Monday, December 24, 2012

Greg Laden- Acting Out In Public-x2 updated


    Some of you may  have heard me talk about Greg Laden on ReapSowRadio.
     Greg was invited to come on the show because it is pretty well known that Greg was being a dick on several levels. Al Stefanelli had the impression Greg might be an okay guy. I thought maybe I had jumped to my conclusions about Greg too quickly and proceeded to invite Greg to come on ReapSowRadio and clear the air with anyone who misunderstood his actions or to address any way in which he may have been misrepresented by others. After about 3-4 twitter exchanges Greg said to me " I don't know what we would talk about" and blocked me on twitter. In my experiance there are only a few reasons Greg would refuse to discuss the issues he has been involved in. One reason could be that Greg can't and doesn't want to try and explain what he has been up to because the end result would leave him looking foolish. Another reason could be that Greg Laden is actually a 13 year old girl who has been acting like a 50+ year old jerk-face online as part of a school project called "A Guy Named Greg Laden- What a jerk"

 Greg recently made public some personal information about someone he didn't like on the internet. Greg was consistantly losing any battle he had with this individual especially if it involved wit.
  This is not the first instance of  Greg attempting to effect someone's real-life by dragging an internet exchange into the public view with the intention of quieting the opposition or extracting revenge on those who beat him down with wit and facts.
 Greg has also been known to make physical threats towards other he has disagreed with showing that violence is the first option for idiots and usually the last for the intelligent. Greg has managed to back up his threats by saying-

Greg Laden- Fights off threats with head
     "It is just that I am a very large, muscular man with martial arts training who never goes anywhere without my pit bull, and I always carry a gun. I am also famous for kicking ass, generally. Nobody will attack me. Also, even though men are in fact raped now and then (I myself was sexually assaulted a couple times as a teenager, by women)"


    Greg may or may not be serious about the martial arts, pitbull, and gun.  The teenage assault?  Wet dreams. The shit Greg does bothers me. As some of you may know this is the exact type of behavior that compelled me to start getting involved online doing something besides reading and clicking. It's the reason I started blogging and doing the radio show. I have seen what posting private information with home address, workplace, relatives can do. It can spiral out of control quite quickly. Lives can be ruined over something that otherwise would have faded away and never done any harm to anyone, or for what was an innocent act misinterpeted and twisted until it was as ugly as could be imagined. Greg Laden is a couple of things that I dislike. He is constantly fucking something up. Whether it be posting someone's old address from 10 years ago instead of their current,  or by writing a blog about science and the most often used phrase is  "hard to say". Greg still thinks he is smart despite the fact he isn't  or he is hiding it very well. Greg is also a bully, maybe he is bitter about the sinister way male pattern baldness took away the edge he had with women (like when he was a teen) or maybe he has always been the type to spend summer smashing as many bugs as possible with his finger, whatever the reason he seems to enjoy trying to boss people around and be a dick.
  So instead of allowing Greg to go on unchecked I figured I would send him a message. The chickenshit has me blocked on twitter cause I guess honest questions  are a threat to his online security. I hit him up on google+ instead. Here is the result-

To Greg Laden @Greg Laden
On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 7:38 PM, Reap Paden wrote:

> You think its smart/cool to post private info on people? This is the second

> time I've heard about you doing this. I think it would be ironic if someone

> started to effect your real life as a result of your online antics. You are

> like a guy who wears a chicken suit over a clown costume. No wonder you

> don't want to come on my show, you are an idiot you wouldn't last 2 fucking

> minutes. Might wanna block me here too for all the good it will do ya.

From Greg Laden
Yesterday 6:28 PM - Public

Public response to an unsolicited and rather distasteful email I received:

Dear +Reap Paden ,

I don't know who you are but I'm guessing you are the Angry Atheist. Is that the case?

You probably can't see my facebook page because I am selective about who I keep as "friends" in that context, but I explained something there that might answer your questions. Despite tweets by your lovely friends to the contrary, nothing I posted was not in general circulation on the internet, and nothing I posted was something looked up. Rather, a mutual friend of Mykeru sent all that stuff to me (and much more) and sent the same info to several other people at the same time. I simply found it convenient at this time to poke the hornets nest because I wanted to test a Twitter filtering system real time. Abbie's children were happy to oblige.

I am writing (in my spare moments so this may take a bit of time) a blog post describing and documenting the exact circumstances and events related to Abbie Smith .. regarding National Geographic's Scienceblogs and her academic department. I am growing tired of you and your friends falsely accusing me, for your own amusement, of "stalking a woman in real life." If that accusation continues, I'll post the details of that series of events you mislabel as stalking. Abbie will not be happy with that. She acted in an unbelievably unprofessional manner which truly brought into question her fitness as a member of the academic community. I have not posted those details because I know they will hurt her. But, I also know that you and your buddies take your marching orders from her. If you really are her friends and defenders, you might check with her to see if she wants that to happen. Then, as per usual, follow her orders.

Thanks for admitting that the reason you wanted me on your show was to see if I would last two minutes. I knew you were lying. Also, I appreciate you putting these threats down on paper.

And my reply to Greg's public reply-

Oh Greggy you are butt-hurt? I'm sorry but some people don't just sit on their hands while idiots attempt to rule. I attempted to get your side of things thinking maybe all the bad shit I had heard was just gossip overblown as is often the case. Even offered for you to come on my radio show and in public explain any misunderstanding or maybe just to stand up for your actions and tell everyone why you have acted in a certain way. As for Abbie I have no knowledge of that exchange so any assumptions you have made about my behavior stemming from that are incorrect.

