Friday, December 28, 2012

Step Right Up


Step Right Up

  Adam Lee @daylightatheism on twitter is the latest A+ idiot to accuse me of being a misogynist.Want to know why? Because I called Stephanie Zvan a bitch. Yes I did and I will continue to do so until she either stops being a bitch or I start to forget to do so.
 Adam Lee seems to think he can tell me how to express myself, to the point where he will decide what words I will use.  I have a very disappointing fact to share with Adam Lee.  That's not gonna happen in a million fucking years. There is nothing Adam can do that will stop me from saying whatever I choose in any way I choose as often as I choose wherever the fuck I choose.
 I already went through this crap with that moronic PZ Myers over Stephanie Zvan now this twit suddenly figures he has nothing better to do than create a personality for me that gives him an enemy to fight. It also provides him with a counter argument to Al Stefanelli while debating the feminism issue. The only reason I make for a good example is because Adam made up the specifics to suit his needs. After reading Adam's facebook  page it looks like to me he wants to become famous. His about me is a collection of things he thinks make him look important or cool. It has always been my belief such a display is a result of low self esteem. Here is some of the exchange I had with Adam. Keep in mind originally he had a problem with my use of the word "bitch" then moved on to accuse me of approving of sex tapes made about women I don't like......

And then we have Adam and Al Stefanelli on twitter. Adam is clearly being an idiot. He sounds like a small child telling his mother about something a sibling has done wrong in order to get some attention.

Porn? Only To Adam Lee

The "sex tape" Adam is referring to is a gif of a dog trying to have sex with a cow as you can see here. I don't consider this porn and I never actually thought that cow was Stephanie Zvan or the dog Greg Laden. Obviously Adam Lee does think Stephanie Zvan is a cow. He is convinced I have proved myself a misogynist because I think it is funny to joke about making sex tapes of women I don't like. For the record I would joke about a man or a woman making sex tapes whether I liked them or not. I'm fair that way. But this isn't a sex tape it's a gif file of a dog attempting to gratify itself on a disinterested cow. I don't want to know what Adam Lee's collection of porn in his home looks like if this is an example of a sex tape to him.  
  Since Adam seemed so intent on dictating what terms I am allowed to use I figured I would take a look at his website and see exactly where this guy was coming from. The second post I read says this-
 Anyone who knows me, either in real life or through e-mail correspondence, should be well aware that I am a steadfast defender of freedom of speech. I consider it to be the most important right any democratic society can have; it is, in a sense, the right upon which all other rights depend. That is why I support only the minimum necessary restrictions on it, such as laws which ban harassment or incitation to criminal activity, and oppose all other restrictions on speech, however well-intentioned.
Really Adam? After reading that I can only assume Adam is full of shit any way you look at it. His whole displeasure of me calling Stephanie Zvan a bitch is just an attempt to win an argument and to get some needed attention drawn to himself. It's the only explanation that makes sense considering the weakness of his position. Adam go back to high school. You could learn a thing or two about maturity from those kids and while you are at it join the debating team you could use some instruction in that skill also. You are pathetic and inept.

Stephanie- The Queen Bitch Dick

Since there has been so much outcry among the FTB and A+ idiots about my calling Stephanie Zvan a bitch I am going to recant that statement. From this point on I will refer to Stephanie Zvan as a dick. Not dick as in penis, dick as in a huge jerk, a person who is unintelligent and annoying and treats other in a manner which is rude and/or condescending. In order to support my opinion I will offer the following statements from Stephanie Zvan..I mean dick

"Let’s put an end to this right now. It’s nice and all that you personally might think I’m handling this harassment well. Don’t ever fucking use me as your “proof” that someone else is doing it wrong."

"You are using me to make other harassed people feel and look worse. I did not ask for this. I will not stand for it. I would much rather adopt “bad” behavior myself than allow you to get away with that. I would rather stand in solidarity with them than judgment with you. Don’t make me do that.
Knock that shit off now."

