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Step Right Up


Step Right Up

  Adam Lee @daylightatheism on twitter is the latest A+ idiot to accuse me of being a misogynist.Want to know why? Because I called Stephanie Zvan a bitch. Yes I did and I will continue to do so until she either stops being a bitch or I start to forget to do so.
 Adam Lee seems to think he can tell me how to express myself, to the point where he will decide what words I will use.  I have a very disappointing fact to share with Adam Lee.  That's not gonna happen in a million fucking years. There is nothing Adam can do that will stop me from saying whatever I choose in any way I choose as often as I choose wherever the fuck I choose.
 I already went through this crap with that moronic PZ Myers over Stephanie Zvan now this twit suddenly figures he has nothing better to do than create a personality for me that gives him an enemy to fight. It also provides him with a counter argument to Al Stefanelli while debating the feminism issue. The only reason I make for a good example is because Adam made up the specifics to suit his needs. After reading Adam's facebook  page it looks like to me he wants to become famous. His about me is a collection of things he thinks make him look important or cool. It has always been my belief such a display is a result of low self esteem. Here is some of the exchange I had with Adam. Keep in mind originally he had a problem with my use of the word "bitch" then moved on to accuse me of approving of sex tapes made about women I don't like......

And then we have Adam and Al Stefanelli on twitter. Adam is clearly being an idiot. He sounds like a small child telling his mother about something a sibling has done wrong in order to get some attention.

Porn? Only To Adam Lee

The "sex tape" Adam is referring to is a gif of a dog trying to have sex with a cow as you can see here. I don't consider this porn and I never actually thought that cow was Stephanie Zvan or the dog Greg Laden. Obviously Adam Lee does think Stephanie Zvan is a cow. He is convinced I have proved myself a misogynist because I think it is funny to joke about making sex tapes of women I don't like. For the record I would joke about a man or a woman making sex tapes whether I liked them or not. I'm fair that way. But this isn't a sex tape it's a gif file of a dog attempting to gratify itself on a disinterested cow. I don't want to know what Adam Lee's collection of porn in his home looks like if this is an example of a sex tape to him.  
  Since Adam seemed so intent on dictating what terms I am allowed to use I figured I would take a look at his website and see exactly where this guy was coming from. The second post I read says this-
 Anyone who knows me, either in real life or through e-mail correspondence, should be well aware that I am a steadfast defender of freedom of speech. I consider it to be the most important right any democratic society can have; it is, in a sense, the right upon which all other rights depend. That is why I support only the minimum necessary restrictions on it, such as laws which ban harassment or incitation to criminal activity, and oppose all other restrictions on speech, however well-intentioned.
Really Adam? After reading that I can only assume Adam is full of shit any way you look at it. His whole displeasure of me calling Stephanie Zvan a bitch is just an attempt to win an argument and to get some needed attention drawn to himself. It's the only explanation that makes sense considering the weakness of his position. Adam go back to high school. You could learn a thing or two about maturity from those kids and while you are at it join the debating team you could use some instruction in that skill also. You are pathetic and inept.

Stephanie- The Queen Bitch Dick

Since there has been so much outcry among the FTB and A+ idiots about my calling Stephanie Zvan a bitch I am going to recant that statement. From this point on I will refer to Stephanie Zvan as a dick. Not dick as in penis, dick as in a huge jerk, a person who is unintelligent and annoying and treats other in a manner which is rude and/or condescending. In order to support my opinion I will offer the following statements from Stephanie Zvan..I mean dick

"Let’s put an end to this right now. It’s nice and all that you personally might think I’m handling this harassment well. Don’t ever fucking use me as your “proof” that someone else is doing it wrong."

"You are using me to make other harassed people feel and look worse. I did not ask for this. I will not stand for it. I would much rather adopt “bad” behavior myself than allow you to get away with that. I would rather stand in solidarity with them than judgment with you. Don’t make me do that.
Knock that shit off now."

"Don’t like the “personal” posts, the arguments between atheists? Go read something inspirational instead.
Consider yourself warned.
Justin, it’s time to knock this shit the fuck off.

I don’t care what you think about your opponent in an argument.
I don’t care what you think of Greg’s behavior, toward you or anyone else. You do not call harassment “an argument”. This is not argument."

 "Seriously, stop. You don’t have to like Greg. You don’t even have to acknowledge that you were begging for his forgiveness after you received the email you later called a threat. Just stop propping up people who are doing worse than he did to you because they’re doing it to him."

Regarding Justin Vacula and the SCA. Stephanie petitioned for Justin's removal. This is what first caused me to see Stephanie as a bitch (now upgraded to dick) Stephanie doesn't even live in PA and she has never met Justin. She acted on emotion and the need to bully pure and simple.
Stephanie writes-

 1. He has engaged in extreme behavior, including harassment, in opposing feminists within the secular movement which does not befit a leader and does not promote broad participation in the movement.

 2. He has, at the same time, minimized harassment as a problem within the movement and broader community.

 We believe it is inappropriate for such a representative to have unapologetically published on the site A Voice for Men, which describes itself: "AVfM regards feminists, manginas, white knights and other agents of misandry as a social malignancy. We do not consider them well intentioned or honest agents for their purported goals and extend to them no more courtesy or consideration than we would clansmen, skinheads, neo Nazis or other purveyors of hate." We further consider it inappropriate for Vacula to have used this site, monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, as a platform for attacking a fellow, feminist secularist.

 Not only has Vacula dismissed the harassment as unimportant, he has participated in it himself. He has participated very actively in the #FTBullies and #atheismplus campaigns, where anti-harassment and inclusion efforts are characterized as censorship, totalitarianism, dogmatism, group-think, and bullying (among the more polite terms). He has written blog posts on these topics that he promoted using those campaigns.

 He has been a regular commenter at what is now known as The Slyme Pit, a group dedicated to hatred of Rebecca Watson and anyone who is or is perceived to ally with her on matters of "radical" feminism. This group has produced threats requiring the attention of organizers of two different conferences and has been home to the cyberstalking Vacula defended as perfectly fine for "public figures". Vacula has participated in this group both before and after it was removed from National Geographic's ScienceBlogs website for violating nearly every provision of the site's code of conduct.

 In another, he reacted to the news that the #atheismplus campaign had triggered the chronic depression of Jennifer McCreight, causing her to stop her public activism. Jen is a blogger, speaker, and vice chair of the Secular Student Alliance board. Rather than noting that harassment that leads to results like this is bad for the movement he is trying to lead, he tweeted, "So, Jen’s allegedly finished blogging…and this time it’s not her boyfriend who kicked her off the internet." He did so using the #atheismplus tag, copying his contempt to the group that had been harassing McCreight.

She trashes Justin because he doesn't support feminism. One of Justin's blogs was posted on a men's rights website that isn't okay with Stephanie, I assume because she doesn't think men have rights. Stephanie also condemns Justin because he is a member of the Slymepit forum. She describes the forum as dedicated to hating Rebecca Watson which is a complete lie. She also claims the forum is responsible for threats. Stephanie couldn't prove any of this if her life depended on it. It is all bullshit. She then goes on to complain because Justin wasn't sad when Jen McCreight removed herself from blogging. News Flash- A collective sigh of relief went up when Jen said she was not going to blog anymore. Stephanie Zvan's  entire case against Justin Vacula was made up of honest mistakes by Justin, lies, emotion, and protecting her friends no matter what role they played in events. I know the mistakes made by Justin were not of malicious intent because I know Justin and I told him he needed to be more careful to not allow those things to happen again. Justin agreed and said those were not mistakes he would make in the future. Justin Vacula is an activist on line and in real life he is articulate and able to have a reasonable discussion without name calling and personal attacks. Many people see any criticism as a personal attack. Stephanie Zvan is one of those people. She is so stuck up she can't even see her own bias. She was just being vindictive towards Justin and that make her a bitch. Period.(at that time) In my opinion Stephanie is a bitch (now a dick) Anyone who wants to try and tell me I can't say so can suck it. This includes...


