Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Loudmouth Canuck Strikes (out) Again

      I'm afraid I owe certain people an apology. I am big enough to admit I'm wrong unlike some people. As tough as it is to admit it, I stand corrected today. Remember that blog I wrote talking about how the Lousy Canuck, Jason Thibeault and Stephanie Zvan were probably okay people in real life? I'm sorry but it looks like I was wrong about that. Not just wrong but  "what the hell were you thinking?!" wrong. I'm sorry I misled you.
 You see I had an exchange of ideas with Jason today except only one of us knew what the exchange rate was. Or maybe Jason Thibeault is just cheap.  I know, I know I shouldn't be talking like that if I am to be fair. Well I have been pretty fair up til now. I am not jumping to conclusions. I admitted in the beginning there could be some redeeming qualities about Jason we were not aware of. Maybe he was just being a jerk while on line. After today I am going to have trouble showing any amount of consideration for Jason unless he can learn how to connect the dots.
    I don't know exactly when Jason got the promotion to PZ's message boy/bodyguard but I  suppose we should congratulate him. Great work Canuck the job seems to fit your ability. Living up to the 'lousy' part of his name Jason figured it was his place to tell me PZ Myers was not calling me a racist when he posted as a last word to Al Stefanelli.
" I've enjoyed your conversation and wish you well but"  followed by a youtube video of  Your Racist Friend by They Might be Giants (see below)
This is what PZ Myers will post when he isn't calling people racists according to the lousy canuck

   This was also was around the same time PZ was acting like Stephanie Zvan's pimp or something defending her and talking smack because I had called her a bitch (note: she was being a bitch)
  While most people took the opportunity to label Al Stefanelli a racist because they didn't like his hat ( Real high IQ the people reading PZ's blog these days huh?) Many people also figured PZ was referring to me since I am Al's friend and the masters of the obvious at freethoughtblogs had suddenly realized Al and I hosted a radio show, a radio show PZ had been a guest on in the past. We had been doing so for a few years. There was even a blog post on Skepdirt telling the story. PZ was one of the commenters on that blog and he never mentioned a misunderstanding about the meaning behind his post.
  Why am I telling you  a story about Jason Thibeault being wrong? What's that? It's happened so many times no gets surprised by it anymore? Yes I  know that, who doesn't?
 The reason I am writing this blog is because Jason thinks he is a ruling princess or something and he is entitled to demand examples of his incorrect behavior. It would be easier if he would just pay attention to what he was doing as he went through the day or better yet gave a little thought to things before he acted on them. That is obviously beyond Jason's ability or it is beneath him. I'm not sure which reason his imagination has chosen.
 Now on with the story..... In all fairness I did tell Jason to STFU. He took it as an insult when I was simply trying to keep him from making himself look silly. He could have thanked me and been on his way, instead he did this-

This isn't the entire exchange. Jason tries to get some other kids from his playground to convince me I'm a misogynist by practically chanting at me.  It reminds me of mindless zombies stumbling around with confused looks uttering all the cool catchphrases.... misogynist ....rigid gender roles....toxic masculinity... in an attempt to convince people you  are whatever word they are chanting. Its childish and it annoys me. I hate stupid people who think they can dictate what is proper and what isn't. One thing I hate more than that are people who contradict themselves. Jason has embraced the art of  contradiction. He demands I give him specifics. I tell him I'll write it up because twitter is not the right venue for such a discussion. I know ahead of time Jason is gonna be challenged. If he hasn't even grasped the basics by now he isn't going to in a twitter exchange.
 Then he tells me he won't read it, well he might, or he might not.  He tells me again "go ahead write a blog about me" I never said I was going to blog about him. I said I would write up specific examples about his behavior I disagreed with I'm not writing his on-line dating profile. Although I will if he likes. It's gonna cost though. Hit me up after the blog Jason.
 At this point I figure it is resolved for the time being and here comes mr bi-polar canuck...

      He then accuses me of demanding his time. This sounds like the same bullshit PZ Myers likes to sling around, usually when someone disagrees with him (coincidence I'm sure..)  How DARE I try to steal Jason's time by doing what he suggested. In the meantime I'm telling the A+ zombies to go the fuck away their chanting won't work on me. If only they actually said something when they spoke. I point out to Jason that it was he who wanted specifics. I had already told him I disagreed with assumptions he made about Justin Vacula but that wasn't specific enough. I inform Canuck it hardly seems to be an adult I am dealing with and he comes back with something about giving me enough rope to hang myself. Remember at this point I have already agreed to what Jason requested (demanded)  of me. Because it really is the best chance I have at making a point with this high school kid. I think Jason's personality flip-flops a couple more time before I quit paying attention and after I'm gone I see a few more notifications pop up. Later I check and find Jason clucking still even after I have left the room.
 The entire exchange gave me the same feeling a babysitter must get after spending an afternoon with a spoiled, not too bright 3 year old that likes to chew on his diaper. Jason if you ever find the time in your busy schedule to read this let me tell you I have had many exchanges with all kinds of people over the years and I can say you are way up on the list of childish idiots I've come across. I don't mind  having a good internet flame war with someone who has some wit the closest you get to that adds a letter 't'. I was tempted to not even write this blog because you just don't matter that much. But I gave you my word so here we go...