"Don’t like the “personal” posts, the arguments between atheists? Go read something inspirational instead.
Consider yourself warned.
Justin, it’s time to knock this shit the fuck off.

I don’t care what you think about your opponent in an argument.
I don’t care what you think of Greg’s behavior, toward you or anyone else. You do not call harassment “an argument”. This is not argument."

 "Seriously, stop. You don’t have to like Greg. You don’t even have to acknowledge that you were begging for his forgiveness after you received the email you later called a threat. Just stop propping up people who are doing worse than he did to you because they’re doing it to him."

Regarding Justin Vacula and the SCA. Stephanie petitioned for Justin's removal. This is what first caused me to see Stephanie as a bitch (now upgraded to dick) Stephanie doesn't even live in PA and she has never met Justin. She acted on emotion and the need to bully pure and simple.
Stephanie writes-

 1. He has engaged in extreme behavior, including harassment, in opposing feminists within the secular movement which does not befit a leader and does not promote broad participation in the movement.

 2. He has, at the same time, minimized harassment as a problem within the movement and broader community.

 We believe it is inappropriate for such a representative to have unapologetically published on the site A Voice for Men, which describes itself: "AVfM regards feminists, manginas, white knights and other agents of misandry as a social malignancy. We do not consider them well intentioned or honest agents for their purported goals and extend to them no more courtesy or consideration than we would clansmen, skinheads, neo Nazis or other purveyors of hate." We further consider it inappropriate for Vacula to have used this site, monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, as a platform for attacking a fellow, feminist secularist.

 Not only has Vacula dismissed the harassment as unimportant, he has participated in it himself. He has participated very actively in the #FTBullies and #atheismplus campaigns, where anti-harassment and inclusion efforts are characterized as censorship, totalitarianism, dogmatism, group-think, and bullying (among the more polite terms). He has written blog posts on these topics that he promoted using those campaigns.

 He has been a regular commenter at what is now known as The Slyme Pit, a group dedicated to hatred of Rebecca Watson and anyone who is or is perceived to ally with her on matters of "radical" feminism. This group has produced threats requiring the attention of organizers of two different conferences and has been home to the cyberstalking Vacula defended as perfectly fine for "public figures". Vacula has participated in this group both before and after it was removed from National Geographic's ScienceBlogs website for violating nearly every provision of the site's code of conduct.

 In another, he reacted to the news that the #atheismplus campaign had triggered the chronic depression of Jennifer McCreight, causing her to stop her public activism. Jen is a blogger, speaker, and vice chair of the Secular Student Alliance board. Rather than noting that harassment that leads to results like this is bad for the movement he is trying to lead, he tweeted, "So, Jen’s allegedly finished blogging…and this time it’s not her boyfriend who kicked her off the internet." He did so using the #atheismplus tag, copying his contempt to the group that had been harassing McCreight.

She trashes Justin because he doesn't support feminism. One of Justin's blogs was posted on a men's rights website that isn't okay with Stephanie, I assume because she doesn't think men have rights. Stephanie also condemns Justin because he is a member of the Slymepit forum. She describes the forum as dedicated to hating Rebecca Watson which is a complete lie. She also claims the forum is responsible for threats. Stephanie couldn't prove any of this if her life depended on it. It is all bullshit. She then goes on to complain because Justin wasn't sad when Jen McCreight removed herself from blogging. News Flash- A collective sigh of relief went up when Jen said she was not going to blog anymore. Stephanie Zvan's  entire case against Justin Vacula was made up of honest mistakes by Justin, lies, emotion, and protecting her friends no matter what role they played in events. I know the mistakes made by Justin were not of malicious intent because I know Justin and I told him he needed to be more careful to not allow those things to happen again. Justin agreed and said those were not mistakes he would make in the future. Justin Vacula is an activist on line and in real life he is articulate and able to have a reasonable discussion without name calling and personal attacks. Many people see any criticism as a personal attack. Stephanie Zvan is one of those people. She is so stuck up she can't even see her own bias. She was just being vindictive towards Justin and that make her a bitch. Period.(at that time) In my opinion Stephanie is a bitch (now a dick) Anyone who wants to try and tell me I can't say so can suck it. This includes...


