Monday, January 25, 2010

An Independent Party

The Democrats and Republicans are in trouble. the reason why is of their own making.
through arrogance and ignorance the two party system is finally working together to achieve a result that, in my opinion will be one of the best things to ever happen to this country.
The evolution of a two party system has always bothered me. I know the reasons our elected officials bringing about a two party system, it reminds me of religion, a way to control people. The issue that has always bothered me is the way a party system restricts choices and views.
Whatever party you belong to has a stance on issues and if you deviate from that platform you are seen as disloyal to your party.
maybe it's just me but if you consider each issue independently it seems the government and society would be more likely to find answers that work out better for everyone.
Now I have given away the name of the of a group strengthened by bickering, infighting, childish debates and inaction...the Independents.
One poll puts the numbers as follows
Independents 39%
Democrats 33%
Republicans 22%

The good thing, again, in my opinion, is the fact Independents are growing, and growing fast.
As the youth enter the tricky world of political opinion they are realizing that to align themselves with one political party will limit their choices on issues that many times seem to be common sense unrealized because of a pledge to one party or another.
I wonder if the ways of the old boy network are being slowly squashed by the results of arrogant and often stupid old men and women too caught up in their foolish ways to notice a group growing behind them.
Wouldn't it be ironic if a group call 'Independents' could manage to bring us all closer together?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson...The Real Devil

A horrible thing happened. this was followed by several good actions and another horrible one.
Pat Robertson had the nerve to say the people of Haiti had made 'a deal with the devil' to get the French out of their country. implying that that action, which he called a 'true story' was somehow connected to the 7.0 quake in Haiti.
I remember Pat Robertson from when I was young. My grandma would watch the 700 Club..religiously. Even when I was young I knew there was something wrong with the way she followed what the people on that program had to say and contributed to their cause. It was much like the feeling I got when she watched soap operas....religiously.
Pat Robertson has many people thinking, or believing I should say, god speaks through him. Mr. Robertson was,and maybe still is, interested in becoming the leader of our country. The thought of that happening gives me a very cold chill down my spine.
I have the feeling, an I really hope it is correct, that good old evil Pat does not speak for the majority of Christians. I also have the feeling that Pat has now risen, or sunk to the same level of people such as Rush 'dickhead' Limbaugh and Bill 'blood on my hands' O'Reilly.
Not that I have ever liked Pat 'I have no compassion' Robertson and I am well aware of the fact he has earned the right to be put in such a category long ago but to suggest that the people suffering, crying, and dying in Haiti somehow brought it on themselves by making a deal with a force that does not exist is sickening, stupid, and very dangerous.
We need to help the people in Haiti and not start suggesting that the devil did it. People like Robertson will stunt our progression on so many levels it is frightening.
I honestly hope his 700 club house has a quake of it's own resulting in his ignorance suffering it's own death.