Ed Brayton the FTB owner and King Idiot

      You may be wondering why you haven't heard Ed's name from me before. That is because Ed really hasn't had much to do with the skepchick crap, PZ and his insane antics, or any of the other moronic loons telling lies and being self-righteous jerks on his little network. He owns Freethought blogs but I never held him responsible for what others were writing. He didn't seem to be very intelligent to allow something he had created be turned into a laughingstock but that was his business.
  It turns out that loudmouth Ed Brayton has fallen into and under control of PZ Myers. Ed yesterday publicly accused me of being sexist and claimed I called Stephanie Zvan a bitch (I did ) and a cunt ( I did not) He then went on to judge Al Sefanelli based on my alleged  behavior. I don't know why people like Ed Brayton insist on making others responsible for my actions but they really need to learn how the world works. Another lesson Ed and his merry band of morons would be better off knowing is how not to be a hypocrite. Over and over Freethought bloggers and A+ idiots have been crying and complaining about behavior they disapprove of when it is painfully easy to find public displays of them doing the same fucking things if not worse. PZ calling a volunteer up on stage only to treat her like a creepy drunk old man in a strip bar. "Hey honey if you wanna have some sex with me I ain't gonna stop ya" That is the same kinda shit PZ pulled on a stage, with an unsuspecting victim he hand picked. Or  complaining about Justin Vacula putting Surly Amy's address on the net (an accident) and then excusing Greg Laden for doing the same on purpose just because he was that hard up to try and get a win against superior wit. Let's not forget Surly Amy posting the link to Justin's posting on the net only making what she thought was bad, worse.  I hate to see what would happen if someone posted naked pics of Surly Amy on the net she would be posting the link all over the place and saying " Look at these naked pics of me. Some jerk has been posting them all over the net. Make sure you share this link so people know what a jerk that guy is. He is trying to allow everyone to see me naked OMFG!"
 It's this same story over and over. Canuck, acting like he knows anything about social interaction when it's obvious he is not capable of getting his thoughts across using the spoken word. At parties he must hand out a paper introducing himself so he doesn't get it all screwed up. When he tries to be part of a conversation he has to run to the printer and get a copy of his blogged reply when asked a question. Even then you can understand what the fuck he is trying to say only about 10% of the time.
  And that dick Stephanie Zvan bragging about being called a bitch and unfairly judging people. Stephanie is so oblivious to other people's perceptions of her it almost brings a tear to my eye. She writes about how no one is a challenge to her  superior intellect while she gets hers ass handed to her in the world outside of FTB. Stephanie just doesn't step out of the golden bubble she lives in, if she did she would be as embarrassed as we have been for her all this time. If ignorance is bliss Stephanie Zvan is multi-orgasmic, lucky her.
  I will give Ed credit for one point. Like I mentioned earlier I shouldn't have called Stephanie Zvan a bitch so now I consider her a dick. As it turns out Ed Brayton is the bitch in this sad display of rampant stupidity. I had made it a point up until now to mention that not all FTB bloggers were a part of this gang of idiots and I still believe  most are not falling into the abyss of hypocrisy and denial but Ed has made it clear what the position of FTB is so those people who disagree with his libelous declarations and his defending all the behavior that has caused such a deep divide among skeptics and atheists may want to find a new home for their blogs unless they don't mind being directly associated with the owner and his opinions.  Ed has made it clear he is not neutral in this, he sides with liars and narcissists, lunatics, and whiners. 
 If Ed thinks anyone on the side of truth and reason is going to give up and allow his gang of disinformation warriors run around unchecked he has been smoking too much weed. That is not going to happen. I will however take my gloves off. If he didn't like me before he knew me then he really isn't gonna like me as he gets to know me now that he has been talking shit about me in public. Ed you don't like me? I don't give a shit

Monday, December 24, 2012

Greg Laden- Acting Out In Public-x2 updated


    Some of you may  have heard me talk about Greg Laden on ReapSowRadio.
     Greg was invited to come on the show because it is pretty well known that Greg was being a dick on several levels. Al Stefanelli had the impression Greg might be an okay guy. I thought maybe I had jumped to my conclusions about Greg too quickly and proceeded to invite Greg to come on ReapSowRadio and clear the air with anyone who misunderstood his actions or to address any way in which he may have been misrepresented by others. After about 3-4 twitter exchanges Greg said to me " I don't know what we would talk about" and blocked me on twitter. In my experiance there are only a few reasons Greg would refuse to discuss the issues he has been involved in. One reason could be that Greg can't and doesn't want to try and explain what he has been up to because the end result would leave him looking foolish. Another reason could be that Greg Laden is actually a 13 year old girl who has been acting like a 50+ year old jerk-face online as part of a school project called "A Guy Named Greg Laden- What a jerk"

 Greg recently made public some personal information about someone he didn't like on the internet. Greg was consistantly losing any battle he had with this individual especially if it involved wit.
  This is not the first instance of  Greg attempting to effect someone's real-life by dragging an internet exchange into the public view with the intention of quieting the opposition or extracting revenge on those who beat him down with wit and facts.
 Greg has also been known to make physical threats towards other he has disagreed with showing that violence is the first option for idiots and usually the last for the intelligent. Greg has managed to back up his threats by saying-

Greg Laden- Fights off threats with head
     "It is just that I am a very large, muscular man with martial arts training who never goes anywhere without my pit bull, and I always carry a gun. I am also famous for kicking ass, generally. Nobody will attack me. Also, even though men are in fact raped now and then (I myself was sexually assaulted a couple times as a teenager, by women)"


    Greg may or may not be serious about the martial arts, pitbull, and gun.  The teenage assault?  Wet dreams. The shit Greg does bothers me. As some of you may know this is the exact type of behavior that compelled me to start getting involved online doing something besides reading and clicking. It's the reason I started blogging and doing the radio show. I have seen what posting private information with home address, workplace, relatives can do. It can spiral out of control quite quickly. Lives can be ruined over something that otherwise would have faded away and never done any harm to anyone, or for what was an innocent act misinterpeted and twisted until it was as ugly as could be imagined. Greg Laden is a couple of things that I dislike. He is constantly fucking something up. Whether it be posting someone's old address from 10 years ago instead of their current,  or by writing a blog about science and the most often used phrase is  "hard to say". Greg still thinks he is smart despite the fact he isn't  or he is hiding it very well. Greg is also a bully, maybe he is bitter about the sinister way male pattern baldness took away the edge he had with women (like when he was a teen) or maybe he has always been the type to spend summer smashing as many bugs as possible with his finger, whatever the reason he seems to enjoy trying to boss people around and be a dick.
  So instead of allowing Greg to go on unchecked I figured I would send him a message. The chickenshit has me blocked on twitter cause I guess honest questions  are a threat to his online security. I hit him up on google+ instead. Here is the result-

To Greg Laden @Greg Laden
On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 7:38 PM, Reap Paden wrote:

> You think its smart/cool to post private info on people? This is the second

> time I've heard about you doing this. I think it would be ironic if someone

> started to effect your real life as a result of your online antics. You are

> like a guy who wears a chicken suit over a clown costume. No wonder you

> don't want to come on my show, you are an idiot you wouldn't last 2 fucking

> minutes. Might wanna block me here too for all the good it will do ya.

From Greg Laden
Yesterday 6:28 PM - Public

Public response to an unsolicited and rather distasteful email I received:

Dear +Reap Paden ,

I don't know who you are but I'm guessing you are the Angry Atheist. Is that the case?

You probably can't see my facebook page because I am selective about who I keep as "friends" in that context, but I explained something there that might answer your questions. Despite tweets by your lovely friends to the contrary, nothing I posted was not in general circulation on the internet, and nothing I posted was something looked up. Rather, a mutual friend of Mykeru sent all that stuff to me (and much more) and sent the same info to several other people at the same time. I simply found it convenient at this time to poke the hornets nest because I wanted to test a Twitter filtering system real time. Abbie's children were happy to oblige.

I am writing (in my spare moments so this may take a bit of time) a blog post describing and documenting the exact circumstances and events related to Abbie Smith .. regarding National Geographic's Scienceblogs and her academic department. I am growing tired of you and your friends falsely accusing me, for your own amusement, of "stalking a woman in real life." If that accusation continues, I'll post the details of that series of events you mislabel as stalking. Abbie will not be happy with that. She acted in an unbelievably unprofessional manner which truly brought into question her fitness as a member of the academic community. I have not posted those details because I know they will hurt her. But, I also know that you and your buddies take your marching orders from her. If you really are her friends and defenders, you might check with her to see if she wants that to happen. Then, as per usual, follow her orders.

Thanks for admitting that the reason you wanted me on your show was to see if I would last two minutes. I knew you were lying. Also, I appreciate you putting these threats down on paper.

And my reply to Greg's public reply-

Oh Greggy you are butt-hurt? I'm sorry but some people don't just sit on their hands while idiots attempt to rule. I attempted to get your side of things thinking maybe all the bad shit I had heard was just gossip overblown as is often the case. Even offered for you to come on my radio show and in public explain any misunderstanding or maybe just to stand up for your actions and tell everyone why you have acted in a certain way. As for Abbie I have no knowledge of that exchange so any assumptions you have made about my behavior stemming from that are incorrect.

