Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am sitting around relaxing at one of my favorite places to.........well, hang out! It is my birthday so I suppose a few moments of reflection on things and a look forward are required. Like I have said before this birthday does not bother me much. So many friends have wished me happy birthday it forces me to look at what I have done and the friends I have made along my road in life. It is good to know you effect things and even though it does not show my humble side I have managed to effect change. I think the best part of all my blabbing on my radio shows and pecking at this damn keyboard is the ability to make people consider things they otherwise would not.

I live with myself all the time and what I think seems obvious to me which sometimes keeps me from talking or writing about it. After all who wants the obvious to be pointed out to them? I have learned over time that some of what I think is obvious is not to others. One of the greatest compliments I think a writer can get is when someone says "I never thought of it that way, very interesting!" Yet, I still struggle with the thought that what my thoughts are will be the thought of others, I guess we all do.

On another note, all of my closest family has wished me a happy birthday today which has not happened in quite some time. Getting to watch my son play baseball and running the bases with him (not to mention the awesome underdog shirt, thanks Christopher!) was great of course. My Dad emailed me, my daughter called me and so did my Mom (miracles do happen). I am now hanging (like I said) with my best friend as we pass the time waiting for ourselves to decide where to have dinner.

Now for the future part......This is a bit trickier. I'll keep working my real life job (yes, I have one). I will keep doing my radio show, and I will keep writing about what may be obvious to me. In other words I will keep on chugging along like we all do, making new friends along the way.......was that obvious?

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