It is very simple Jason

  •  You describe yourself as " the guy who still thinks your argumentation is vacuous and your tactics often trollish."  Justin is far from a troll I've had numerous conversations with him about a wide variety of subjects and the last thing I would call him is a troll not to mention the fact he kicks your ass every time you try to argue against him, that is why you banned him from your blog comments. You hide behind the tone troll claim.
  •   You accuse him of " sexism and bigotry in our community" When? How? You assume he is a sexist and a bigot just because you say so. You demand specifics from others yet your own argument constantly falls flat on it's ass time and time again
  •  You said " not even Googling the guy’s name(Justin V) they missed out on learning all the many ways the man is a terrible fit for representing our movement and undercuts inclusivity for his divisive and polarizing attacks on members of said movement" Hey wonder-boy, a google search doesn't equal facts. Do you even know what the word skeptical means?
  • You refer to Stephanie Zvan's petition indicating you support the accusation - 1. He has engaged in extreme behavior, including harassment, in opposing feminists within the secular movement that does not befit a leader and does not promote broad participation in the movement. So he's not allowed to disagree with any feminist?  This is incredibly stupid. Since when are people not allowed to disagree with any one?  "Extreme behavior" ? Such as? You spout off constantly wanting everyone to explain shit to you  specifically. It is almost like you find anything that doesn't favor your opinion impossible to comprehend. As if anything that doesn't follow your thinking can't possibly exist. Yet Stephanie's petition is consistently vague and give few if any examples of the exact behaviors supporting the claims against him. He is just bad and hateful, just because you said so.  

  •  Use of the word "terrorist"

 Irresponsible at the least. Didn't get enough drama from the school plays or still bitter you didn't get the lead?

  •  I have a couple previous blogs about your antics which give more specifics. Feel free to not read those too. Listening/reading- totally over-rated idn't it ?

  •   You accused Justin of attacking Surly Amy when he criticized her statements about banning fake jewelry. She equated wearing fake jewelry and having your ass grabbed. I heard her say it (several times cause I kept playing it hoping I was hearing her wrong)  You have painted him as a blight on society. he isn't. He is a well intentioned young adult. I know you are fucking perfect Canuck but cut us mortals a fucking break. if you want to disagree and tell me you know you have faults THEN FUCKING ACT LIKE IT and stop pretending you never did anything dumb. Hopefully you learned from it cause that is how it works. I explained the same thing to your buddy Stephanie "my ass knows nothing about turds, it's that good" Zvan. Where did you people get the idea that you have the right to judge people and  label them for the world based on your opinions? Get over yourself already. 
  •  Or how getting all butt hurt about the fact Justin didn't get sad enough and cry when Jen stopped blogging? Really? What the fuck caused that dysfunction? People who don't get sad about the things that make you all weepy are dicks too now? Next you are gonna get pissed when we all don't need to take a leak at the same time as you do.

  I think you are an idiot Canuck. I also think you are at least a bit of a chicken shit due to the fact you have banned people from comment on your blog and then went on to talk shit after you made it impossible for them to answer or address your attack on them. Yes when you go on the offensive after you have disarmed your opponent it makes you...well there are several terms I could use and I know how fragile you are about those things.... I'll go with weak. That's why you are comfortable being a victim its exactly what you are, a victim of your own flawed logic.
      This is just my opinion, I don't expect the world to take my word as the absolute truth.
I could pick apart your assumptions, biases, and idiocy  ALL FUCKING DAY but I think I have made my case well enough. Let me close with this.... Don't bother slapping your labels on me. I have one life, one chance to live it. I am not going to spend it walking on eggshells worried about every fucking thing I say or do offending someone. Life is not nice in case you didn't notice the view outside your bubble. Life is cold and uncaring it has no concern for how you come in or how you go out. So take what you get and run with it. I can't change how I was born or the way the world reacts to my presence on the planet.  I can do my best to treat people fair and with respect until they no longer deserve that respect. When I see a wrong I try to make it right.  I keep in mind how much I do not know  and I make mistakes which I try to learn from on the first try. You can't do shit about me or people like me except complain and cry, neither of those is productive so take some advice-  Lighten the fuck up......and maybe take some anger management classes, you are sorta a hothead.

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  1. Reap, the Guy's an idiot. He's not gonna ever admit he's wrong (brainwashed folk don't know they're brainwashed) we know about his type from dealing with the religious enough times & this is just another religion IMO!