What I do have a problem with is this- All of the information you can access publicly on the web is in "general circulation on the internet" the problem being when you associate that general information with a specific person, place, or thing it is no longer general. The information is then specific about that person, place or thing, you have made the private relationship between the two public when it is irresponsible(at least) to do so. From my dealings with you so far I will assume you are too dense to understand this concept without it being explained to you, probably more than once.

Your pathetic attempt to release yourself from any accusation of wrong doing doesn't fly.

I'm not sure what your point is in posting a public reply, seems kinda dramatic and needy but if that's the way you like to play it so be it. It is ironic that you would attempt to call me on threats when you have made threats of physical violence to specific people in the past. Since you obviously don't know me allow me to explain something to you Greg. I don't take orders from anyone except me. I act on my own accord and I speak/act on behalf of no one except me. Any issues we have are between us, no one else. I don't give a fuck about your need for high school drama or attention and I don't give a fuck if you post public replies to me everyday all day long. If you continue to behave in ways that are irresponsible and/or could cause harm to others or to make the private relationships between people and "generally known" information public then there will be a problem with that.

You seem to think you are somehow a bit above others. Why you would think this is a mystery. There is certainly no evidence of you displaying even a basic level of intellect in most instances where I have witnessed you posting on the net. In one case I saw you threaten to censor someone on a third parties wall. You can't even seem to figure out how facebook works. Despite these shortcomings I will assume you can understand the points I've made here and act accordingly and I will respond in kind. For the record you are still invited to discuss anything you wish or inform me about anything I may have incorrect. Keep in mind if you insist on acting like a fool you will only last two minutes (as I explained to you in my original message. Sorry you couldn't grasp my point. Next time I'll include a diagram for reference) as long as you can interact like a reasonable person then I am happy to listen whether we agree or not. There is no need for you to be frightened.

There, now you are all up to date  about what kind of dickhead Greg Laden is being as of the date of this blog post.  I have a feeling you will be reading about him again here real soon. He seems to be a slow learner. Time will tell.


Well it hasn't even been a full day since the original post was published and  it has come to light that Greg Laden has been acting like a bigger dick than I had originally stated. My apologies for the mistake.
 I present..... Exhibit A

  So here you see Greg telling Al Stefanelli to screw off. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post Al had Greg's back on ReapSowRadio #35.
Despite that, Greg no longer wants to associate with Al. I would like to take this time to publicly apologize to my close friend and co-host Al Stefanelli for the bullshit he has thrown at him simply because he is my friend. First PZ Myers discounts all the work Al contributed to Freethoughtblogs and instead, as a farewell post, PZ makes it a point to accuse me of being a racist.  No big surprise really considering PZ has less social skills than a bag of pretzels.  Then Ophelia jumps on in a cat food fueled ramble claiming that Al should be judged by who he is associated with. It should be noted that at the same time Ophelia was also saying that each blogger at Freethoughtblogs was independent and could not be judged by the other bloggers actions.
  Now we have Greg "huh? what? duh" Laden doing that same thing. Greg imitates his role models. Just like the child of some dysfunctional parents or a teenaged Justin Bieber fan in his dressing room after the show doing what was told. It's sad to watch but can anyone really be that surprised. Look at the lack of taste they had in the first place. 
  Al Stefanelli has posted a video addressing Greg and some of the other madness that has griped some of the more simple-minded public figures from Freethoughtblogs, Skepchick, and A+. It has also spread to the nodding heads you can find in the comment sections of their blogs/forums.
I think if you consider the points made here you will find yourself with yet another example of the mental illness that has infected a section of the atheist/skeptical population.
 If Greg still doesn't get it then I will be sure to let you know, we gotta keep an eye on these people, they might hurt themselves and then who would we laugh at?
  All you sane skeptics/atheist who have a sense of humor feel free to read, learn, laugh, and sometimes cry at the Slymepit forum. It's the answer to all the made up drama, rhetoric, and incorrect information provided by PZ Myers, Lousy Canuck, Stephanie Zvan, Ophelia Benson and the other socially stunted dictator types that need to learn to play with others.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

PZ and his Dungeon

 PZ Myers added me to his 'dungeon' today. I knew it was bound to happen because I won't sit around and watch as him and his pitchfork brigade run rampant. I think it's bullshit and very pathetic on PZ's part the way he has been treating people who could have been his allies. He is passing judgement on people that he doesn't even know, won't listen to, can't understand, or just can't be bothered with.
  I realize it's his blog and he can do what he wishes with it but what he does with it and how he deals with comments still speaks as to his motives and/or ability to be reasonable and mature.

 One guy who goes by the name brownian (Ian Brown) is a regular on PZ's blog. Ian has said that he is known as an 'internet smartass'. I  don't know who told him he had anything to do with the word smart but Ian does not bring the word to mind in any form. Ian's contribution to skeptical thinking  is, as far as I can tell, making lame negative comments on comments other people have made on PZ's blog and generally being a moron. Ian isn't the usual moron he is one of those morons who thinks he is intelligent. It's not clear why Ian thinks this maybe his mother told him so because the kids at school made fun at him for eating paste or maybe it's just what happens when someone is too stupid to realize they are a dummy.

 Ian had claimed that there are no jobs a woman could be better suited for than a man and vice versa.  He had not done so in a mature, polite or reasonable way. He did not support his position, he just blurted it out while calling another commenter an idiot. The woman who made the original comment was not an idiot. Ian was just exercising his ability to lower a person's IQ simply by allowing them to read the result of his keystrokes.
  I had dealt with Ian before on the blog of my good friend and supporter Ophelia Benson. He was spouting off about me being an idiot because I was astonished he had actually said something smart. (it was a fluke)
 I had also listened to Ian in a google hangout with Rebecca Watson and PZ Myers along with some other people who were all telling the public how great atheism plus was. ( as it turns's not great)
 In the google hangout you can see Ian can't manage to comb his hair much less contribute anything useful unless the story of a blog groupie is what you consider interesting.What is interesting is that Ian Brown has actually given some thought as to the value of his input on PZ's blog ( that would be equal to 0) Ian also shares the heartwarming story of how A+ saved him from leaving atheism/skepticism (lucky us...)
 Ian has his head shoved up PZ Myer's ass so far you can see the top of his head whenever PZ opens his mouth. When I informed Ian he had the same amount of wit found in a dead tree stump that was the part PZ means when he says "complaining about the commenters". Yes I was complaining brownian was being a stupid dick and his dickness was stemming from an incorrect claim.
  One interesting thing about the Pharyngula blog is the way its owner has taken a stand and often refuses to consider any opposing opinion. The other thing which I have mentioned before is the way PZ uses his blog to trash the reputations of others when he doesn't know the facts. He has done this on numerous occasions and he appears to simply not give a shit about what damage he could be doing to that person. Even if it has a minimal negative effect it is wrong because PZ has no right whatsoever to tarnish anyone's reputation because he believes gossip is truth.
 PZ Myers thinks he is above showing any consideration for people he doesn't like. It sounds like an ego thing. PZ also says he is an atheist, since that is true then why does he describe the control of his blog in these terms...
"There is only one guy in charge. I, PZ Myers, am the absolute despot in charge of the comments section. I can shut you out, I can delete your comments, I can disemvowel them if I please. Get it out of your head that I am a benevolent dictator; the only thing saving your ass is that I’m an incredibly lazy dictator. Your best strategy for continuing your posting privileges is to avoid rousing my attention.

Do not cross me on matters of site management. Do not argue with me. Do not tell me who to ban or who not to ban. I am cruel and pitiless. I will laugh at your feeble protestations. If you have a concern that I have abused my power, send me a personal email for consideration of your complaint. I will think about it.

 Does anyone else see the way PZ portrays himself as a sort of 'god of the bible' type? Speaking of god, someone posted a link to a blog by a Christian about PZ. It turns out that people on all sides are taking notice of his antics. It's a toss up who is being more of a jackass, commenters like brownian or PZ himself.
 PZ Myers is no longer someone atheists/skeptics can look towards as someone who can be respected, he has become an embarrassment. He is a public figure who truly makes atheists and skeptics look like idiots who can't apply reason anymore than fundamentalists. Usually when someone tries to compare outspoken atheists to fundamental preachers I will make this point- One side is dealing with reality. In the case of PZ Myers and the idiotic loons who are following his unreasonable lead, they are peddling fantastic beliefs that are rarely accurate. Not only that they are making it look like a large number of atheists/skeptics are potential rapists, sexist, racist, misogynists, or gender-traitors.
  I encourage people to go to PZ Myers blog and voice your concerns over his behavior. Let's fill the dungeon with reasonable people and protest improper behavior. If you think I am telling lies because I am simply pissed off about being put in the dungeon then read some of the other accounts being posted about the same things I am talking about here. We need to do something about this behavior it has gone on long enough. The damage PZ and his horde of inept locus have done can't be undone easily if ever but we can work to stop it from going any further. It's almost as if we have been set up by PZ. He is one of the people who can do major damage to progress that has been achieved, he has done damage already.
 Brownian if you read this-Quit behaving in ways that will make you ashamed later should you ever come to your senses. You are a sad man who contributes nothing and knows it. You have already convinced many people you are socially retarded even if you don't realize it. Go start your own blog instead and let us all know how well it goes I'd love to see it. If you ever muster up the courage I'd be happy to have a person to person discussion with you about any of the subjects we have disagreed on it would be my pleasure.

