Friday, March 12, 2010

Inactive God

So I am watching the BBC news...They are covering the top news events and I hear more about wars, lots of wars. The reason for 90% of the wars covered in this days broadcast? Religion.......fights over whose god is the right one. People hacked and burned and shot over a god who allows this to go on in his name. Am I crazy to think it is all crazy? I know it's gone on for thousands of years and it will go on but I can not find any rational reason for it. I suppose I must put the mandatory disclaimer in about now to let people know I understand all religious people do not kill and maim in the name of their god. Some religious people do though, that is a fact. To kill babies, women, children, to take any life because people believe in a different god than you has got to be one of the most saddening and sickening things I have ever had to hear and see in my life. The most frustrating thing about it is my inability to stop it.......I wish the god these people believe so strongly in would lend a hand but that seems unlikely to ironic I guess he just watches much like I do to the BBC news. I wish he was just as sickened by the actions of those who claim to act in his name. What a grand plan he must have....

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