Thursday, March 18, 2010

The News

And now for the news....
the Catholics are blaming their latest troubles they are having on the devil. While they won't go so far as to say the religious leaders who have been caught up in the pedophile charges have been possessed by demons, they do blame the sickening behavior on "the temptations of Satan" As silly as this seems it is also an indication of just how hard up the church is to lay the blame elsewhere rather than where it belongs. It belongs on the shoulders of the people guilty of such actions and on the heads of the Catholic church who have done nothing to solve the problem except den, hide, and conjure up demons to protect their own....

a local automaker is closing it's doors soon here where I live. It is called NUMI and it is a product of Toyota and GM joining together. The current economic climate has brought the closing of this plant.
The workers of the plant are, of course, not happy about the closing, can't blame them really.
In the news today there is an announcement of the severance package offered by Toyota and GM.... The average amount each worker will receive is $54,000. The workers are still not happy.
I can understand the anger over losing your job but people across the country have been losing their jobs too and they sure as hell are not getting a severance package, unless you count a pink slip which is not worth much.
like I said the fact the jobs are being lost is really bad but at least they are getting a cushion, it's more than what most get. There is unemployment to consider too.
It could always be worse.....
And as my last news report....I have planted my garden. The corn and onions are coming up quite nicely...more at 11....

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