Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio

I remember my youth and most of all the music of it. I got into Black Sabbath at about age 14. Ozzy was one of my rare heroes. Satanic music was all the rage, if it wasn't satanic we twisted the lyrics and song titles, or played it backwards so it fit our evil tendencies.
When I walked into the record store and saw an album cover showing a Satanic looking figure looming over a mountain top holding a chain which was attached to a priest flailing around in fear for his life, I had no choice but to buy it. I listened to the voice, the music and the message, I was hooked by Ronnie James Dio. He felt the same about religions and society as I did, he was the best friend I had never met before.
When the Holy Diver Tour came to town I waited in line to get my tickets. I remember getting a guy to buy my friends and I a bottle of peppermint schnapps at the liquor store. We drank it on the train on the way to the show. I remember saving my friend from choking on pizza as we made a stop at the mall along the way. I remember sitting in line waiting to get into see my friend Ronnie and doing speed right out of the bag while we waited to get in.
Most of all, I remember the show. You know when you are lit off your ass and still the memories with you 25 years later you have been a part of something good. The albums kept coming and I kept buying (or on occasion stealing) them. As the years went by I saw DIO many times and every time the show was awesome.
Ronnie James started to fade away but I did have a chance to see him a few years ago playing with Black Sabbath. He had aged but his vocals were unaffected by the years. Ronnie James Dio died today from cancer and I lost a best friend I never got to meet along with a part of my youth.

Thanks for the music my friend and your memory lives on.

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