughlin issue. Their web site attempts to defame and slander Mr Thomas in hope to discredit Mr Thomas in the public eye should he talk of his knowledge and participation in the Caughlin case.

The same hate-group recently disrupted a performance at the Imperial Theater in Sarnia, where Mr Thomas was performing a show, by harassing patrons and handing out white sealed envelopes with orders not to open the envelopes until they were inside and seated.

Many patrons left the venue fearing a possible anthrax attack. Of those who remained to see the show, only 40 made it inside before the theater manager shut and locked the doors fearing for the safety of his crew and patrons.

Police were called to the scene but according to Mr Thomas' manager, John Ramses, who spoke to the Sarnia police of the incident, no one was arrested and the contents of the envelope were not investigated.

Mr Ramses, who is an Australian resident and both promoter and talent manager for Robbie Thomas, is currently seeking legal action against the Sarnia based hate group on several accounts.

(Sent March 11, 2010 by John Ramses

If you want the original press release, email me at It is a mish-mash of hardly cohesive statements filled with falsities and lies (as you can see above). It misrepresents the truth and furthers Robbie Thomas' attempt to suggest involvement in the resolution of a crime that (to this day) remains unsolved. Robbie truly is that big of a slimeball. Oh.. and he's not psychic either. His solved cases counter remains at 0 (zero, zilch).

Now it has been announced that robbie has canceled his San Francisco and Colorado Springs appearances because of a 'family illness'. I certainly do not wish any ill will towards robbie's family, they suffer enough being in his presence, of that I am sure.
i also am very saddened that robbie will miss the chance to 'meet up with me' as he has threatened to do so many times.
Now for dick move #2 from robbie. here is an article which makes his level of compassion and intelligence quite clear i think......

This is from The Observer in Canada

A self-styled psychic criminal profiler has apologized for critical comments he made about the sister of Karen Caughlin amid withering criticism from the slain Sarnia teen's family.

Robbie Thomas, who also lives in Sarnia, said this week on an Internet radio show that one of Caughlin's sisters -- who's made numerous appeals for help solving the 1974 homicide -- has "forgotten" about the case's importance.

Those comments came days after a Thomas show at Sarnia's Imperial Theatre, where he says he steered clear of mentioning the Caughlin case at the family's urging.

"Karen's not a statistic, she's not a case number, she's a person and people have forgotten that," Thomas told the All Souls Paranormal Radio Network in an interview e-mailed out by his management company.

"Even her family member has forgotten that and still insinuates that certain things shouldn't be said."

Contacted Friday, Thomas -- who says he regrets making the comment -- said he was referring to Kathy Caughlin, a sister of the victim who has criticized Thomas for mentioning the case in promoting his live shows.

His apology, however, got little traction with her Friday.

"I think that is the lowest thing somebody can say," Kathy Caughlin, reached at her Alberta home, said. "This is disrespect in the highest form. It just gets me so angry."

The unsolved slaying of 14-year-old Karen Caughlin will reach its 36th anniversary on Tuesday. Its receiving increased public interest amid a renewed effort by OPP investigators.

Though Thomas's websites make no mention of Caughlin, a cached version of a site linked to his management company says shows on his tour that starts this month will discuss "his involvement with such high-profile cases as . . . Karen Caughlin" and several others. It's unclear when the references were taken down.

The Caughlin sisters say they met with Thomas once, in 2005, but Kathy and her sister, MaryLou Schwemler, both say they didn't speak with him again.

Thomas says he means no harm to the Caughlin family and has no plans to discuss the case during his tour. When asked about the Wednesday radio interview, he said he was on the air to support a woman named Michelle, who also appeared on the show and claims to have witnessed the Caughlin slaying.

The Caughlin family members are familiar with her claims but are unfazed by them.

"You don't want to hurt nobody, you want to help," Thomas said Friday. "I don't mean (the Caughlins) no harm, we all want this solved, we all want to do this right."

Schwemler says she wants Thomas to stop talking about the case altogether.

Thomas is not unfamiliar with high-profile area crimes and not without supporters. He worked with the paternal relatives of Woodstock girl Victoria Stafford before her body was found and his efforts were praised by the girl's father's sister.

I do not know how much proof I need to present to make it clear what type of person we are dealing with when it comes to robbie thomas. There are still those who are critical of myself, Polly, Bishop Long, Frances Etienne, Sarniaskeptic and Bobby Zoeller. I mean Frances has told the story of how she was tricked by robbie thomas and ripped off by him. she has no reason to lie about the events which happened to her, if anything it has caused her much grief. Kudos to her for telling the truth and shame on those who have criticized her for it.
As for myself, Polly, Bobby, the Bishop, and Sarnia, we have presented facts, facts we can back up. The people who have been critical of us seem to have no interest in what those facts are, they just back up robbie 'just because' or because they call him 'friend' or have something to gain if robbie keeps doing his thing unchecked.
It is in no ones best interest to allow robbie to continue. In my opinion, he is a coward, a fake, a fraud, and a liar. I know these things from personal experience. If you want to deny the facts, I am sorry for your level of moral responsibility and lack of intellect......

