Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Psychic Puzzle

I read an article today about a psychic who has pulled out of a charity event because of skeptics. She says she "fears for her life". As a part of the skeptic group who are working to stop psychics from using dead children, murder victims, victims of tragic accidents. and the promise of false hope to further their ego and or bank accounts, I can assure you this is nothing short of silly.
No one is being threatened, at least from the skeptic side. The only threats I am aware of have come from certain psychics. There have been threats of physical violence as well as legal threats. Then there are the blatant lies such as an anthrax scare at one psychic's event (robbie thomas) Robbie has gone out of his way to try and make himself a victim.
He has stolen from friends, he has lied to people in order to make his low ticket sales look like they are a result of a "skeptic hate group". I suppose you could label the skeptics who are speaking out as "hateful" if you want to be technical about it. I know I hate the way people like Robbie Thomas stick their noses in the lives of grieving families, even though those families have made it clear they want no part of him.
Why or how a person like Robbie Thomas thinks he has some sort of magical abilities when it is crystal clear he does not, leads me to only one conclusion. Robbie Thomas is a sick man. Robbie needs to find professional help and find it fast. He steals, lies, cheats, and threatens anyone who questions him. He is not a nice person in any way.
For anyone who wants to be critical of my statements about Robbie I offer this....The claims I make are all well documented by numerous sources. Those sources include skeptics and people who are involved in the paranormal.
What more proof do you need to at least question the motives of Robbie Thomas? It would be quite different if this was a one man crusade, it would be different if it was only skeptics calling things into question, that is not the case.
When you have people who used to call Robbie friend, people who have worked with and for him, skeptics, believers and people he has tried to victimize by playing on their loss all telling the same tale there must be some truth to at least part of it.
I ask anyone who reads this and still believes the lies of a sick man named Robbie Thomas to step away, do some research, ask some questions and rethink the pieces of the puzzle, they only fit one way, and the resulting picture is very disturbing.

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  1. I'm not all that informed on this dude and that's ok with me, but I had to comment to say I really liked how you worded and metaphored (think that's the word I'm looking for) the ending....:)