Sunday, March 14, 2010


Music is a funny thing. I don't know how we evolved to play and appreciate it but we have, that can not be denied.
Even as small children we will start to bounce and wave our arms around, smiling to a catchy tune.
Before we can even talk, the music hits us in a way that we can not resist.
Some of my earliest memories can surface just by hearing a certain song. the power music has to effect us in so many ways is something I have always found interesting. Music can sooth you in times of stress, it can also send you to the depths of sadness as it reminds you of your lost love.
The simplest of songs on the playground can bring together a group of children and make a campfire seem that much warmer.
A mothers soothing voice, singing about things we know nothing about can drive away the monsters and provide a sense of warmth which lasts through the dark night.
Even as adults we start to sway and tap our feet to a tune that touches our spirit, never minding how we appear to others, the music has taken us over.
When I am in a good mood you can hear me singing in the rain as I shower, like a sick songbird, oblivious of the others I may be offending....after all music is what you make of it.

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