Ed Brayton the FTB owner and King Idiot

      You may be wondering why you haven't heard Ed's name from me before. That is because Ed really hasn't had much to do with the skepchick crap, PZ and his insane antics, or any of the other moronic loons telling lies and being self-righteous jerks on his little network. He owns Freethought blogs but I never held him responsible for what others were writing. He didn't seem to be very intelligent to allow something he had created be turned into a laughingstock but that was his business.
  It turns out that loudmouth Ed Brayton has fallen into and under control of PZ Myers. Ed yesterday publicly accused me of being sexist and claimed I called Stephanie Zvan a bitch (I did ) and a cunt ( I did not) He then went on to judge Al Sefanelli based on my alleged  behavior. I don't know why people like Ed Brayton insist on making others responsible for my actions but they really need to learn how the world works. Another lesson Ed and his merry band of morons would be better off knowing is how not to be a hypocrite. Over and over Freethought bloggers and A+ idiots have been crying and complaining about behavior they disapprove of when it is painfully easy to find public displays of them doing the same fucking things if not worse. PZ calling a volunteer up on stage only to treat her like a creepy drunk old man in a strip bar. "Hey honey if you wanna have some sex with me I ain't gonna stop ya" That is the same kinda shit PZ pulled on a stage, with an unsuspecting victim he hand picked. Or  complaining about Justin Vacula putting Surly Amy's address on the net (an accident) and then excusing Greg Laden for doing the same on purpose just because he was that hard up to try and get a win against superior wit. Let's not forget Surly Amy posting the link to Justin's posting on the net only making what she thought was bad, worse.  I hate to see what would happen if someone posted naked pics of Surly Amy on the net she would be posting the link all over the place and saying " Look at these naked pics of me. Some jerk has been posting them all over the net. Make sure you share this link so people know what a jerk that guy is. He is trying to allow everyone to see me naked OMFG!"
 It's this same story over and over. Canuck, acting like he knows anything about social interaction when it's obvious he is not capable of getting his thoughts across using the spoken word. At parties he must hand out a paper introducing himself so he doesn't get it all screwed up. When he tries to be part of a conversation he has to run to the printer and get a copy of his blogged reply when asked a question. Even then you can understand what the fuck he is trying to say only about 10% of the time.
  And that dick Stephanie Zvan bragging about being called a bitch and unfairly judging people. Stephanie is so oblivious to other people's perceptions of her it almost brings a tear to my eye. She writes about how no one is a challenge to her  superior intellect while she gets hers ass handed to her in the world outside of FTB. Stephanie just doesn't step out of the golden bubble she lives in, if she did she would be as embarrassed as we have been for her all this time. If ignorance is bliss Stephanie Zvan is multi-orgasmic, lucky her.
  I will give Ed credit for one point. Like I mentioned earlier I shouldn't have called Stephanie Zvan a bitch so now I consider her a dick. As it turns out Ed Brayton is the bitch in this sad display of rampant stupidity. I had made it a point up until now to mention that not all FTB bloggers were a part of this gang of idiots and I still believe  most are not falling into the abyss of hypocrisy and denial but Ed has made it clear what the position of FTB is so those people who disagree with his libelous declarations and his defending all the behavior that has caused such a deep divide among skeptics and atheists may want to find a new home for their blogs unless they don't mind being directly associated with the owner and his opinions.  Ed has made it clear he is not neutral in this, he sides with liars and narcissists, lunatics, and whiners. 
 If Ed thinks anyone on the side of truth and reason is going to give up and allow his gang of disinformation warriors run around unchecked he has been smoking too much weed. That is not going to happen. I will however take my gloves off. If he didn't like me before he knew me then he really isn't gonna like me as he gets to know me now that he has been talking shit about me in public. Ed you don't like me? I don't give a shit


