Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walk On

I do a few radio shows, and over the years I have dealt with many different individuals. The people I am currently dealing with are Knocker Lee and Todd Sheets. Knocker and I go back a while and we make a great team. Todd and I also go back a while but just recently started doing the radio thing together. I have said this before and will say it again. Todd is nothing less than a stand up guy. Todd is on top of things at Jackalope Radio. Many people have a problem with Reapsowradio, they call me an asshole and say I do nothing but destroy. Well to that I say Yes! I do destroy, at least I try to destroy ignorance. I always check my information to make sure it is accurate. I have heard Todd is catching some slack lately over several things. Here is my opinion on those issues.

1. People are mad about Reapsowradio on Jackalope Radio has a variety of shows on and that is what life should be about...variety! If people don't like my show, don't listen....It is that simple! Todd and I have spoken about it and he assures me Reapsowradio is going to stay part of the line up. Bless him for that! If anyone has an issue with my show, or its content, I would suggest they contact me and leave Todd alone.

2. Jackalope had an issue with their server going down. Anyone who wants to criticize Todd for a server going down in Germany needs to at least try learning about how the world works. Technology is grand but sometimes it fails. All mechanical things fail from time to time. Have any of the people who want to jump on Todd ever had a car breakdown? Has your washing machine ever stopped working? Has the power ever gone out at your home? The ignorance in blaming Todd for a hard drive failure across the Atlantic amazes me, in fact I would have to call it plain stupidity.

3. Jackalope stealing shows. Parachallenged radio was allegedly stolen from ASPRN. Kathy Barts has come out saying this is not true. My feelings on this are.....Kathy has the right to do with her show whatever the hell she likes. PERIOD!~

4. Some people expect something for nothing....and then some! Todd has gone out of his way for some people to help their shows get on the air, and succeed. He has shown this on many occasions with myself and others. The problem is when you do things for others just because you want to help often times those people start to take your help for granted and expect to keep giving. I have had this happen to me and to a certain level it is natural. I certainly don't expect a "thank you" every day but when people start to talk smack because the favors you have done do not meet up to their expectations then that is selfish and childish.

5. People going into the Jackalope chat and talking shit. This is low classed in and of itself but when you do it and the other party isn't even there to answer to your attack it is just chicken shit. If the people who were involved read this I would suggest you try to grow a spine and quit acting like scared little morons.

As I have said I have been doing radio for a while, and If you are new to it let me suggest you realize the fact you don't know it all, and like everyone else, you never will. Face it, and walk on.

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