Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Speak

There are many ways to express yourself. These days the possibilities are endless. Some like to take the serious route, just posting what they believe to be facts and/or truths and leaving it at that. Some like to go on the attack, demanding others think like them and looking to crush those who oppose their own point of view. There are some who seem to have no stance on a subject and tend to contradict themselves or do nothing more then confuse the people they reach leaving them to scratch their head and say "huh?"

Some like to do nothing but shock you to the point where the point is lost. Then there are some in to take a humorous route trying to make you laugh along the way.

Blogging, comments, social sharing, podcasting, and going out into the real world to work for what we believe in seem to be the most popular ways people choose to get their thoughts out. None of them are wrong or bad. The important thing to me is that people express what they thing.

Over the years the one thing that saddens me is not the hate mongers so much as the hand sitters. The ones who just sit on their hands, never speaking up, never telling the world what they think. There really is no bad way to express yourself. It has taken me a while to realize this.

I have done and still do several radio. I used to be a bit weary of sharing some of these shows with others. I was worried about offending people, I was worried that they would think less of me because I tend to present things in a way which would not be considered "normal". I don't' care about that anymore. What I care about is speaking my mind.

I know not everyone will enjoy my way of doing things, but that does not make it any less valid or honest. I simply do what I do and it is good not to sit on my hands.... I have tried it and it doesn't please me....Should it?

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