  1. So you found an FtB supporter who's a Hypocrite/Wanker/Idiot...I'm shocked, shocked i say!

  2. Ahhh Lee, was sad to see some one who could clearly reason - for example the Ebon Musing Essays - turn into a punctilious, sanctimonious ideologue. They have become so prim of late that I cannot read, and I rarely do, anything they now put down without internally hearing it in the droning voice of Droopy.

    As for their professed belief in free speech, they certainly don't extend such practice to their own realm. When I used to read their blog there was some post on Surly's self-attention exercise of asking well known US atheist / skeptic men what they thought of misogyny; as if we didn't already know. I mentioned there that I was unconvinced by the TAM t-shirt retcon and that the question series was a transparent reputation rescuing stunt to pretend that stating the obvious on sexism equated to fulsome support for Surly and Co; that we may as well ask the same people what their stance on murder or burglary was and be overjoyed with their unsurprising opprobrium for them. I was quickly instructed by Lee that were I going to question what was apparently holy writ I should take my immediate leave of the blog. To my mind a fairly clear implication that should I not acquiesce, my departure would be assisted. It is their blog to do with as they please but straight out of the gate demand for quitting dissent that was neither harassing nor inciting to criminality, well it is hardly indicative of one who holds free speech or reason in high regard.

    Just another attention seeking empty vessel in the progressively more irrelevant SJW camp lead by those FTB blowhards.

  3. Hey Reap you fucker you cannot tell me what to re-tweet and what not to re-tweet. Here's a little message for you and your slyme-mind - I'll re-tweet what the fuck I like and there is nothing you or your micro-brain mates can do about it!!! No one tells the angry oolon what to like and what not to like on Twitter! Freeze Peach motherfucker!1!!

    Edit: Oh wait a minute, sorry, my second brain cell kicked in and I see now you are *criticising* my re-tweet. Not infringing my free speech or telling me what I can or cannot do. How stupid of me... Nothing to see here... Move along now...

  4. Wow. Color me completely unsurprised that the fencing-riding brown-noser showed up. With nothing to contribute, as per usual.

  5. Wow, you're really super mad. You know, when stuff on the internet bothers me, I check the old blood pressure. If that's OK I look to self-medicate, you know, mood-enhancers, like a big hug or a nice, brisk walk outside. Even washing the dishes and wiping down the kitchen counters can make you forget how pissed off you are. Hope this helps.

  6. "After reading that I can only assume Adam is full of shit any way you look at it. His whole displeasure of me calling Stephanie Zvan a bitch is just an attempt to win an argument and to get some needed attention drawn to himself. It's the only explanation that makes sense considering the weakness of his position. Adam go back to high school."

    And there you have it. Adam has hooked up with FtB et al in an apparent attempt at fast tracking his popularity and in the process has lost all objectivity and most of his credibility. Unfortunately, as all too clearly illustrated in those twitter 'debates', he also immediately falls back on high school level misrepresentations and false histrionics all in an attempt to ingratiate himself to the likes of Myers, Zvan and company. He had a lot of potential once, now he has just become an insufferable prig, as you recently learned. He is trying to gloat directly to PZ over his supposed put down of you on Twitter even now. Brown-noser, anyone? What a waste.

  7. oolon you are nothing but an annoying idiot. You are good for nothing. I feel bad for you because all you do is feed off others. You have nothing original to add. Get over yourself cause I wasn't talking about you. You just aren't that interesting. Its too bad what little concern you have for your own dignity.

  8. Ha ha no one has seen me 'super mad' yet and never will because when I get super mad I don't talk about it I just act. Thanks for the tips tho maybe a reader will find them useful, better yet submit them to readers digest I'm sure they would be thrilled.

