Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stephanie Zvan and Friends-STFU

 The following is not a meltdown (give me a break) and I use foul language (break number two please) So if you are offended by such language you should just move on to other things. My grammar may also suck. This means if you are an English teacher you may break out into hives or something while reading, otherwise I will assume you can figure it out. I hope I didn't overestimate anyone. Funny I usually don't have to make these points........

   First, I'm not going anywhere. Second, if any single one of the morons who have been talking shit and pretending like they know who or what I am would like to own up to their assumptions and have real conversation with me then I am more than willing to do just that. If Jason The Lousy Canuck wants to talk shit let him do it straight to me. If Stephanie Zvan can't understand how she is being childish and why I think she is being a bitch then I am happy to tell her so personally. If any one of the judgmental groupies on the blogs Stephanie (or anyone else) has spent time writing about me has anything to say they too are invited to say it straight to me. The keyboard warrior bit may awe some of the more easily impressed people out there but I'm not one of those people. I guess I could sum it up as follows- Step up or shut up.

 Stephanie Zvan, you simplistic moron, I can't explain it to you in a more simple fashion than I already have.
  I'm not about too be bullied and I'm not going to cower to anyone. You would save time and effort to accept the fact that you can not win. I can't stress this point enough.  The petition you started against Justin Vacula was based on incorrect assumptions. You refused to even consider for one minute that maybe you were biased or maybe some of the shit you had been hearing was not quite true.
    Or maybe you fell for some of Jason's  rhetoric. It's a fact The Lousy Canuck has a lot of trouble telling the damn truth.  How pathetic it is to need to make up crap and build up drama in order to make a point anyone will give a shit about? I guess Canuck can't find any real topics that he can present factually and make interesting, too bad for him. I counted the fallacies in one of his blog posts and it was just sad. It is a stretch calling him skeptical or even level-headed. He was all emotional and weepy because he thought people were attacking  Surly Amy when no one was attacking her, it was her ideas that were the problem. It would be nice if he would take aim at some inanimate objects instead of trashing real people with his lies and high school drama.
  Even if Justin Vacula was talking shit it doesn't make him a woman hater it means he is having an argument with a person who happens to be a woman. How can anyone not know the difference? Justin has plenty of support from women who know him in real life. Did you ever stop to consider their opinions? Nope. Cause you know it all already. I have news for you and several others- You don't know everything about everyone, it's impossible for you to know especially if you only know what a person has posted on the net. It's the internet. I'm not sure if you are stupid or you are just pretending to be completely uninformed about behavior on the internet. A large percentage of people on the internet say things they would never say to a person face to face and they threaten to do things they would never have the testicular fortitude to pull off in real life. That is the way it is and it is a well established fact. Try reading more.
     I happen to think Stephanie is a huge bitch while on the internet, why she feels the need to be a bitch I do not know. In real life I would assume she is functional and probably doesn't speak to people in the same manner as she does on the net. Maybe I'm wrong and she is a bitch in real life too. I don't imagine many people would like her or want to be around her but at least she would be consistent. See? Notice the way I admit I don't know for sure? Even if I do make assumptions I like to fall on the positive side because there must be some good qualities about Stephanie she is just hiding them while she is on the net ......maybe.
    Same goes for Jason except I would think he is probably one of those people who annoys others when speaking to them because he can't translate his ideas into words very well. Otherwise he probably means well. Or he could be a bitter, socially inept wuss who can only get the revenge he seeks on those who have wronged him by lashing out and telling lies about whoever comes along. There really is no way to know for sure because I am not psychic and, unlike Stephanie, I don't  make assumptions and present them as facts.
     What this all comes down to is a bunch of people who think they know more about the world than anyone else wanting to force their thinking on others and I'm here to tell those people to FUCK OFF. You aren't going to force your methods or reasoning on me. I'm smart enough to know what is right and wrong and what is in between. I am also smart enough to know that everyone should be included in dialogue. People who are ignorant or behave in ways that are harmful to others will usually learn by example because people want to fit in. They will have to follow certain rules of behavior in order to be active participants or people will NATURALLY move away from those behaviors or they will be told to stop being a dick. You don't dismiss people completely because they don't think like you.
    No one needs a bunch of people stuck in a high school mentality to label them based on what is said in a comment section on the internet. Anyone who thinks what is said in a comment section on the internet is a good way to accurately gauge a persons overall personality is just plain dumb.
   While I am at it I'd like to address one more person who is acting like a jackass, PZ Myers. PZ I know you really have no interest in listening to anyone who dares to question you but if I could have one minute.
 I had you on my radio show a couple years back and found you to be informative and entertaining. You were a good guest. I went to see you speak at UC Berkley and you did a great job of presenting yourself. What happened? You've turned into an embarrassment. I don't know if you lack any friends to tell you or maybe you just won't listen to them either but I'll tell you something- You need to check yourself.
    Trying to make people look foolish just because you can does not do anyone any good. You have done this on more than one occasion and you should be above such things. To take a readership that you built by being reasonable and turn it into a vehicle to recklessly trash others who are on your side based on information you have no way of knowing is true is incredibly irresponsible. I don't know who the fuck you think you are or what the fuck your motivation is but the damage you have done to the reputations of other people can't be completely fixed even if you wanted. You don't have the right to make other people look bad or to ruin their credibility.  It is a shame to see happen. All you need to do is stop being a dick to people who have common interests. Is that too difficult? Next time you appear at a conference why not just read of a list of atheists you think are dicks and the reasons why?
You do it in parts on your blog, what's the difference? I know the points I make will probably fly right over whatever it is you are using for a head these days but at least I can say I tried

  So to recap....Anyone who has dreams of "cleaning up" the internet can wake the hell up cause no one needs your services forced upon them. Stephanie, your 'effectiveness' is limited to say the least. Luckily you have your childishness to fall back on. Babble all you like and I will keep on presenting my opinions. I'm a part of 4 different podcasts, I write a blog,  I am on many social media sites, and I do guest spots on shows every so often. No one or thing is going to stop me.I have been doing this for years, people who know me know what to expect from me and now you know too don't you Stephanie Zvan?  Now what?

 Oh and Stephanie could you please stop sending emails to my friends about issues you have with me? It is very annoying and kinda creepy. Thanks in advance


  1. I am with you 100 percent. Observations on PZ are identical to what I have witnessed, and I WAS a longtime follower/commenter at his site for at least a couple years before he went off the rails.

    You are not alone. The list of personal casualties is growing longer and longer every day, but the blow to the very core of group logic was delivered last year by Rebecca Watson, with her ridiculous elevator guy screeds and rationalizations. I was quick to come to the support of Richard Dawkins, when his cogent comments on the incident caused the "American Girlyban" contingent

    Welcome to the new age era of "touchy-feely" atheism. Finally, somebody has figured out a way to carve out a space where non-rational atheists can feel at home.


  2. Well said Reap. I've been a fan of yours for a while and appreciate your hard work. The house of cards seems to be falling around them and people are disassociating themselves from them in droves. Hopefully these fucking cunts will disappear into obscurity sooner rather than later.