Here are links to posts by others supporting what you have read here I encourage you to look into this yourself don't take my word for it, after all, I'm just a rambling asshole.Right PZ?


 Rebecca Watson Lies Again & PZ Swallows It Whole

 Atheist Opposition to PZ Myers

 Rebecca Watson (The Skepchick): a liar?

 A+ part 2: Pontiff Myers and the Chalice of Poisonous Drivel

 Justin Vacula's Blog 

  If you need more just google "pz myers is a dick" you don't just get crying and whining you get real accounts of PZ Myers being a prick and acting like a schoolyard bully. His actions are dangerous and harmful. PZ if you read this please- Shut the fuck up already.You've undermined everything you ever achieved as it is.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Speaking of Shunning


    In a blog on the CFI website Ronald Lindsay presents some good news. The Center for Inquiry is not going to be shunning speakers just because a bunch of people have threatened a boycott  if a certain person is speaking. I think that makes perfect sense. I also think, as I have said before- We should not refuse associate with people just because they don't think exactly like us.
  For the CFI or any other organizer to give in to threats of a boycott based on a difference of opinion would be a bad thing and would soon result in a big damn mess every time there was a conference.

    While we should all realize there is one boat  we are all traveling in together, some don't see it like that. They want to claim the boat is theirs and they can choose who is the dead weight. That isn't the way it works, and those people should be waking up to that fact by now. These people think they are the be-all-end-all when it comes to social values, skeptics, and atheists. They think the people who rally around them nodding and smiling represent the people of the world. That is an incorrect assumption. I'm afraid the reality is --1)Most people don't care about you or 2)don't know who the hell you are, and if they did it wouldn't change fact #1. Add to this the very important fact that most people are moderates, they don't want to deal with your extreme views no matter what they are about.


 While I think we should include everyone who has something new, interesting and worthwhile to say, I also wonder if some of the people who are most often invited to speak really meet that criteria. PZ Myers gave his talk about atheism having a soul and A+ thinking and it was a snore-fest  I don't think even he was awake during the entire talk. In the video you can see the attendees start looking around for a piece of rope to make a noose.  Since then PZ Myers himself has given everyone fair warning that he probably won't have anything new to say until.....well I doubt he will manage to ever work that out considering the direction his feeble mind is headed. Why then is he even being invited to attend as a speaker? Is there a shortage of people who can speak to large groups about a topic atheists/skeptics find interesting? Or how about Rebecca Watson?....When is the last time she said something that hasn't been heard a thousand times before, or even something true? The only way she can manage to say anything people  haven't grown tired of is to either lie or twist the meaning in order to make it seem like important new information or unbelievable drama.
     Rebecca Watson can't shut up long enough to realize she doesn't speak for every woman on the planet. She should also realize you can't force people to agree with you just by acting like they don't matter when they disagree. The same kind of thing can be said about people like Ophelia Benson who seems to be blogging as if someone has a gun pointed at her head and is forcing her to blog something, anything no matter how petty, unimportant, or ignorant.  Here is some advice--If you don't have anything to say then shut up. Maybe spend more time reading and listening to the opinions of other humans who have put just as much thought into things as you, if not more.  Who is interested in paying money and/or wasting time to hear Ophelia tell them things like how she doesn't like the word "cunt" or how bothersome it is that people use the short version of  someone's name?

     Would it be entertaining to listen as Stephanie Zvan gave new definitions to all the words in the English language? That seems to be her major focus at this time, when she isn't accusing people of hating all women because they don't like her friends. Or maybe it would be better to spend the $250 or whatever it is Richard Carrier is asking on some old propaganda films from WW2 or the cold war. You could get the same feeling and still have money left over to serve everyone hot dogs and a shot of whiskey. Better yet you could ask someone who isn't actively calling for a war between atheist/skeptical factions that only exist as your self fulfilling prophecy.
    Yes we include people who think outside of the box or who may stir things up a little, but just as you can have a mind that is too open, you can have a policy that invites thinking that will be more harmful than helpful or interesting.
    The bottom line is some people are just looney and/or attendees are gonna get bored listening to the same old common sense delivered with the enthusiasm it deserves for being repeated for the 7,995,547th time. No one is going to need to worry about who is speaking because no one will be there to listen. I'm sure some conference organizers know this already and will manage to offer the opportunity for some new face to enlighten the masses. Wouldn't it be nice to listen to someone who has a new or even just a different delivery of the topics we  find of interest or importance?
     I may be a bit biased but the SkeptiCal conferences we have in my area are very good at providing new and interesting speakers each year. I'm sure there are other similar events, in my opinion they should all be this way. Ronald is correct about shunning others but you shouldn't keep having the same things repeated to you over and over by the same people, or make it a habit of helping spread thinking that undermines the very thing you are working to achieve, unless you are expecting a different result, but that is an entirely different issue isn't it?
 Here is Ronald's post. Make sure you check out the comments for a laugh or two...or a cry

Ronald A. Lindsay-On Shunning Fellow Atheists and Skeptics

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Skeptical Posers


    I was speaking with a friend about some of the socially stunted people I have dealt with lately and at one point in the conversation my friend said "You know, I spent a long time as an atheist and a skeptic thinking I was all alone. Then I realize there are a whole bunch of people who are like me. Finally, people I can talk to about this stuff. Then I realize a lot of them are being total idiots and acting just like religious people. I don't want any part of that or the high school drama included with it."
  That is being heard more and more.
 As soon as we started to gain momentum along comes Rebecca Watson, Jason Thibeault, Surly Amy, Stephanie Zvan, Jen McCreight, Ophelia Benson, Richard Carrier, and a group of atheist/skeptic posers who call themselves  A+. All not being led in anyway, shape, or form by PZ "you're a stupid dummy" Myers.
  They've been marching around screaming "MISOGYNIST" at anyone who doesn't fall in line, or telling people to "pick sides". They have declared war on the atheist who applies logic and reason to gender issues. It is an aggressive-passive-aggressive strategy and it has hurt skeptics and atheists on numerous levels.
  Whether we know it or not the fact is the vast majority of the people who will be effected by the work of active and/or outspoken skeptics and atheists are never heard from or seen. They are voyeurs. A large number just like to watch and what they have been seeing has probably made them cover their eyes at times.
   The mighty logical, scientific portion of the population has begun to fall to the emotional, fallacy-driven poser skeptics. This is all happening in a vortex which is sucking everyone involved back to the days of high school. It is the high school popularity contest, the battle for student council president. It's the gossip made up by the most popular kids to make the lesser known kids look bad just in case they started looking cool. It's immaturity getting in some last jabs before adulthood takes over. Somehow a group who never quite made it to the adult part of their lives has managed to sneak in and fuck up progress. 
   Now claims of rampant misogyny in the atheist/skeptic circles have caught the ear of the theist. Always looking for a way to paint atheists as a negative force they can hardly be expected to pass up an opportunity to point out the new major flaw in atheism. It hates women. Nevermind one of the main political parties has been openly attacking women's rights, the real problem is all those atheists who don't believe Rebecca fucking Watson's pathetic story about a guy who asked her to coffee and to whom she said "no thanks" How terrifying! Rebecca Watson can't be bothered by what other people may be thinking or feeling she is being threatened  by email constantly, she lives in....well that is hard to say cause she giggles when talking about the threats she gets. Rebecca can't remember the faces of people she has met before, doesn't like it when people ask her what her name is, and is threatened when someone asks her to coffee in a hotel elevator. Is she really who should be telling others how/how not to behave in social situations? Is this a joke? Have we actually allowed a hypocritical smart-ass know nothing to effect us this way? Really?
 Before you get all uptight and start telling me that I am being inconsiderate of women's feelings, save it. I can understand how Rebecca could have felt threatened but isn't Rebecca intelligent enough to know when her social disorder may be causing her an issue and deal with it  instead of projecting it on everyone? Everyone should live in fear because she is at least a little dysfunctional in social situations? It's like expecting everyone to quit carrying balloons at the amusement park  because Rebecca gets scared of balloons.
 Then we have A+,  an attempt by some of  Rebecca's buddies to start a movement that was already in progress and take credit for it. They also added a "no bully" policy. A bully was defined as anyone who disagreed with them. This A+ fiasco was (and still is) useless and divisive. Another example of posers throwing a wrench into what was a steady move forward.
 It is time to come to our senses. It is time to stop abusing words like misogyny. It's time to stop making the ways we can claim to be offended #1 priority. It is time to bring back logic and healthy skepticism.
  I can see it happening now but let's pick it up, we got started late on this one. Skeptics need to start calling out these posers and expecting of them the same things we have expected of anyone who presented public claims.....proof, examples of what they say is true, data, accurate, tested data.  If there is a real problem we deal with it, if there isn't then we dismiss and move on. No harm, no foul, just do it right next time cause it isn't that hard to figure out. 
  Truth doesn't come from the most blog hits or from the most dramatic actor/actress performance. Truth doesn't automatically appear because people have been offended or because the person presenting it is your bff.
  Truth doesn't result from simply shutting down any opposing opinion.(PZ Myers) When did we get too lazy to argue our point?(PZ Myers) If you are peddling the truth you will have to defend it from a thousand fools and when that's done a thousand more will come to attack. We are supposed to be ready to defend with facts and intelligently thought out reasons. Instead we see a lethargic pitiful complaining dolt who can't be bothered to support his public offerings.(PZ Myers) If you can't/won't stand behind your claims then stop throwing them into a public forum.(PZ Myers) What's the point? Let those who are willing to step up do so and you can go to the back of the room and watch.(PZ Myers you lying, lazy, dimwitted, painfully ignorant, twit)