What I do have a problem with is this- All of the information you can access publicly on the web is in "general circulation on the internet" the problem being when you associate that general information with a specific person, place, or thing it is no longer general. The information is then specific about that person, place or thing, you have made the private relationship between the two public when it is irresponsible(at least) to do so. From my dealings with you so far I will assume you are too dense to understand this concept without it being explained to you, probably more than once.

Your pathetic attempt to release yourself from any accusation of wrong doing doesn't fly.

I'm not sure what your point is in posting a public reply, seems kinda dramatic and needy but if that's the way you like to play it so be it. It is ironic that you would attempt to call me on threats when you have made threats of physical violence to specific people in the past. Since you obviously don't know me allow me to explain something to you Greg. I don't take orders from anyone except me. I act on my own accord and I speak/act on behalf of no one except me. Any issues we have are between us, no one else. I don't give a fuck about your need for high school drama or attention and I don't give a fuck if you post public replies to me everyday all day long. If you continue to behave in ways that are irresponsible and/or could cause harm to others or to make the private relationships between people and "generally known" information public then there will be a problem with that.

You seem to think you are somehow a bit above others. Why you would think this is a mystery. There is certainly no evidence of you displaying even a basic level of intellect in most instances where I have witnessed you posting on the net. In one case I saw you threaten to censor someone on a third parties wall. You can't even seem to figure out how facebook works. Despite these shortcomings I will assume you can understand the points I've made here and act accordingly and I will respond in kind. For the record you are still invited to discuss anything you wish or inform me about anything I may have incorrect. Keep in mind if you insist on acting like a fool you will only last two minutes (as I explained to you in my original message. Sorry you couldn't grasp my point. Next time I'll include a diagram for reference) as long as you can interact like a reasonable person then I am happy to listen whether we agree or not. There is no need for you to be frightened.

There, now you are all up to date  about what kind of dickhead Greg Laden is being as of the date of this blog post.  I have a feeling you will be reading about him again here real soon. He seems to be a slow learner. Time will tell.


Well it hasn't even been a full day since the original post was published and  it has come to light that Greg Laden has been acting like a bigger dick than I had originally stated. My apologies for the mistake.
 I present..... Exhibit A

  So here you see Greg telling Al Stefanelli to screw off. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post Al had Greg's back on ReapSowRadio #35.
Despite that, Greg no longer wants to associate with Al. I would like to take this time to publicly apologize to my close friend and co-host Al Stefanelli for the bullshit he has thrown at him simply because he is my friend. First PZ Myers discounts all the work Al contributed to Freethoughtblogs and instead, as a farewell post, PZ makes it a point to accuse me of being a racist.  No big surprise really considering PZ has less social skills than a bag of pretzels.  Then Ophelia jumps on in a cat food fueled ramble claiming that Al should be judged by who he is associated with. It should be noted that at the same time Ophelia was also saying that each blogger at Freethoughtblogs was independent and could not be judged by the other bloggers actions.
  Now we have Greg "huh? what? duh" Laden doing that same thing. Greg imitates his role models. Just like the child of some dysfunctional parents or a teenaged Justin Bieber fan in his dressing room after the show doing what was told. It's sad to watch but can anyone really be that surprised. Look at the lack of taste they had in the first place. 
  Al Stefanelli has posted a video addressing Greg and some of the other madness that has griped some of the more simple-minded public figures from Freethoughtblogs, Skepchick, and A+. It has also spread to the nodding heads you can find in the comment sections of their blogs/forums.
I think if you consider the points made here you will find yourself with yet another example of the mental illness that has infected a section of the atheist/skeptical population.
 If Greg still doesn't get it then I will be sure to let you know, we gotta keep an eye on these people, they might hurt themselves and then who would we laugh at?
  All you sane skeptics/atheist who have a sense of humor feel free to read, learn, laugh, and sometimes cry at the Slymepit forum. It's the answer to all the made up drama, rhetoric, and incorrect information provided by PZ Myers, Lousy Canuck, Stephanie Zvan, Ophelia Benson and the other socially stunted dictator types that need to learn to play with others.


  1. Greggie needs a book review you should help him out.

  2. The Guy's Broken. He's obviously determined to act badly & is intent on doing whatever he can (if he's actually able is doubtful) to hurt Abbie Smith (She's irrelevant imo) anyway & is using these threats to try to get people to stop calling him out on his douchbaggery. He's got a poopy-face too.

  3. You're da man Reap. You tell em . . .

  4. Who is this Greg Laden dude? From the looks of him . . . I guarantee he hasn't gotten "Laden" at least ten years . . . :)

  5. Who is this Greg Laden dude? From the looks of him . . . I guarantee he hasn't gotten "Laden" at least ten years . . .:)

  6. Reap, may I suggest a guest/interview? Evid3nc3 of YT fame has just dipped his toe in the scalding hot waters:

    He's a solid thinker and would likely have interesting opinions on the topic.

  7. I just went to Amazon and had a good laugh . . . the bad reviews are great material for a stand-up skeptic. The positive reviews seem to be written by his mother.

  8. Greg is suffering from some sort of real mental illness. He needs to seek help. I am betting that he will do something seriously harmful to others IRL the near future if his illness is not addressed. And his family should be helping him get better or leave fro their own safety. He's a ticking time bomb.

  9. I am sure that Greg's claim that he will stand down is 100% bullshit and he will go right to his usual harassment MO after a period to establish plausible deniability. For that reason, and for everyone else this sad sack piece of shit has harassed, I am not even close to being through fucking with Greg Laden.

  10. it be posting someone's old address from 10 years ago instead of their current,

    Public Relations