Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Bloggers That Couldn't

This "social justice" thing has a large yellow streak through it

    Ophelia Benson was offered a guest spot on the A-News podcast today. She accepted too.  Then when she learned  the details ( I am a co-host on the show) She pulled out (so to speak) Ophelia has done public speaking before right? So it isn't that she is unable to speak in public. What is it with these people who gleefully libel and slander people left and right showing no ability to grasp the concept of responsible behavior in even its basic form? They can spout off constantly claiming they want the world to be a better place but can't be bothered to actually talk about it with anyone who doesn't already subscribe to their thinking. What is Ophelia Benson worried about? Does she think I am  going to come through her computer monitor and steal all her cat food from her or somethin?  Even if I was a ranting prick to her all she would have to do is hang up. She would then have a REAL example of someone behaving the way she has been claiming. That would also provide her with something else she yearns for. I think you could call it the "holy grail" of freethought blogs , credibility. No one there has it but they all long for it. Over and over again they have tried to claim they possess it but it always turns out to be made out of the same stuff you find in Mr Rodgers neighborhood, make-believe and sock puppets. I find it laughable that any of these 'social justice warriors'  really think that by avoiding human interaction with anyone except those who smile and nod the world is going to give them any consideration. What a huge waste of time. I have a standing offer to anyone who wants to offer their side of things and have a real back and forth conversation. No one can claim I am unable to do anything but rant, all they need to do is take a look at the list of people who have been guests on my podcasts. From christ-followers, to people who claim they can heal burned flesh through a phone text message, psychics, ghost hunters, and even an Oolon. Add to that list the number of well known/not so well known atheists and other guests. I have more than proven myself able to have an adult conversation there is no valid excuse to decline especially if you really believe in the words coming out of your mouth or popping out of your keyboard. I can't imagine what it must be like to not be able to stand up for what you believe in because it is so fragile and weak. If you remove it from the protective wrapper of your warped perception it will be crushed under the weight of common sense, how good could it be really? I don't even disagree with everything they find fault with but we will never find common ground as long as they refuse to exchange ideas and instead only attack or misrepresent. I they can't even manage to find a way to get along with other skeptics and atheists how could they possibly think they can win a battle with religious people over all the things they are hoping to change? Not a chance

 There are some disturbing tendencies among  skeptics/atheists I'd like to bring your attention to
  • Banning people for disagreeing. I'm not talking about people making stupid claims like the earth is actually a large piece of bubble-gum. I'm talking about people who think maybe everyone should be treated equally and anyone can be a victim of discrimination. It happens more to some groups than others, but that doesn't mean anyone is immune. Blocking instead of answering valid questions/concerns or to avoid showing what you claim is accurate, or blocking people you are publicly criticizing  in order to keep them from answering to that criticism are also 'in' behaviors among many.  The point has been made that people are allowed to run their web pages as they see fit and I agree but just because they can and do doesn't mean they aren't being a little irresponsible and underhanded. remember when  a skeptic/atheist would trip over themselves to answer someone who questioned their claims or demanded proof? Those days are long gone in some places.
  • The redefining of words to fit a certain social movements agenda. A lot of people are abusing the  phrase "definitions change over time" Yes, they do change but if you are aware of that then you should be smart enough to know the old usage doesn't just shrink into a little ball of light and blink out in front of everyone one day and no one sends out regular memos which are posted on front doors to announce any change. It takes time for the most familiar definition to fall out of use if it ever does at all. 
  • Paralinguistic cues. This is a widespread problem since we have become more exposed to 'text only' interactions. Language also isn't always easy to understand especially when you are reading the written word. Text does not carry mannerisms or paralinguistic cues . This causes people like Adam Lee to make assumptions and come to incorrect conclusions about other people he has never met. Adam doesn't understand there is always more to a person than what can be guessed by reading a twitter feed or a blog. 
  •  Censorship. There have been an incredible amount of attempts to "quiet the opposition"  among some atheist/skeptics. Flagging videos, blocking people before you even have any exchange with them. Character assassinations, shunning, calling for people to pick one side of an issue and force anyone who isn't on your side out of any discussion. Dismissing entire groups of people based on who they choose to interact with rather than considering them based on their actions and words. All these things are counterproductive. Behaving in this manner limits our ability to progress and interact. If you surround yourself with people who agree with you on all aspects of life you start to think your opinion is the most reasonable because everyone you know agrees. Social interaction is complicated and the more open you are to differing opinions the easier it will be to make sure everyone is treated equally.
  • The lack of inclination or need to explain your position/conclusions to others. Many skeptic/atheists do not feel it is important to explain why they feel the way they do about certain subjects. They expect others to just 'get it' because it seems so simple to them. Anyone who doesn't fall in line is either the enemy, stupid, or just unworthy of being shown any respect. PZ Myers is a great example of this. Now I know PZ has been very supportive of me and I don't mean to insult him but, to be honest, PZ is like a conceited,  bitter, vindictive, bully. He is far too busy to ever make sure his point is clear or to make a case for his side of an argument. He is to important to be bothered by silly details like being accurate and honest. It is much easier to shut down the critics by shutting off the comments and/or  banning them when (or sometimes before) they  post presenting a counter opinion. If we could harness the condescension  and  arrogance contained in PZ's head it could power 3 states an still be enough to run the intense limelight he thinks constantly shines on him. 