  People have watched as narcissistic personalities have been playing games and crying wolf just for amusement and how dare anyone accuse them of it. To do so means you are cast out. If you don't go on your own these posers will lie, insinuate, accuse, petition, assume in order to get you out. They behave in such childish fashion that the adults lose by simply acting mature. 
 It's been quite a circus the clowns are in abundance and it is the definition of "knowing just enough to be dangerous" 
  I have no doubt it will be fixed and some of the people who have been acting like posers are going to get the attention they deserve, none. And the move towards logic and healthy skepticism will continue even stronger having dumped the weight of narcissistic personalities and needless drama. To those who may be watching now would be a good time to post that comment somewhere you never have before informing these skeptic posers they have gone far enough. People like Rebecca Watson  and PZ Myers are not good role models in general but to follow their lead on social behavior? What the fuck is that all about?! PZ Myers is not exactly a social butterfly and he never has been. Maybe it is time to accept the fact that sometimes people like PZ Myers have said about all they can say that is worthwhile and start inviting some new people to share ideas and thoughts at conventions and rallies. Rebecca doesn't have concern for the best interests of anyone but herself in mind. She doesn't care who or what gets harmed by her bullshit. A normal person would see all the problems that have arisen from her elevator interaction and work to try and lesson the negative effects in some way. Not her, she just keeps feeding the fire and that indicates her motives are selfish and she has no concern for others, least of all men. 
   Time to take back skepticism and remove the plus from atheism, it was working fine without the hood emblem. It's common sense and reality, it shouldn't be that tough

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Loudmouth Canuck Strikes (out) Again

      I'm afraid I owe certain people an apology. I am big enough to admit I'm wrong unlike some people. As tough as it is to admit it, I stand corrected today. Remember that blog I wrote talking about how the Lousy Canuck, Jason Thibeault and Stephanie Zvan were probably okay people in real life? I'm sorry but it looks like I was wrong about that. Not just wrong but  "what the hell were you thinking?!" wrong. I'm sorry I misled you.
 You see I had an exchange of ideas with Jason today except only one of us knew what the exchange rate was. Or maybe Jason Thibeault is just cheap.  I know, I know I shouldn't be talking like that if I am to be fair. Well I have been pretty fair up til now. I am not jumping to conclusions. I admitted in the beginning there could be some redeeming qualities about Jason we were not aware of. Maybe he was just being a jerk while on line. After today I am going to have trouble showing any amount of consideration for Jason unless he can learn how to connect the dots.
    I don't know exactly when Jason got the promotion to PZ's message boy/bodyguard but I  suppose we should congratulate him. Great work Canuck the job seems to fit your ability. Living up to the 'lousy' part of his name Jason figured it was his place to tell me PZ Myers was not calling me a racist when he posted as a last word to Al Stefanelli.
" I've enjoyed your conversation and wish you well but"  followed by a youtube video of  Your Racist Friend by They Might be Giants (see below)
This is what PZ Myers will post when he isn't calling people racists according to the lousy canuck

   This was also was around the same time PZ was acting like Stephanie Zvan's pimp or something defending her and talking smack because I had called her a bitch (note: she was being a bitch)
  While most people took the opportunity to label Al Stefanelli a racist because they didn't like his hat ( Real high IQ the people reading PZ's blog these days huh?) Many people also figured PZ was referring to me since I am Al's friend and the masters of the obvious at freethoughtblogs had suddenly realized Al and I hosted a radio show, a radio show PZ had been a guest on in the past. We had been doing so for a few years. There was even a blog post on Skepdirt telling the story. PZ was one of the commenters on that blog and he never mentioned a misunderstanding about the meaning behind his post.
  Why am I telling you  a story about Jason Thibeault being wrong? What's that? It's happened so many times no gets surprised by it anymore? Yes I  know that, who doesn't?
 The reason I am writing this blog is because Jason thinks he is a ruling princess or something and he is entitled to demand examples of his incorrect behavior. It would be easier if he would just pay attention to what he was doing as he went through the day or better yet gave a little thought to things before he acted on them. That is obviously beyond Jason's ability or it is beneath him. I'm not sure which reason his imagination has chosen.
 Now on with the story..... In all fairness I did tell Jason to STFU. He took it as an insult when I was simply trying to keep him from making himself look silly. He could have thanked me and been on his way, instead he did this-

This isn't the entire exchange. Jason tries to get some other kids from his playground to convince me I'm a misogynist by practically chanting at me.  It reminds me of mindless zombies stumbling around with confused looks uttering all the cool catchphrases.... misogynist ....rigid gender roles....toxic masculinity... in an attempt to convince people you  are whatever word they are chanting. Its childish and it annoys me. I hate stupid people who think they can dictate what is proper and what isn't. One thing I hate more than that are people who contradict themselves. Jason has embraced the art of  contradiction. He demands I give him specifics. I tell him I'll write it up because twitter is not the right venue for such a discussion. I know ahead of time Jason is gonna be challenged. If he hasn't even grasped the basics by now he isn't going to in a twitter exchange.
 Then he tells me he won't read it, well he might, or he might not.  He tells me again "go ahead write a blog about me" I never said I was going to blog about him. I said I would write up specific examples about his behavior I disagreed with I'm not writing his on-line dating profile. Although I will if he likes. It's gonna cost though. Hit me up after the blog Jason.
 At this point I figure it is resolved for the time being and here comes mr bi-polar canuck...

      He then accuses me of demanding his time. This sounds like the same bullshit PZ Myers likes to sling around, usually when someone disagrees with him (coincidence I'm sure..)  How DARE I try to steal Jason's time by doing what he suggested. In the meantime I'm telling the A+ zombies to go the fuck away their chanting won't work on me. If only they actually said something when they spoke. I point out to Jason that it was he who wanted specifics. I had already told him I disagreed with assumptions he made about Justin Vacula but that wasn't specific enough. I inform Canuck it hardly seems to be an adult I am dealing with and he comes back with something about giving me enough rope to hang myself. Remember at this point I have already agreed to what Jason requested (demanded)  of me. Because it really is the best chance I have at making a point with this high school kid. I think Jason's personality flip-flops a couple more time before I quit paying attention and after I'm gone I see a few more notifications pop up. Later I check and find Jason clucking still even after I have left the room.
 The entire exchange gave me the same feeling a babysitter must get after spending an afternoon with a spoiled, not too bright 3 year old that likes to chew on his diaper. Jason if you ever find the time in your busy schedule to read this let me tell you I have had many exchanges with all kinds of people over the years and I can say you are way up on the list of childish idiots I've come across. I don't mind  having a good internet flame war with someone who has some wit the closest you get to that adds a letter 't'. I was tempted to not even write this blog because you just don't matter that much. But I gave you my word so here we go...

