Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My life is strange. Not a bad kind of strange but strange none the less. The people I have met along my travels have been for the most part, nothing less then incredible. I have met some real jerks but the majority have become my friends.
Sure we have different opinions about things but isn't that why we like them in the first place?
I had tonight a woman call me who had no idea who I was, in real life. She called me just to talk. We spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes and she was nothing less then wonderful. It trips me out the way some people shy away from my personality and others will call me just to "chat"! I think this speaks to the differing mind sets in the world. It defines the way we all see people and things in an alternate light. I also think this is a good thing.
If we all thought about people and issues the same way our lives would be very boring indeed, what I like about my dealings with people are the types of people I meet.....Did I say that? It cannot be said enough times. There are those who believe in ghosts to those who think Jesus was a son of a bitch, and they all get at least a few minutes of my time. There are times when people expect me to be their attack dog that is not me. I do not just attack people while they are doing things that may be considered wrong or unfair. I will never roll up on anyone "just because."
There is a method to what may be considered my madness, it is about truth, at least in perspective. It is about doing right, it is about thinking about the thoughts of other people. We all think we know it all, well we may in our own minds, but we donnot know the truth of every person. That is the only truth there is when it comes to opinion.
If we think we know it all then that is a thinking even stranger then my life and that is hard to find.

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