I'd like to also address Ellenbeth Wachs for removing and blocking me without a word. A while back I did a podcast in support of her getting out from under some crap from a  sheriff in Florida. I have had her on as a guest on my podcast because I liked her and I thought the actions taken against her were just plain wrong. I was happy to help her get her story to the public and maybe keep someone else from  going through the same treatment in the future. I  thought we had a mutual respect for each other. I haven't agreed with a lot of what she has been doing/saying lately but I have kept relativity quiet about it. Sometimes it's better if friends don't talk about certain things cause it will only lead to trouble. I found out Ellenbeth had removed me by chance. There was some rude jerk named Matthew who had been hitting me up on PM and asking about  Ellenbeth.  This guy was annoying as hell and I ended up telling him to go fuck himself. I then figured I should pass on to her that some dude was possibly up to no good. I couldn't send the message cause I was blocked. Irony huh? So maybe let that be a lesson to you. Before you start listening to people like Stephanie Zvan and PZ Lyers and allowing them to influence who you associate with based on what could only be described as knowledge from psychic powers , maybe think about the actions of that person. Especially actions taken on your behalf. Or maybe consider your personal interaction with that person more valuable than the opinion of someone who has never met them.  I know for a fact Ellenbeth has shunned several people who have never done her any harm and would have her back  if she needed them, not to mention the harm she has done to her credibility as she isolates herself. I hope she gives pause and thinks about these things. Hopefully before she tries to accuse another good person like Bridget Gaudette of being part of the problem with the skeptic/atheist/feminist movement. Bridget has been a voice of reason among extremes and she has shown far more patience towards critics than I ever could or would. She doesn't deserve all the venom that has been directed towards her much less to have another persons warped perception forced on her.
Stephanie Zvan uses her psychic power to find and hunt down misogynists..or something

  Here is a list of some of the people I've had conversations with on ReapSowRadio and The Angry Atheist podcasts.
This doesn't include everyone, but it is probably about 60% and I think it shows a few of things that contradict the people who want you to believe all I do is scream "motherfucker" into the microphone (PZ Myers) am not smart enough to have a conversation with cause I "just can't get it" (Stephanie Zvan), use language that isn't approved by  Adam 'uptight whiner' Lee (Adam Lee)  or any of the other bullshit claims that I am some fool who rants for no reason whatsoever.(Lousy Canuck, Ed Brayton Ophelia Benson ect ...) I also must be the only person on the planet who gets angry. It could be I'm impossible to get along with for even a short period of time. I'm relatively sure all the people listed below would disagree, that's why they are not the ones making those claims. Funny how the people who can't/won't talk to me seem to think they know the most about me, they all find time to blog about me though don't they? How brave and noble of them they sure know how to get stuff done. .

  1.  Hugh Robinson
  2. Shay Chandler
  3. Anna Johnstone
  4. Jim
  5. Steve Williamson
  6. Aaron Johnson
  7. Raving Redal
  8. Fandick
  9. Luis Fayad
  10. Justin Vacula
  11. Alicia Vickery
  12.  Eric Santiago
  13. Chuck E. Jesus
  14. Blair Scott
  15. The Friendly Atheist
  16. Fred
  17. Rudy Ruddell
  18. RJ Evans
  19. Allen Thompson
  20. Eric Amundrud
  21. Jake Farr-Wharton
  22. Brian Allen
  23. Sean Rowland
  24. Justin Connelly
  25. Lewis
  26. Bruce Meyer
  27. Leighton Allred
  28. Amy
  29. Lee Moore
  30. David Silverman
  31. Bryan Bonner
  32. Matthew Chapman
  33. The Hateful Atheist
  34. D.J. Grothe
  35. Stu Hayes
  36. Joe Zamecki
  37. The Godless Bastard
  38. Al Stefanelli
  39. Dan Fincke
  40. Bob Margolese
  41. Brian Dunning
  42. Andre Smith
  43. GodlessandHappy
  44. DPRJones
  45. Craig James
  46. Yannick Melancon
  47. Justin Griffith
  48. Dan Rawlings
  49. Bob Hodges
  50. Richard Haynes (Brother Richard)
  51. Ellenbeth Wachs
  52. Hank Fox
  53. Terry
  54. Mike Van Roy
  55. Cognitive Dissonance
  56. Nathan Griffiths
  57. Flyingfree333
  58. Crispy Sea
  59. Absolutegodless
  60. Troy Boyle
  61. JT Eberhard
  62. Atheist Pastor
  63. Anthony David Jacques
  64. John Kieffer
  65. Marc Luzietti
  66. Tom Hand
  67. Bride of Chucky
  68. Mike Lee
  69. Karla Porter
  70. The Secret Atheist
  71. Michael Wilson @GodlessAtheist
  72. Moron Watch
  73. Alex Rosenberg
  74. Emily Dietle
  75. Ernest Perce The Saints Revenge
  76. Chuck Doswell
  77. Greta Christina
  78. Bridget Gaudette
  79. Rick Wingrove
  80. Jim Wall
  81. @absolutegodless
  82. Trinity
  83. Laura Bradley
  84. Peter Boghossian
  85. Jerry DeWitt
  86. Todd Stiefel
  87. Secular Woman
  88. Tris Stock
  89. Derek Colanduno
  90. Brandon Kennedy
  91. Post Rapture Looting
  92. Dylan Walker
  93. David Fitzgerald
  94. Bree Olson
  95. Brian Fields
  96. Herb Silverman
  97. Tim Donk
  98. Dayln Limesand
  99. Maria Maltseva
  100. Reap Paden
  101. SPACKlick
  102. Phil Giordana
  103. Abbie Smith
  104. Anton Hill -The Atheist Asshole
  105. Martin Pribble
  106. Robert Darby
  107. Justicar
  108. Franc Hoggle
  109. James Onen
  110. Walter Ego
  111. The Critical G
  112. Russell Blackford
  113. Barbara Drescher
  114. The Thinking Atheist (Seth Andrews)
  115. Mr Deity
  116. PZ Myers
  117. Eugenie C Scott
  118. Brian Dunning
  119. Graydon Square
  120. Angie Jackson
  121. Peter Gilmore
And there will be more added to the list. No matter what you say PZ  Myers or how many times you ban me. No matter how great you think you are Stephanie Zvan. No matter how badly you wanna be famous, smart, and or cool Adam Lee. No  matter how many times Ophelia Benson claims the sky is falling. No matter how long Ed Brayton keeps his fat head buried in the sand so he can deny the damage he has not only allowed but encouraged. And the same for the rest of you.... I am not going to allow you to force your thinking on me or allow you to try and force it on others without saying something about it. I don't know what happened that resulted all you loons getting hit on the head with a safe at once but you people remind me of a damn zombie invasion only you ate your own brains now you just wonder around bumping into each other .