It is very simple Jason

  •  You describe yourself as " the guy who still thinks your argumentation is vacuous and your tactics often trollish."  Justin is far from a troll I've had numerous conversations with him about a wide variety of subjects and the last thing I would call him is a troll not to mention the fact he kicks your ass every time you try to argue against him, that is why you banned him from your blog comments. You hide behind the tone troll claim.
  •   You accuse him of " sexism and bigotry in our community" When? How? You assume he is a sexist and a bigot just because you say so. You demand specifics from others yet your own argument constantly falls flat on it's ass time and time again
  •  You said " not even Googling the guy’s name(Justin V) they missed out on learning all the many ways the man is a terrible fit for representing our movement and undercuts inclusivity for his divisive and polarizing attacks on members of said movement" Hey wonder-boy, a google search doesn't equal facts. Do you even know what the word skeptical means?
  • You refer to Stephanie Zvan's petition indicating you support the accusation - 1. He has engaged in extreme behavior, including harassment, in opposing feminists within the secular movement that does not befit a leader and does not promote broad participation in the movement. So he's not allowed to disagree with any feminist?  This is incredibly stupid. Since when are people not allowed to disagree with any one?  "Extreme behavior" ? Such as? You spout off constantly wanting everyone to explain shit to you  specifically. It is almost like you find anything that doesn't favor your opinion impossible to comprehend. As if anything that doesn't follow your thinking can't possibly exist. Yet Stephanie's petition is consistently vague and give few if any examples of the exact behaviors supporting the claims against him. He is just bad and hateful, just because you said so.  

  •  Use of the word "terrorist"

 Irresponsible at the least. Didn't get enough drama from the school plays or still bitter you didn't get the lead?

  •  I have a couple previous blogs about your antics which give more specifics. Feel free to not read those too. Listening/reading- totally over-rated idn't it ?

  •   You accused Justin of attacking Surly Amy when he criticized her statements about banning fake jewelry. She equated wearing fake jewelry and having your ass grabbed. I heard her say it (several times cause I kept playing it hoping I was hearing her wrong)  You have painted him as a blight on society. he isn't. He is a well intentioned young adult. I know you are fucking perfect Canuck but cut us mortals a fucking break. if you want to disagree and tell me you know you have faults THEN FUCKING ACT LIKE IT and stop pretending you never did anything dumb. Hopefully you learned from it cause that is how it works. I explained the same thing to your buddy Stephanie "my ass knows nothing about turds, it's that good" Zvan. Where did you people get the idea that you have the right to judge people and  label them for the world based on your opinions? Get over yourself already. 
  •  Or how getting all butt hurt about the fact Justin didn't get sad enough and cry when Jen stopped blogging? Really? What the fuck caused that dysfunction? People who don't get sad about the things that make you all weepy are dicks too now? Next you are gonna get pissed when we all don't need to take a leak at the same time as you do.

  I think you are an idiot Canuck. I also think you are at least a bit of a chicken shit due to the fact you have banned people from comment on your blog and then went on to talk shit after you made it impossible for them to answer or address your attack on them. Yes when you go on the offensive after you have disarmed your opponent it makes you...well there are several terms I could use and I know how fragile you are about those things.... I'll go with weak. That's why you are comfortable being a victim its exactly what you are, a victim of your own flawed logic.
      This is just my opinion, I don't expect the world to take my word as the absolute truth.
I could pick apart your assumptions, biases, and idiocy  ALL FUCKING DAY but I think I have made my case well enough. Let me close with this.... Don't bother slapping your labels on me. I have one life, one chance to live it. I am not going to spend it walking on eggshells worried about every fucking thing I say or do offending someone. Life is not nice in case you didn't notice the view outside your bubble. Life is cold and uncaring it has no concern for how you come in or how you go out. So take what you get and run with it. I can't change how I was born or the way the world reacts to my presence on the planet.  I can do my best to treat people fair and with respect until they no longer deserve that respect. When I see a wrong I try to make it right.  I keep in mind how much I do not know  and I make mistakes which I try to learn from on the first try. You can't do shit about me or people like me except complain and cry, neither of those is productive so take some advice-  Lighten the fuck up......and maybe take some anger management classes, you are sorta a hothead.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stephanie Zvan and Friends-STFU

 The following is not a meltdown (give me a break) and I use foul language (break number two please) So if you are offended by such language you should just move on to other things. My grammar may also suck. This means if you are an English teacher you may break out into hives or something while reading, otherwise I will assume you can figure it out. I hope I didn't overestimate anyone. Funny I usually don't have to make these points........

   First, I'm not going anywhere. Second, if any single one of the morons who have been talking shit and pretending like they know who or what I am would like to own up to their assumptions and have real conversation with me then I am more than willing to do just that. If Jason The Lousy Canuck wants to talk shit let him do it straight to me. If Stephanie Zvan can't understand how she is being childish and why I think she is being a bitch then I am happy to tell her so personally. If any one of the judgmental groupies on the blogs Stephanie (or anyone else) has spent time writing about me has anything to say they too are invited to say it straight to me. The keyboard warrior bit may awe some of the more easily impressed people out there but I'm not one of those people. I guess I could sum it up as follows- Step up or shut up.

 Stephanie Zvan, you simplistic moron, I can't explain it to you in a more simple fashion than I already have.
  I'm not about too be bullied and I'm not going to cower to anyone. You would save time and effort to accept the fact that you can not win. I can't stress this point enough.  The petition you started against Justin Vacula was based on incorrect assumptions. You refused to even consider for one minute that maybe you were biased or maybe some of the shit you had been hearing was not quite true.
    Or maybe you fell for some of Jason's  rhetoric. It's a fact The Lousy Canuck has a lot of trouble telling the damn truth.  How pathetic it is to need to make up crap and build up drama in order to make a point anyone will give a shit about? I guess Canuck can't find any real topics that he can present factually and make interesting, too bad for him. I counted the fallacies in one of his blog posts and it was just sad. It is a stretch calling him skeptical or even level-headed. He was all emotional and weepy because he thought people were attacking  Surly Amy when no one was attacking her, it was her ideas that were the problem. It would be nice if he would take aim at some inanimate objects instead of trashing real people with his lies and high school drama.
  Even if Justin Vacula was talking shit it doesn't make him a woman hater it means he is having an argument with a person who happens to be a woman. How can anyone not know the difference? Justin has plenty of support from women who know him in real life. Did you ever stop to consider their opinions? Nope. Cause you know it all already. I have news for you and several others- You don't know everything about everyone, it's impossible for you to know especially if you only know what a person has posted on the net. It's the internet. I'm not sure if you are stupid or you are just pretending to be completely uninformed about behavior on the internet. A large percentage of people on the internet say things they would never say to a person face to face and they threaten to do things they would never have the testicular fortitude to pull off in real life. That is the way it is and it is a well established fact. Try reading more.
     I happen to think Stephanie is a huge bitch while on the internet, why she feels the need to be a bitch I do not know. In real life I would assume she is functional and probably doesn't speak to people in the same manner as she does on the net. Maybe I'm wrong and she is a bitch in real life too. I don't imagine many people would like her or want to be around her but at least she would be consistent. See? Notice the way I admit I don't know for sure? Even if I do make assumptions I like to fall on the positive side because there must be some good qualities about Stephanie she is just hiding them while she is on the net ......maybe.
    Same goes for Jason except I would think he is probably one of those people who annoys others when speaking to them because he can't translate his ideas into words very well. Otherwise he probably means well. Or he could be a bitter, socially inept wuss who can only get the revenge he seeks on those who have wronged him by lashing out and telling lies about whoever comes along. There really is no way to know for sure because I am not psychic and, unlike Stephanie, I don't  make assumptions and present them as facts.
     What this all comes down to is a bunch of people who think they know more about the world than anyone else wanting to force their thinking on others and I'm here to tell those people to FUCK OFF. You aren't going to force your methods or reasoning on me. I'm smart enough to know what is right and wrong and what is in between. I am also smart enough to know that everyone should be included in dialogue. People who are ignorant or behave in ways that are harmful to others will usually learn by example because people want to fit in. They will have to follow certain rules of behavior in order to be active participants or people will NATURALLY move away from those behaviors or they will be told to stop being a dick. You don't dismiss people completely because they don't think like you.
    No one needs a bunch of people stuck in a high school mentality to label them based on what is said in a comment section on the internet. Anyone who thinks what is said in a comment section on the internet is a good way to accurately gauge a persons overall personality is just plain dumb.
   While I am at it I'd like to address one more person who is acting like a jackass, PZ Myers. PZ I know you really have no interest in listening to anyone who dares to question you but if I could have one minute.
 I had you on my radio show a couple years back and found you to be informative and entertaining. You were a good guest. I went to see you speak at UC Berkley and you did a great job of presenting yourself. What happened? You've turned into an embarrassment. I don't know if you lack any friends to tell you or maybe you just won't listen to them either but I'll tell you something- You need to check yourself.
    Trying to make people look foolish just because you can does not do anyone any good. You have done this on more than one occasion and you should be above such things. To take a readership that you built by being reasonable and turn it into a vehicle to recklessly trash others who are on your side based on information you have no way of knowing is true is incredibly irresponsible. I don't know who the fuck you think you are or what the fuck your motivation is but the damage you have done to the reputations of other people can't be completely fixed even if you wanted. You don't have the right to make other people look bad or to ruin their credibility.  It is a shame to see happen. All you need to do is stop being a dick to people who have common interests. Is that too difficult? Next time you appear at a conference why not just read of a list of atheists you think are dicks and the reasons why?
You do it in parts on your blog, what's the difference? I know the points I make will probably fly right over whatever it is you are using for a head these days but at least I can say I tried

