Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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In today's news....
A Santa Clara supervisor is looking to clamp down on the toys offered in kids meals. Seems a bit silly to me, I mean it's not like the toys are making kids obese, it's the food. A Star Wars action figure is not making Johnny or Mary fat. The choices parents are making on their kids behalf is the problem. The fast food chains have done a decent job offering somewhat healthy choices in their kids meals. The bottom line is companies will sell us what we will buy. If people want to buy chicken nuggets and double cheeseburgers for their kids, that is the issue. How hard is it to make a damn sandwich and place a banana on a plate or even cut up a piece of fruit?
Seems like another politician who wants to make it look like he is doing some good by attacking an item associated with a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

Of course the health care bill has been passed and signed. No matter which side you fall on you will have to agree, it is a change. What we were doing was not working, to say the least. Any change, in my opinion, is a move forward.
Will it work? Well no one knows yet, but one of the problems this country has is we expect perfect legislation the first time, just like we expect instant results to recover from years of bad leadership. It is like expecting a drug user to quit cold turkey, that seldom happens. It starts with knowing change must occur, then trying and modifying behaviors as you go, keeping what works and discarding what does not.
Doing this will result in healthy change if you keep working at it. I'm not going to say that the health care reform bill is perfect because it is not but I breathe a sigh of relief at it passing because what we doing with health care was just sick.
And to wrap up the news..My daughter is doing well in school and my son's baseball games are going just fine. There is never a losing team at his games.. More on this in the sports segment...coming up.....

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  1. It seems that people need a cause no matter what it is. Cracking down on the toys? That is about as retarded as you can get. Parents that repeatedly take their kids there for a majority of their meals is who needs to be cracked down on. Sheesh, our society is so out of whack and going south fast. Let's get rid of "kids need to express themselves" and start returning the morals and standards that were expected when I was a kid. Hell, those days if you were different, the world let you know it wasn't ok and that is the ONLY way it should be. Let's get rid of the weird crap and set our priorities where they should be!