Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have made a few new friends this week. The truth is you can never have too many friends. The best thing about the friends I have made this week is we will not always see eye to eye. I don't expect to, in fact I don't want to...
If I was to think back to when I first started writing and voicing my opinion then I would have to admit being a bit of a times.
Some would say I still am, and at times..... or to certain people, that would be correct.
The important thing I have realized as I meet more people and grow my contact with people of differing opinions and perspective is, no one is always correct and very seldom is anyone always wrong (there may be a couple of exceptions to this, the jury is still out)
It is really amazing the way a person can have friends of such different perspectives, if you always associate with people who think just like you and always agree then that is too bad. You will lose out on ideas and opinions that may just help you to enjoy your time on earth, or at least make it more interesting.
Just by having a conversation with someone you disagree with instead of slamming them or labeling them as 'stupid' or 'silly' then you could very well discover that maybe you are not so far apart. I can attest to that fact, it has happened to me more times than I can count. Even if you do not agree with someone you should at least try to understand why they see, think, or feel the way they do and remember...You are not that person, you do not know their story and you never will unless you try, and who doesn't love a new story?

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  1. I couldn't agree more Reap. I have made some new friends lately as well.. You being one of them. We were FB and MS friends before but we never actually talked until most recently. Polly as well! No of course I'm not going to agree with you all the time, you should see some of the disagreements I have with some of my friends.. They get heated... But we still stay friends b/c we know that we're never going to change just because someone doesn't agree w/our views or opinions. That's what makes this nation great!!! We are all entitled to our own opinions and ideals.