Saturday, December 1, 2012

PZ and his Dungeon

 PZ Myers added me to his 'dungeon' today. I knew it was bound to happen because I won't sit around and watch as him and his pitchfork brigade run rampant. I think it's bullshit and very pathetic on PZ's part the way he has been treating people who could have been his allies. He is passing judgement on people that he doesn't even know, won't listen to, can't understand, or just can't be bothered with.
  I realize it's his blog and he can do what he wishes with it but what he does with it and how he deals with comments still speaks as to his motives and/or ability to be reasonable and mature.

 One guy who goes by the name brownian (Ian Brown) is a regular on PZ's blog. Ian has said that he is known as an 'internet smartass'. I  don't know who told him he had anything to do with the word smart but Ian does not bring the word to mind in any form. Ian's contribution to skeptical thinking  is, as far as I can tell, making lame negative comments on comments other people have made on PZ's blog and generally being a moron. Ian isn't the usual moron he is one of those morons who thinks he is intelligent. It's not clear why Ian thinks this maybe his mother told him so because the kids at school made fun at him for eating paste or maybe it's just what happens when someone is too stupid to realize they are a dummy.

 Ian had claimed that there are no jobs a woman could be better suited for than a man and vice versa.  He had not done so in a mature, polite or reasonable way. He did not support his position, he just blurted it out while calling another commenter an idiot. The woman who made the original comment was not an idiot. Ian was just exercising his ability to lower a person's IQ simply by allowing them to read the result of his keystrokes.
  I had dealt with Ian before on the blog of my good friend and supporter Ophelia Benson. He was spouting off about me being an idiot because I was astonished he had actually said something smart. (it was a fluke)
 I had also listened to Ian in a google hangout with Rebecca Watson and PZ Myers along with some other people who were all telling the public how great atheism plus was. ( as it turns's not great)
 In the google hangout you can see Ian can't manage to comb his hair much less contribute anything useful unless the story of a blog groupie is what you consider interesting.What is interesting is that Ian Brown has actually given some thought as to the value of his input on PZ's blog ( that would be equal to 0) Ian also shares the heartwarming story of how A+ saved him from leaving atheism/skepticism (lucky us...)
 Ian has his head shoved up PZ Myer's ass so far you can see the top of his head whenever PZ opens his mouth. When I informed Ian he had the same amount of wit found in a dead tree stump that was the part PZ means when he says "complaining about the commenters". Yes I was complaining brownian was being a stupid dick and his dickness was stemming from an incorrect claim.
  One interesting thing about the Pharyngula blog is the way its owner has taken a stand and often refuses to consider any opposing opinion. The other thing which I have mentioned before is the way PZ uses his blog to trash the reputations of others when he doesn't know the facts. He has done this on numerous occasions and he appears to simply not give a shit about what damage he could be doing to that person. Even if it has a minimal negative effect it is wrong because PZ has no right whatsoever to tarnish anyone's reputation because he believes gossip is truth.
 PZ Myers thinks he is above showing any consideration for people he doesn't like. It sounds like an ego thing. PZ also says he is an atheist, since that is true then why does he describe the control of his blog in these terms...
"There is only one guy in charge. I, PZ Myers, am the absolute despot in charge of the comments section. I can shut you out, I can delete your comments, I can disemvowel them if I please. Get it out of your head that I am a benevolent dictator; the only thing saving your ass is that I’m an incredibly lazy dictator. Your best strategy for continuing your posting privileges is to avoid rousing my attention.

Do not cross me on matters of site management. Do not argue with me. Do not tell me who to ban or who not to ban. I am cruel and pitiless. I will laugh at your feeble protestations. If you have a concern that I have abused my power, send me a personal email for consideration of your complaint. I will think about it.

 Does anyone else see the way PZ portrays himself as a sort of 'god of the bible' type? Speaking of god, someone posted a link to a blog by a Christian about PZ. It turns out that people on all sides are taking notice of his antics. It's a toss up who is being more of a jackass, commenters like brownian or PZ himself.
 PZ Myers is no longer someone atheists/skeptics can look towards as someone who can be respected, he has become an embarrassment. He is a public figure who truly makes atheists and skeptics look like idiots who can't apply reason anymore than fundamentalists. Usually when someone tries to compare outspoken atheists to fundamental preachers I will make this point- One side is dealing with reality. In the case of PZ Myers and the idiotic loons who are following his unreasonable lead, they are peddling fantastic beliefs that are rarely accurate. Not only that they are making it look like a large number of atheists/skeptics are potential rapists, sexist, racist, misogynists, or gender-traitors.
  I encourage people to go to PZ Myers blog and voice your concerns over his behavior. Let's fill the dungeon with reasonable people and protest improper behavior. If you think I am telling lies because I am simply pissed off about being put in the dungeon then read some of the other accounts being posted about the same things I am talking about here. We need to do something about this behavior it has gone on long enough. The damage PZ and his horde of inept locus have done can't be undone easily if ever but we can work to stop it from going any further. It's almost as if we have been set up by PZ. He is one of the people who can do major damage to progress that has been achieved, he has done damage already.
 Brownian if you read this-Quit behaving in ways that will make you ashamed later should you ever come to your senses. You are a sad man who contributes nothing and knows it. You have already convinced many people you are socially retarded even if you don't realize it. Go start your own blog instead and let us all know how well it goes I'd love to see it. If you ever muster up the courage I'd be happy to have a person to person discussion with you about any of the subjects we have disagreed on it would be my pleasure.

Here are links to posts by others supporting what you have read here I encourage you to look into this yourself don't take my word for it, after all, I'm just a rambling asshole.Right PZ?


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  If you need more just google "pz myers is a dick" you don't just get crying and whining you get real accounts of PZ Myers being a prick and acting like a schoolyard bully. His actions are dangerous and harmful. PZ if you read this please- Shut the fuck up already.You've undermined everything you ever achieved as it is.


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  1. When you say you listened to Ian in a google hangout with Rebecca Watson and PZ Myers & say they were "Telling the Public", i think you meant "each other". PZ Myers treats everyone in a similar way as i imagine he treats his students at that University he's convinced to employ him. I've never liked the guy even when i 1st came across him years ago, i had a bad feeling about him which was reinforced by the few video's on YT where he's really smug. Everyone just put up with it because it was directed at theists but now.....OH DEAR!