Sunday, May 2, 2010

Without god???

My son is disabled. When people talk about religion I often wonder where they think he is going to go when he dies. Allow me to go a bit deeper into things....My son has Cerebral Palsy. He does not walk, he does not talk, in English anyway. He will never be able to feed himself, dress himself, go to the bathroom, out to dinner, or sit and drink a beer outside on a starlit night and wonder if there is a god.
He lives in his own world and there is no god, or religion involved in it. Since the bible of Christians says those who do not accept Jesus will be dammed to burn for eternity I guess my son, who laughs easily, loves sponge-bob cartoons, and couldn't do another living thing harm on purpose, is doomed.
This brings me to another thought...If the bible is the word of god, why were so many important issues left out, or giving cryptic passages? Why would God leave us to wonder about things? Why now, when there are 7 billion people on the planet does he leave us to wonder about him, to kill in his name and flounder about trying to make sense of a two thousand year old book and apply it to our lives today?
I have tried to search and find out if the Christians have answer for my son's plight. The consensus seems to be that he will be allowed into heaven and he will be given the opportunity to accept god when he is "old enough" well this causes me several questions.
Do we keep aging in heaven? Will my sons soul be able to comprehend the concept of god sometime after he dies? My sons disabilities have helped me to grow and question organized religion as well as my own perspective on the world and why we are here.
Some sad fools may try to use my change in thinking to excuse god's presence in my sons life, telling me it is all "in gods plan". My issue with this argument is god's plan sucks and it makes us live a life of wonder, sitting through our existence never knowing what the answers are and dying while we wait to find out.
I have learned through my reading, listening and learning that my son is good with who he is, his life, and without a god who wants to play childish games.... and so am I.

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