Saturday, March 27, 2010

The News 3

Well McCain and Palin had a rally yesterday....biggest problem McClain had was no one came to see him, in fact most of the people who support Palin don't like McClain. luckily Sara Palin is too damn dumb to figure this out which could result in her popularity decline, we can only hope.....

The local auto plant (NUMI) I talked about in my last news report, you know the one offering severance packages of $50,000+ to the workers losing their jobs?
Well now Toyota and GM are not stepping up to clean up the land for safe use after they are gone.
Decades of manufacturing autos has done some serious damage to the land. I wonder if anyone will realize now is the time to come down on both Toyota and GM rather than leave it to a non-profit environmental group. We should be looking to the governor to try being a real-life hero and address this issue now before those responsible leave town.

Driving down the freeway today, I saw a pick-up truck with a sign proclaiming our only hope, as Americans was for Obama to fail. rush Limbaugh be damned I will never understand why anyone would want the leader of the nation to fail while proclaiming their love for the country. it is just another one of the points of view i don't want to understand because to relate to that type of mindset would disturb me greatly.

Sandra Cantu, age 8 at the time of her murder is obviously still missed. on the 1 year anniversary of her disappearance and murder i am taking a minute to think about how she was kidnapped, raped, murdered, stuffed in a suitcase, and dumped in a pond by a woman who lived a couple doors down from her.
The woman was also a Catholic Sunday School teacher. i would be stupid to lay any blame on the Catholic religion for Sandra's death but it gives me one more reason to think about my own religious beliefs and feel even more secure in the way I want nothing to do with the god of organized religion.

To wrap up today's news, it has been 1 week since my birthday and I feel just fine. The sun is out today and I am sitting in the sun....Oh, and now would be a good time to hug your kids in case you didn't get the point of my last story.
Stay tuned....more news will be coming up, much to our dismay...................

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