Monday, March 29, 2010

God's Plan

The Jehovah Witnesses come by my house once in a while. To be honest I don't mind it. They were a couple of older ladies who were a bit taken aback by my tattoos and bald head at first but after a friendly welcome from me (which they probably are not used to) the conversation started.

The best thing about these two ladies was the way they were not afraid to say "I don't know" when I asked them the tough questions. Such as, why is beer okay but weed is not? They tried to tell me drinking beer was natural because the ingredients it was made from were created by God which I of course countered making the point marijuana was also created by God and didn't even have to be "made" by people so it was even more pure than beer, if we were to use their reasoning. After that point they told me they had not considered it that way before and assured me it was something they would ask their pastor about.

Don't get me wrong, the conversation was respectful and these two ladies both had a wonderful sense of humor. We laughed as we realized that the "other side" was not so bad after all. As we progressed they did start to quote scripture which has always annoyed me a bit, because I know the facts about the translation of the bible which I wont go into here other than to suggest you google "King James" and learn how than't whole deal works.

After a couple of scriptures I brought up one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to belief in God. The suffering of innocent people needlessly. I have heard it explained as "Gods plan". I wonder what kind of "plan" God could possibly have to cause people to suffer the way they often do. Another argument I often hear on this is you can't not have happiness without sadness or good without evil.

Even if that was true why would God need to cause the suffering of innocent children? Isn't there enough sadness and evil without putting it upon babies and children? After making this point I had left my new friends at a point to which they had very little to say in answer. I actually felt kind of bad for them. I felt like a pair of headlights which had come up a pair of deer.

Realizing this I gave them a smile and a bit of a laugh and told them how much I had enjoyed our conversation. They snapped out of the daze and thanked me back. I informed them they were more than welcome to come back anytime to chat some more and wished them a wonderful day.

I have not seen them again in sometime, I figure is is probably just part of "Gods plan".

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