Sunday, March 28, 2010

Atheism Attacked

Some lady got pissed off because a friend was promoting "A" week too close to Easter. I had a problem with that because "A" week has nothing to do in any way with the Easter Holiday, it does not attack the holiday, it does not represent any type of hate towards Jesus.

To be blunt.....I am sick to death of people who expect me to have respect for their beliefs while mine or lack of can be pushed aside without thought or consideration. I have never been very religious. I watched the 700 club with my grandma when I was a kid. I attended church a couple of times but the whole "Jesus loves you" thing never went over well with me.

As I have lived my life reading and learning, and hearing about the suffering of the innocent my doubts in the beliefs of organized religion have grown stronger. It has been what feels like a natural progression in my mind set, learning about science, watching friends die before their time should be through and having a son born disabled.

I have written about my son before, a handsome boy who laughs easily and can do no harm to anyone on purpose. Happy in his world yet as a father I know what could have been, it would be nice to see him run and play on his way to enjoying the world and learning about why he is here, passing the knowledge along as he goes. That will not happen and though it gives me comfort that my son is happy in his world it also gives me one more reason to think there is no divine power that cares about how these things play out.

This brings me to the fact that many are not so lucky, needless suffering goes on even as I write this. People are destroyed each second as life throws despair at them. The needless suffering of the innocent is the one most obvious indication that the "God" the bible describes does not exist. If anyone has issue with that then I would suggest you disconnect your self from me and not judge me for my view of what I have learned as I go through my life because it is not in anyone's best interest to waste time wasting time on intolerance.

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