Sunday, May 9, 2010


The things that have changed our lives are numerous these days. The one that sticks out to me is the invention of the cell phone. Sure you can say we have made more extensive achievements in medicine and/or science in general but the one advancement which we use everyday and effects us in our daily interaction is the cell phone.
I remember using the phone when I was young, waiting for the rotary dial to spin back as I longed to stick my finger in another hole and spin the wheel again.
I remember using the phone when I was young, waiting for the rotary dial to spin back I longed to sick my finger in another whole and spin again.
I remember a big yellow device hanging on the kitchen wall and the wire attached to the hand set would only allow me to wonder a mere 10 feet or so away. If we were to communicate with others by phone, we had some serious limitations as to where we could do it.
If you were in your car you had to find a pay phone. Luckily pay phones were placed at every local gas station, at every convenience store , yes even at your public school, payphones were an easy find and they only cost a dime.
Those days are gone now and so are many of the payphones, considering the cost of those phones before they went away I think the cell phone has saved us money too.
I can call anywhere in the nation, get on the Internet an send unlimited text messages for about $50.00 bucks less then what my parents paid for a month phone bill paid for when I was young. Now we can call home to make sure nothing needed is forgotten while at the good store, we can call the restaurant to make sure we don't miss that important dinner date, because we can not read a street sign.
Our phones allow us to text friends without worrying about bothering them with talking on the phone. Our cell phones have brought the demises of the roadside trouble boxes which only allow you to call a tow truck, now we can call our family to pick us up and then the tow truck. We can drunk dial our friends with a couple pushes of a button. This can be both good and bad depending on which phone you are on the end of.
Let me call you to make the rest of my points, you are only couple of button pushes away.

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  1. Ha Ha true true but I do remember when cell phones first came out, you didn't want one and didn't care for them...You stated "I'll be too easy to get a hold of"...ha ha .... how right you were...LMAO....