  9. oo10n Really? Who the hell takes someone who refers to themselves as a 3rd party, as "the angry oo10n" Great points Reap. I swear I picture them all on the sidelines looking at each other nervously and saying "Okay, who's next?" As past contenders stand beaten and bruised, turn and point to the unsuspecting, over eager fighter. Just weak.

  10. See Reap I have enough self awareness to know you only made a little side-swipe with the oolon=dolt quip as I retweeted Adams statement about you as I agreed with it. Do you have any realisation that no one is telling you what to do or say by criticising you? Or is this part of your "angry" persona that you need to whip up some free speech infringement. Tell you what, when Adam gets into power (I assume he is American) and he passes a law that only people with an IQ over a certain level can make podcasts I'll be right there with you protesting about your free speech being infringed. Until then it is *just* criticism, so get over it.

  11. Haha! I agree Renee, thing is your sarcasm detector rather malfunctioned from too much xmas dinner maybe. Did you not notice that first paragraph is meant to be parody? I know its not that good but when imitating Reaps style what do you expect!

  12. You could send that advice to Greg Laden, i'm sure he could use it. As for the "Hugs", how is SimpleFlower getting on now, has Xis (WTF) trauma from being dogpiled by A+ mods diminished? Your a laughing stock, get used to it, everyone who's not been fooled into thinking RadFem has anything to do with Atheism is laughing at you. Your turn, i'll let you have the last word if you like.☮°◡°

  13. What we expect from you Oolon, is what you always (predictably) deliver, time & again.

  14. Did you notice Renee said that no one should take any one seriously that refers to themselves in the third person like "The Angry Atheist".. Sorry I mean, the angry oolon... I hope Reap takes that better than the other criticism he gets. I took it well as I don't take myself seriously but I suspect Reap really thinks he is some crusader for truth :-P

  15. Parody? I'll agree, it's not good.

  16. This is useless.

  17. Oolon one more instance of your moronic pointless trolling on anything I ever post and you will no longer be welcome. You have time and time again shown yourself to have zero credibility and even less dignity. Nothing you say has any value. I know this for a fact and I will have no problem making you the first person to be banned here in years. I'm sorry you can't find a more productive way to use your time but it is not my concern. You waste my and other people's time with your comments because you can't be trusted. You may as well be hitting one key on your keyboard over and over

  18. Interesting... Banning people who disagree because in your opinion they have "nothing to add". Taking a leaf out of the #FTBullies playbook now no one is reading the article. Maybe you should extend that to Adam who I note said pretty much the same thing as me but in a slightly less sarcastic manner.

    You really are a joke Reap, freeze peach as long as you don't disagree with me! ;-)

  19. Oolon, what you dont get is at this point nothing you say can be taken seriously. I warned you weeks ago in the slymepit if you continued to be a stupid prick soon no one would give a fuck what you had to say. As bad as A+ is or FTB, or the slymepit there is one thing that they all think is That is an amazingly pathetic feat to pull off oolon. I really hope you are proud of the time you have wasted and the manner in which you have made the world a little more stupid than it would have been without you, Your grasp of how interact with others in a respectful manner has slipped and you continuously are falling deeper and deeper into a well . I am not banning 'people' I am banning you. I don't have a problem with disagreement. I still think Adam and I could come to an agreement on what is reasonable and/or fair. As long as there is that hope he will be allowed to continue as part of the conversation. There is no hope for that with you. I offered you an opportunity to come on the radio show at one point you never accepted. If you ever change your mind then you are welcome to call in to the show whenever you like.When you can interact in that manner like a respectful thoughtful adult then you will be allowed into the conversation. Your attempt here to paint yourself as an innocent party being censored simply for disagreement shows me you are not willing to act like an adult at this point and you are not welcome here any longer, everyone has a line. I suggest you find a forum where the people are more stupid than you to comment in, good luck with that. And with that good bye, dick