Saturday, March 13, 2010

Handi What???

When I was a kid my Dad and Mom had weekend season tickets to the Oakland A's games. I like baseball because it is a sport that takes it's time and I find it enjoyable to watch.I was never very good at it but that didn't stop me from playing in the street with my friends in my youth.
I went to my son's first baseball game today. To clear up a formality he has cerebral palsy...I was wondering how the event was going to roll out because he does not have the muscle control to hold a bat and swing at a ball he is also limited to a wheelchair. It was a great day for baseball though and Beth and I were happy to be able to attend the event. We greeted Christopher and his Mom (who is a great mom btw) and took our seats in the bleachers. One of the ladies who was running the event came up and asked if there were were any volunteers to be catcher....I sat up and told her I would do it....after being warned about random flying bats I took my place behind the plate setting the ball on the tee as needed and directing the kids what direction to run after the ball was knocked in some direction. As I handled (and dodged) the baseball bats and balls I had in the back of my mind people who make fun of the disabled...they are ignorant. These kids were having a great time and very aware of what they were doing. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the crowd was cheering and clapping, it was awesome.
There were no parents expecting any more from their kids than what they could naturally achieve. There was no yelling except in support. The best thing was there were no 'outs' every child got to base, every child got to run to home plate, and every child got to go to bat 2x. These kids were happy with who they were and what they could do...I think we could all learn a lesson from them....Some times I think it us, the people without disabilities who are really disabled at appreciating what we can we can do and what we have been given.....


  1. good blog. I went to a little league game of my nephews, this was in the mid 90s and as we were in the bleachers, one kid slides into 3rd and looks like he hurt himself bad. I heard one parent stand up and say GOOD I HOPE HE BROKE HIS LEG!!! I turned around and said what kind of parent would say that to a little kid. These games have gotten much worse. I wish they all were like yours. I think parents like that are the ones who are disabled in there heads and the kids are the normal ones sometimes.

  2. Very well written and you're right it is those without disabilities who sometimes are the disabled, especially in their ways of thinking.. Thanks for coming out, being catcher and being one who does not fit in the above category....I appreciate it and I know Chris really enjoyed having you, as well as Beth, there...see you next weekend....