  1. This a thousand times.

  2. Here's the deal, Paden. Ophelia Benson doesn't want to speak with you because you're an abusive asshole and your fans are a bunch of lowlife creeps. You claim she's being closeminded by avoiding you but in this you are only flattering yourself. She avoids you exactly like anyone else would avoid a particularly crazy ranter on the city bus. Only she's not forced to sit there and avert her eyes while you go on about wacky nonsense, because she can avoid you altogether. And this is exactly what will happen to your whole crew in the end, guy, the rest of the skeptical movement will just shun you. This world owes you exactly nothing and that is what it will give you in the end.

  3. Oh dear. I guess Harriet Hall is the same -


  4. Your funny, yet i feel a little bit dirty just for reading what you wrote. You people all assume to speak for each other. If Benson has something to say she should stop sending minions to do her dirty work, or are you speaking out your ass & making a guess at what she supposedly "Thinks"?

  5. Fulmination, abuse as you castigate the offender for the same offense for a serving of hypocrisy, demonising the imagine enemy, generalisation and the cherry on top, shunning. Spoken like a good dogmatist, well done and kudos on the ironic twist in your chosen handle when 'fundamentalist' be thy name.

  6. Reap, I like how you broke down your arguments into tangible reasons yet still some people refuse to address those claims. All I am hearing from the other side is name calling. You do call them names (descriptions) but you back your facts up and that is a huge difference. The most offensive thing is that these people think they are skeptics.

  7. I know not of your personal skepticism but those like Ophelia lack it in droves. Being truly skeptical involves looking at your own views and Reap's friend have questioned and disagreed with him, yet I do not see that (which maybe is my bias) with FTB and A+. I see a lot of agreeing but dissension is unacceptable in your social circles.

  8. Your rants might be more convincing if you could get through one without calling names or making unsupported assertions about (uncited) behaviors on the part of other bloggers. Seriously, look to your own conduct before you accuse others of attempting to silence opposition or resorting to conceited, bitter rants. Your ad hominem attacks in this article alone expose you as the pattering attention-seeker that you are. This is the last time I'm coming here.

  9. I'm afraid his list of past guest's says otherwise.

  10. Then MAYBE Ophelia should zip her mouth and quit telling half-truths and lies. Did I say the world owed me anything? No so either improve you comprehension skills or stay out of it. I didn't start attacking anyone just cause I was bored and I haven't told any lies or made any assumptions that are an attack on anyone's character. Do you really think I address people like Peter Popoff or people who think demons/ghosts are real because I wanna be in some 'skeptical club'? I don't give a shit if you 'shun' me. Anyone who acts like skepticism is an exclusive club and you need special approval to be a skeptic is a moron.I'll add you to that category.

    1. Man, I'm just an outside spectator of this "dialog", but I have to say that your argumentation comes across like a mad person's rant.

  11. It is much easier to shut down the critics by shutting off the comments
    and/or banning them when (or sometimes before) they post presenting a
    counter opinion.

    Public Relations

  12. ah I missed this reply. You know what? It hasn't effected me a bit. Watta you know about that?