  So to recap....Anyone who has dreams of "cleaning up" the internet can wake the hell up cause no one needs your services forced upon them. Stephanie, your 'effectiveness' is limited to say the least. Luckily you have your childishness to fall back on. Babble all you like and I will keep on presenting my opinions. I'm a part of 4 different podcasts, I write a blog,  I am on many social media sites, and I do guest spots on shows every so often. No one or thing is going to stop me.I have been doing this for years, people who know me know what to expect from me and now you know too don't you Stephanie Zvan?  Now what?

 Oh and Stephanie could you please stop sending emails to my friends about issues you have with me? It is very annoying and kinda creepy. Thanks in advance

Friday, September 7, 2012

PZ Myers-The Leader Who Isn't


To clear up a mistaken assumption I  heard this week. I do not act on behalf of any group or other individuals. I act on behalf of myself. I belong to many many forums and have contact with many groups. None of my actions/words/opinions are officially shared by anyone else unless I specifically state as much or they choose to publicly say so themselves.  This also works the other direction. Others do not speak for me unless I say so. 

Definition of LEADER: a person who has commanding authority or influence 

 PZ Myers says..
 "There was so much projection going on I was wondering how such low-wattage bulbs could be pretentious enough to think they could cast light on anything.
But let me show you a few examples to illustrate what I mean. These are all quotes from people who were yammering at me; pseudonyms have been removed to protect the stupid."


 a : making usually unjustified or excessive claims (as of value or standing)   b : expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature-  For example- PZ Myers referred to those who disagreed with him  as yammering, stupid people, which came off as a bit pretentious.

PZ says

"They cannot comprehend an organization without a dictator, therefore atheism+ has a secret dictator somewhere. They cannot understand how an idea could be advanced without being treated as dogma, therefore atheism+ is dogma." 
He continues..
" I have a surprise for them: I’m not a member of the Atheism+ forum. I am not a leader of this movement; I have no position in it at all. I like the idea and I’m happy to encourage people to explore it, and I’ve long been pushing ideas similar to what has coalesced as the atheism+ movement, but I’m not even remotely “in charge”. And that’s the way I like it."

   Couple of problems here...PZ is a smart fella you want to tell me he can't figure out why people would consider him a leader of the A+ kateers? Even IF he wasn't a leader (he is) there must be enough common sense left in his head to figure out why people would assume he is.

    PZ doesn't realize that people read his blog I guess. He doesn't realize that the reason groups ask him to speak isn't because they want to hear from someone no one listens to. I watched a video of a (boring) talk PZ gave at the Ascent of Atheism convention titled "The Soul of the New Atheism"
I'm not going to question the time put into figuring out a good title. I think that putting the words soul and atheism in the title is going to put people off from the start, but what do I know? I'm no biologist. I must be one of those yammering stupid people PZ is talking about...hmm.

      PZ stands at a podium and talks about A+ for about 45 minutes minus some video footage that people could have watched on you tube instead of in the company of PZ and been perfectly happy. PZ mentions Dawkins several times and tries to convince us that science is the same as social issues. Um.....yea you can not treat social issues the same as you can evolutionary science.There are very few constants.

  Now we have a new scientist telling us about a new, new wave of atheism. PZ Myers, who has almost nothing to do with A+ except he leads google hangouts talking about the subject. He has blogged about it numerous times. He has defended it even as it cost him the respect of many he had earned while talking about things he actually had knowledge of. PZ been unfairly labeling people, publicly attacking people, belittling, and even lying about those who are not in agreement with him. He has been very vocal in his support of A+kateer...he is no leader of it though.
 At the end of the talk PZ takes questions from the crowd. It seems that PZ either has the answers or he knows where to get them. More leadership qualities....
  PZ quit insulting our intelligence, you are to A+ what Tom Cruise is to Scientology, it's most well known member/supporter. That makes you a leader unless you want to shut up about it and let the people you call leaders run the damn show. Just because you aren't part of the A+ forum doesn't disconnect you from every other aspect, you are connected. If you are going to be going around giving talks about A+ at conventions shouldn't you become a member of the A+ forums so you can provide correct and current information to those people who usually paid to listen to you speak?

 PZ says-

"I am deeply amused by the idiot who thought he could point out the hypocrisy of a movement that values diversity by announcing that two privileged old white men are in charge. We’re not. He could only make that claim by ignoring the fact that the person who triggered the whole process and has put in a lot of organizational effort was a privileged young white woman, Jen McCreight, and the person who has been promoting it most wonderfully is a privileged middle-aged white bisexual woman, Greta Christina.

   So because someone calls attention to the two loudest voices involved with A+ he is an idiot? PZ I don't know when you became so dense but it isn't difficult to see how someone would equate Richard Carrier's manifesto and you dressed in a suit with a huge A+ on he front as indications you two were some sort of A+ leaders. From what I have heard and seen , Jen McCreight has been staying away from the internet  because  she isn't comfortable with some of the feedback about A+. She even spent time banned from the internet by her boyfriend. You were running (leading) the google hangout where Jen talked about staying away from the internet you know how she was feeling about it. As for Greta Christina, "promoting it most wonderfully" isn't how I would describe some of her behavior. For the record I had a great deal of respect for Greta, had her as a guest on my podcast, she was interesting and enjoyable to talk to. It bothers me a great deal to see how she has been acting towards her readers/commenters and the way she has been allowing certain commenters to run amok. PZ, go read the comments on the A+scribe blog.

 The comment section eventually  moves toward something more civil but the damage has been done. The people who caused the damage should have known better. It's not as if any of the players are new to the rodeo.
 Is that how A+ works? Is that an example of Greta correctly promoting it? There is a serious problem if that is the case.

PZ says

As I’ve explained, I’m not a member of atheism+ and am not engaged as a leader in any way. Similarly, Rebecca Watson has expressed interest and sympathy with its goals, but is not on the bandwagon. But apparently, we are two great villains, so the people who hate atheism+ imagine that it must be a reflection of our desires. How pathetic.

    At this point I am thinking that I do not need to make a case showing PZ has no social skills, he is doing that himself. Several times now he has mocked other people as idiots when it is he himself who can't connect the damn dots. PZ Myers needs to take a step back, quit screaming "IDIOT" at anyone who doesn't see things the way he does, and realize he isn't a master at social interaction. I'm not saying he has ever claimed to be but he is in way over his head trying to carry this A+ flag. He can't even begin to consider that  there may be valid reasons for the way people feel or the way they see the A+ movement. In case you didn't know it PZ your popularity has dropped so has the number of people who respect you. I know this is going to be hard for you to believe but the reason for this  isn't because a bunch of woman haters are pissed you won't let them abuse women. It's because you have lost touch with the middle of the road and you are treating atheists just like you would creationists. The two are not comparable. Creationists have beliefs based on false data and denial of facts. Atheists who disagree with PZ Myers about social issues, disagree with PZ Myers about social issues, that's it. They aren't stupid just because of that. Everyone has their own line as to what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to social behaviors. There are very few black/white issues when it comes to what are acceptable social behaviors.You seem to be unaware of that fact.

PZ continues...

