Friday, January 18, 2013

PZ Myers The Judge, The Jury, The Jerk

PZ Myers

 Let's take a look at the latest blog from PZ Myers. He is a scientist, biologist, skeptic, atheist, feminist, I am sure we will find some interesting information about biology, skepticism, or science. Those are interesting subjects, let's see what good old PZ is going to teach us today...

    Hey! That's not about skepticism! It looks like a post that could be accusing Reap Paden of identity theft.  PZ left an important element out though......the proof, facts, some kind of evidence besides made up bullshit. 
 I have dealt with some real idiots over the years I have been on the internet but seldom do you see this kind of bullshit. I've dealt with paranormal investigators, religious believers, frauds, psychics, and just plain internet bullies. It is rare to find someone of this ilk. It isn't enough PZ has accused me of being and asshole, racist, misogynist, sexist, fucking scumbag, coward now he has to elude to me being an identity thief. The way he words it he may as well have me convicted already. 
  PZ, I have news for you. You are ignorant and oblivious to the opinions many people have of you these days I guess and I hate to be the one to break it to ya but......A lot of people think you are a moronic twit. That means there are lots of people who could have done what you are giving me credit for. 

You have the nerve to talk about cowardice? How chicken shit and low is it to suggest I may have something to do with pretending to be you and your pleasant conversation with a car dealer without ONE SINGLE BIT of proof except the fact I don't like you. The reason I don't like you is because of the exact kind of shit you see above. You don't have a clue as to what skepticism is. You think it is your place to judge a person and then trash their character in a public forum. You have done it to me, to Justin Vacula, and to many others including the 500 members of the slymepit forum.  With this post you have made it clear to me you deserve no respect from me whatsoever.  I assure you I am no coward. I will stand up for myself and take accountability for the things I do. I did not do what you suggest I am guilty of and if I ever see you then I will be confronting you about the claims you have made about me. Meanwhile you tell people to harass you too your face? PZ if anyone so much as said "boo" to your face you would probably begin weeping uncontrollably and lose control of  your bodily fuctions much like you have your mental faculties   
Who is the coward writing about me while I am in the dungeon banned from defending myself. Even if I do manage to post my comment has the vowels removed. Yea PZ very impressive how you blindfold, tie and gag your victims before you start a fight with them. Real impressive intellect you have there.
Now Let's look at some of the follow-up comments from PZ


    PZ is wrong again. I do not have 13 aliases although I soon might because the only way I can comment on his blog posts and lies is to create a new email addy. I also do not have 25 messages in the spam trap. PZ is obviously giving me credit for posts which are not mine or he is lying, again.

I am left wondering....Why bring my name into this at all? Why couldn't PZ just have wrote about some anonymous jerk that is ruining lives by making car dealers call him and have a pleasant conversation? Because he is pissed. Why is he pissed? Because I am right and because he feels foolish, as well he should.
PZ has slipped another rung or two with this unfair post. I have a reputation for being outspoken and honest. Something PZ doesn't know because he is convinced I am limited to screaming "motherfucker" as my only means of communication.
  I may not have the following PZ has but the people I have dealt with don't paint the kind of picture PZ is showing in his gallery.  People may not agree with the manner I use to deal with him but they can not say I am dishonest.
 I'll close with this. This time it is me being dragged through a mud-puddle PZ Myers made in his yard. I am no one special. I just think people should be treated with a certain level of respect and skeptics should be skeptical. I have been guilty of standing up for what I think is unfair or wrong. This time it was me, before me there were others, after me there will be more unless people speak up. Next time it could be you or anyone for that matter. All you need to do is speak out against the wrong atheist/skeptic or use the wrong word and it will be your turn. Is this how we build a better community and work toward positive progress? I don't think so, I would hope you agree.  


  1. Well FWIW from my limited knowledge of you I doubt you'd be cowardly about admitting to it. If you did it I'd imagine you would say you did it, you don't seem to be a shrinking violet or ashamed of your war with PZ in any way.

    Also I got a "test drive" booked for me when I flounced the pit, so probably a pitter, but since I didn't annoy you particularly then I'd guess not you! So little evidence but the weight of probability in my opinion is not something you have done.... PZ did only 'imply' you 'might' be involved, so maybe focus on that!

    Bet you are glad you un-banned me now eh? ;-)

  2. Theo FfensivatheistJanuary 18, 2013 at 11:49 AM

    Judging by the recent Google stat's of Pharyngula i'd say don't be too sure you don't have "anywhere near" the following of PZ (not anymore). I never catch the live show but always listen, d/l or stream it (along with the others) & i suspect PZ realises you have an influence with some right thinking people.

  3. Theo FfensivatheistJanuary 18, 2013 at 11:51 AM

    I'm pleased Reap unblocked you too. I heard the show you were on & to be honest i wasn't impressed with you, you sounded like you were nit-picking whenever you were pushed into a corner & hardly gave any ground. I did find out you like to be contrary which was very interesting.☮

  4. What ground is there to give? Misogyny was read out by Al Stefanelli from Reuters to be the version I gave as for the last *30* years it has been used in that way! I didn't mean to interrupt him but I was shocked it was that long, I thought it was relatively recent myself.

    Bitch is a misogynistic slur. Who decides that? Women. They have spoken, I listened... Well actually it was pretty bleedin obvious.

    As for the bits about calling black ppl nigger (Sorry nigga, totally different) and gay people faggots and trans people "chicks with dicks"... Well I'm looking forward to Reaps podcast being designated as an official "hate-cast" by the SPLC if Brian and Reap follow through on that ;-) Somehow I doubt we'll hear much of that on any future podcasts!

  5. Ordering magazines, car sales, school interests, etc. Those are some of the oldest gags. It could be anyone on the net, to a pissed off student.

  6. You two just need to get the fuck over yourselves.

    Reap - suggest to your folks that, *if* they are the one's pulling this BS, GROW THE FUCK UP AND STOP IT.

    PZ - as a teacher, you know the rule - Show your work... prove Reap is responsible.

    I respect you both, but get the fuck past this petty bickering.

  7. What are Brian and Reap supposed to follow through on? I don't hate anyone. I just really dislike censorship and a "pc" attitude. You said yourself it depends on context, and nothing was said that could be defined as hatred in any of the shows or anything I said. For fucks sake I was even trying to have the conversation with you so trying to say I was being hateful is nothing but inaccurate. -Brian

  8. Suggest to who? I had nothing to do with the shit PZ is talking about and I should not have to defend myself from his made-up stories. Fuck him. That fuck has the nerve to tell people I'm a racist asshole because I don't agree with him and then he posts suggesting I pulled some lame stunt on him? He can fuck off.I'd love to get past it the problem is I have trouble with people lying about me and PZ has trouble with not lying about me and others. I can't understand what the problem is with people allowing PZ to just go on being a dick and act like he is above showing any respect.

  9. The thought that you yourself did not have anything to do with it was actually one of my points.... however, PZ did note that the scam dealership calls did start right after one of your exchanges. The polite thing to do would have been for you to simply tell your followers "look, just in case any of you are involved - please stop... we are better than that." (Basically what I was suggesting in my original message, but fewer caps and less cursing). It is no different than when
    we atheists call out for moderate members of the religious communities to be a check on the radicals of their faiths.

    And I am not allowing PZ to be a dick - show proof if he has it. Regardless, neither one of you are showing yourselves to be the adult here, and that is what I would like to see. If I wanted to read folks writing childish rants, I'd switch over to Drudge or Breitbart.

  10. Is this how we build a better community and work toward positive progress? I don't think so, I would hope you agree.

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