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Music is a funny thing. I don't know how we evolved to play and appreciate it but we have, that can not be denied.
Even as small children we will start to bounce and wave our arms around, smiling to a catchy tune.
Before we can even talk, the music hits us in a way that we can not resist.
Some of my earliest memories can surface just by hearing a certain song. the power music has to effect us in so many ways is something I have always found interesting. Music can sooth you in times of stress, it can also send you to the depths of sadness as it reminds you of your lost love.
The simplest of songs on the playground can bring together a group of children and make a campfire seem that much warmer.
A mothers soothing voice, singing about things we know nothing about can drive away the monsters and provide a sense of warmth which lasts through the dark night.
Even as adults we start to sway and tap our feet to a tune that touches our spirit, never minding how we appear to others, the music has taken us over.
When I am in a good mood you can hear me singing in the rain as I shower, like a sick songbird, oblivious of the others I may be offending....after all music is what you make of it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Handi What???

When I was a kid my Dad and Mom had weekend season tickets to the Oakland A's games. I like baseball because it is a sport that takes it's time and I find it enjoyable to watch.I was never very good at it but that didn't stop me from playing in the street with my friends in my youth.
I went to my son's first baseball game today. To clear up a formality he has cerebral palsy...I was wondering how the event was going to roll out because he does not have the muscle control to hold a bat and swing at a ball he is also limited to a wheelchair. It was a great day for baseball though and Beth and I were happy to be able to attend the event. We greeted Christopher and his Mom (who is a great mom btw) and took our seats in the bleachers. One of the ladies who was running the event came up and asked if there were were any volunteers to be catcher....I sat up and told her I would do it....after being warned about random flying bats I took my place behind the plate setting the ball on the tee as needed and directing the kids what direction to run after the ball was knocked in some direction. As I handled (and dodged) the baseball bats and balls I had in the back of my mind people who make fun of the disabled...they are ignorant. These kids were having a great time and very aware of what they were doing. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the crowd was cheering and clapping, it was awesome.
There were no parents expecting any more from their kids than what they could naturally achieve. There was no yelling except in support. The best thing was there were no 'outs' every child got to base, every child got to run to home plate, and every child got to go to bat 2x. These kids were happy with who they were and what they could do...I think we could all learn a lesson from them....Some times I think it us, the people without disabilities who are really disabled at appreciating what we can we can do and what we have been given.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Inactive God

So I am watching the BBC news...They are covering the top news events and I hear more about wars, lots of wars. The reason for 90% of the wars covered in this days broadcast? Religion.......fights over whose god is the right one. People hacked and burned and shot over a god who allows this to go on in his name. Am I crazy to think it is all crazy? I know it's gone on for thousands of years and it will go on but I can not find any rational reason for it. I suppose I must put the mandatory disclaimer in about now to let people know I understand all religious people do not kill and maim in the name of their god. Some religious people do though, that is a fact. To kill babies, women, children, to take any life because people believe in a different god than you has got to be one of the most saddening and sickening things I have ever had to hear and see in my life. The most frustrating thing about it is my inability to stop it.......I wish the god these people believe so strongly in would lend a hand but that seems unlikely to ironic I guess he just watches much like I do to the BBC news. I wish he was just as sickened by the actions of those who claim to act in his name. What a grand plan he must have....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walk On

I do a few radio shows, and over the years I have dealt with many different individuals. The people I am currently dealing with are Knocker Lee and Todd Sheets. Knocker and I go back a while and we make a great team. Todd and I also go back a while but just recently started doing the radio thing together. I have said this before and will say it again. Todd is nothing less than a stand up guy. Todd is on top of things at Jackalope Radio. Many people have a problem with Reapsowradio, they call me an asshole and say I do nothing but destroy. Well to that I say Yes! I do destroy, at least I try to destroy ignorance. I always check my information to make sure it is accurate. I have heard Todd is catching some slack lately over several things. Here is my opinion on those issues.

1. People are mad about Reapsowradio on Jackalope Radio has a variety of shows on and that is what life should be about...variety! If people don't like my show, don't listen....It is that simple! Todd and I have spoken about it and he assures me Reapsowradio is going to stay part of the line up. Bless him for that! If anyone has an issue with my show, or its content, I would suggest they contact me and leave Todd alone.

2. Jackalope had an issue with their server going down. Anyone who wants to criticize Todd for a server going down in Germany needs to at least try learning about how the world works. Technology is grand but sometimes it fails. All mechanical things fail from time to time. Have any of the people who want to jump on Todd ever had a car breakdown? Has your washing machine ever stopped working? Has the power ever gone out at your home? The ignorance in blaming Todd for a hard drive failure across the Atlantic amazes me, in fact I would have to call it plain stupidity.

3. Jackalope stealing shows. Parachallenged radio was allegedly stolen from ASPRN. Kathy Barts has come out saying this is not true. My feelings on this are.....Kathy has the right to do with her show whatever the hell she likes. PERIOD!~

4. Some people expect something for nothing....and then some! Todd has gone out of his way for some people to help their shows get on the air, and succeed. He has shown this on many occasions with myself and others. The problem is when you do things for others just because you want to help often times those people start to take your help for granted and expect to keep giving. I have had this happen to me and to a certain level it is natural. I certainly don't expect a "thank you" every day but when people start to talk smack because the favors you have done do not meet up to their expectations then that is selfish and childish.

5. People going into the Jackalope chat and talking shit. This is low classed in and of itself but when you do it and the other party isn't even there to answer to your attack it is just chicken shit. If the people who were involved read this I would suggest you try to grow a spine and quit acting like scared little morons.

As I have said I have been doing radio for a while, and If you are new to it let me suggest you realize the fact you don't know it all, and like everyone else, you never will. Face it, and walk on.