Another theme that emerged is that, when I said there isn’t a person in charge of atheism+ telling you what to think, well then, it can’t work. Without an authority defining every last nuance, it’s going to fall into endless schism.
I’m pointing out that a label is meaningless if people have multiple interpretations of what it is.
How do you not understand that nobody deciding what Atheism+ is makes it meaningless?
If there’s no leadership/hierarchy, who decides what Atheism+ stands for?
Like, umm, the word “atheist”? There is a straightforward dictionary definition of that word, of course, but one thing you quickly discover if you actually interact with a lot of atheists is that the meaning in practice varies a lot. I have met atheists who believe in reincarnation; atheists who think Chopra is on to something with his ‘universal consciousness’ claims; atheists who are activists and atheists who just want to be left alone; angry anti-religion atheists and atheists who want to build a church of atheism; stupid atheists and smart atheists; philosophical atheists and pragmatic atheists. We’ve got Atheist Alliance and American Atheists and CFI and the American Humanist Association, all promoting atheism with subtle differences in emphasis.
Does that make atheism meaningless? Of course not. I’ve been telling people for years that there is a diverse world of atheism out there, with different causes and different consequences. And I’ve been against this contrary and irrational effort to pretend they’re all the same.

  Okay..uuummm.....Who was ever saying all atheists are the same? I don't know a single person who would say that and I have never heard anyone claim that to be true.

  The disconnect you have here PZ is that there is ONE thing these people have in common, they don't believe in a god(s) And the word atheism has a definition. I looked up the definition of the plus sign.

plus sign

1. Mathematics The symbol (+), as in 2 + 2 = 4, that is used to indicate addition or a positive quantity.
2. Chemistry The same symbol, used to indicate dextrorotatory rotation of polarized light.
 The definition says it all. It is not specific. Most people want to know what term, names, and labels mean.There is nothing specific about a + sign, it is vague. You can say it represents important social values that are good for society....Who says what is important and what isn't? Says who? That's why it seems that A+ needs a leader, at least one who admits they are instead of telling us to ignore the man behind the curtain holding a bunch of yellow bricks.

 PZ says...
A+  states a general emphasis on social justice issues

     What social justice issues? I have heard it is against people who are douchebags. That isn't a good description, it is open to interpretation to say the least. A social action is only as good as the way it accurately defines itself and acts true to that definition.

  Also, I am getting kinda confused. If PZ isn't a leader in the movement in any way. PZ isn't even a member of the A+ forum how does he know anything about what it is? How does he know the A+ movement hasn't changed into something completely different as people began to discuss it in a forum safe from anyone who doesn't agree? So if we were to be honest PZ is calling people stupid and putting them in their place for not knowing exactly what A+ is when he may be talking out of his ass for his entire post (wouldn't be the first time)

PZ says...

Atheism+ is a safe space for people to discuss how religion affects everyone and to apply skepticism and critical thinking to everything, including social issues like sexism, racism, GLBT issues, politics, poverty, and crime.

     So suddenly we all came to an agreement on how to deal with all these social issues and we named it A+? No we didn't?

   Okay so we all want to discuss these issues and do it without anyone disagreeing and being a dick about it? That would be nice except we come back to one of my previous points. Everyone has their own line where reasonable becomes being a dick. Some people are more sensitive than others. Compassionate people are often mistaken as being angry by other because text doesn't provide the emotions a person is feeling. This is a very common problem and results in misunderstandings constantly especially among people who are unaware of how emotion and mannerisms can effect the way a persons words are interpreted.
   It is impossible to discuss complex social issues and not have disagreement and sometimes very emotional disagreement. There is a reason we must deal with social issues and it isn't because of religion alone. We also need to realize that logical and skeptical thinking isn't going to solve all those issues.

PZ says..

And the assholes creep out of the woodwork to find excuses to tell these people, indirectly, that applying critical thinking to social issues is bad. Oh, they can’t come right out and say that, of course, because that would make their stupidity obvious; so they invent bizarre excuses that it doesn’t have a pope, therefore it can’t work, or that it’s hypocritical because it made an old white man a cardinal, or that its a movement that is “divisive” — a favorite word in that crowd — as if their raging sexism and unconcern for broader social issues weren’t already divisive


   I'm sick of PZ Myers accusing people of things like "raging sexism" when they disagree with him. Who has no concern for broader social issues? Is there an "Atheists Against Minorities" group I'm unaware of? No because that type of group would be dealt with if it should arise. Applying critical thinking isn't bad when you apply it to social issues as long as part of that critical thinking includes realizing critical thinking won't solve all the issues. Then what do you do? A+ doesn't seem to have an answer for that. There is little if any room for disagreement in the A+kateers club. It doesn't encourage debate or even discussion, at least not that I have seen yet. It includes accusing the person in disagreement of some broad hate even if they only disagree on some small point, then banning them and talking shit after they are gone. PZ has been a leader on this tactic also.

PZ says..

So, all you anti-atheist+ people, I challenge you: tell me what will happen to you if you don’t join atheism+? (Oh, and keep in mind that I haven’t ‘joined’ anything either; I’m more sympathetic than you are, but you won’t find my name on the atheism+ forum, yet.)
Here are the only answers that they came up with.
You don’t see it that way? The whole “Come to Atheism+ or we’ll leave you?” Carrier’s “Join us or we’ll never be friends?” Etc.?
Those evil atheist+ fanatics might unfriend you on facebook if you don’t join! Rarely has a tyranny had such awesome instruments of coercion. That’s really all we’ve got; we can decide you’re an asshole because you don’t share our values, and we can stop associating with you. Everyone does that. It’s not a special power, it is not the application of force.
 Challenge accepted.....
   I have watched on thread after thread as people are banned for no good reason, accused of being what they are not, and linked to deeds they never were a part of. All of this is not good for anyone. It builds resentment and it makes comment sections hostile towards anyone with a differing point of view. It hurts our ability to work together towards a common goal. It does this by indicating atheists who don't have a + don't back the things A+ claims to support.
   I was publicly accused of trolling the A+scribe website simply because I signed into the site. Then I had a conflict with the person running the twitter account. Because I was pissed at being accused of something I hadn't done. I was described as "a man who has been politely rejected by a woman and then starts to yell at her" I didn't have any idea if it was a man or a woman I was dealing with and "politely rejected" suddenly describes when a person falsely accuses you of something?  I was told that my criticism of A+ made me evil.
    It isn't going to cause me to cry myself to sleep but I don't like being accused of being what I am not. Nobody has the right to lie about me or what  I am. I am not the only person to go through this type of shit. I am unfairly judged and labeled as something I am not because of A+.  If anyone is stupid in this whole thing one of those people would be PZ Myers. He is too stupid to realize what is going on because he is too busy being unquestionably correct about everything. If he wasn't stupid then he would have wrote about Richard Carrier and how that loon fits into the A+ equation or if he does at all.How he thinks halting interaction with people you don't agree with is productive and make you deserving of a + sign is beyond my understanding. Obviously PZ must have an idea of how many different people are defining A+ why are people stupid when they don't know who is right? After all there is no spokesperson, no central figure. And if A+ can be defined by each person as they choose why aren't more people involved up in arms about good old Dick's version?
   PZ himself has been guilty over and over again of calling people stupid and portraying them as foolish and silly  just because they have a differing opinion from his. PZ Myers doesn't seem to be able to understand just because someone disagrees with you it doesn't automatically make them stupid or wrong. Whether PZ likes it or not A+  gives the impression that it considers itself a better version of atheism, the attitude of the people who are wonderfully promoting it proves that to be the case. It can not make such a claim because it has not proven anything yet. Time will tell us if the + really makes a positive difference. So far it has caused more problems than it has solved.

PZ says..

You get the idea. I spent an hour arguing with really stupid people. But then, I’ve spent even more time arguing with creationists, so I’m used to it. 

   And I have spent too much time addressing people who are behaving like children on the playground.Calling other kids names because they are different. Don't get me wrong I will call somebody an idiot when they deserve it but they don't deserve it because they are ignorant or just think different. Everyone is ignorant about something, even PZ Myers but I don't know if he would ever admit it. Some people who take every message they get as an immediate and direct threat have started a special club because they couldn't stand up and fight when something they believed in was being hijacked. Instead they ran away to hide where it was safe from people who don't make things as easy as possible and don't say nice things in a nice way.

     PZ you are a leader because people pay attention to your words. There was a time when I could understand why people did so. Now, not so much. You spend too much time acting as if the people who speak out against you are also acting against everyone else in the same manner. That isn't true. You are going to be one of the contacts people go to when they disagree with A+ because you act like you are a leader of some type. Why are you treating people like idiots by expecting them to believe you aren't? For you to expect anyone to believe you have nothing to do with A+ except you mention in passing because you like the idea, even calling anyone who suggests it names, makes you look like a lop.You are promoting this A+ thing and have made it part of your conference talks. Now you own part of it at least, accept it is what Tom Cruise would do.

Here's the link to PZ's full  blog post 

I don't think anything was taken out of context but you may check for yourself