Monday, May 31, 2010

The Bar

I am sitting in a hole in the wall bar. Yea I drink, but I know my limitations so don't so don't worry about me. So far I have met some great new people. There is the guy who cooks great tacos outside on the patio and the old timer who was talking to me about Philosophy the last time I was here, and he pulled off the conversation quite well.
This evening I got a handshake and a hug from him so I must have held up my end of our last conversation quite well. This evening I got a handshake and a hug from him so I must have held up my end of our last conversation too.
There is the weightlifter sitting to my left who is worried about inviting his girlfriend down to drink with him because he doesn't want trouble. Funny thing is he could beat the shit out of anyone in the bar with one damn hand. There are the fellas to the right of me who have said hello but otherwise had their eyes glued to the flat screen over the bar. Even the loudmouth regular who hates the music I play in the jukebox has been cool tonite.
Some people think they can judge me because I drink. They can but I have learned to drink slow, and go to bed when it starts to hit me. My Dad taught me this even though I am pretty sure he didn't mean too. I like to hang out, whether it is in a friendly bar or in front of a sidewalk cafe in the city, and watch the people go by.
I sit sipping beers and talking to my fellow drinkers as they pass through. Every one has a story and I love to hear every single one. Even though I can talk til the heavens burn listening is one of my favorite pastimes. I have heard incredible stories from people all over the country, people of all ages and lifestyles. Our bartender does a benefit cookout for Breast cancer and I will be happy to help him anyway I can on our radio show.
There is the fellow who asked permission to talk to my girlfriend about our laptop. The request was met with a laugh, and a smile. He was a nice guy named Felix and he was looking for a laptop to buy for his Grand daughter. I was glad to meet him, we parted with another laugh and a handshake.
The weight lifter I mentioned earlier came up on me at the jukebox and asked me to play styx, I was happy to oblige him. A pitcher of beer landed in front of us not long after, a handshake, and a thank you followed. I went out to have a smoke and heard a classic story about a guy who likes to ask homeless people for cigarettes and when they give him one he gives them ten bucks. There is a group of guys from out of state playing the pool table asking me where they can find the nearest country bar.....I gave them directions, that was an hour ago, they are still playing pool now.
I go outside to smoke a cig and a drunk girl is telling a story about ending up 50 miles from home and calling her Dad to pick her up. The story was told at decibels which would rival a jet airplane on take off. I just nodded smiling and smoking as fast as possible.
My new weight lifter friend who is named Sam is at this moment telling me how to shoot steroids. I don't like needles and with all likely hood I will never have use of his advise, but I listen. My girlfriend who has worked as a personal trainer is talking about concepts beyond my understanding with Sam the weightlifter. The music plays on more, and more people come and go. Some stopping to talk and others just head out the door. I know my limitations, but the number of people I can meet just by listening and watching is unlimited.

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